1. Paul

    Thanks Marcus for clearing up the difference between blog posts and pages. It is true that many people confuse the two and end up not using them properly on their website. Fortunately, I learned and understood how they differ early on in the development of my website, and it certainly has benefited me over the long term. There are a lot of people who could do to watch that video!

  2. jazzy323

    wow what a user friendly article about the differences between a post and pages. this is definitely something which i struggled with when i firstly used wordpress, and i even have difficulty now attaching my posts to my pages and making them into effective categories. And your right with wealthy affiliate helping users to also do this with wordpress

  3. Carl

    Marcus,I wish I came across your site before I try and lost money on a lot of scams.But I like the way you compare scams and the legit way to make money.i like how you explain how to spot a scam like it seen,s to good to be true it probably is not true,and like spotting actors on videos.

  4. Viljoen

    Hi Marcus

    It also took me a while to understand the difference between a blog post and a page and I have to agree with you on it.

    Do you still think that the keyword tags are effective for SEO or do you think it just better to only include them in your content?

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