1. Andrew G

    Even though I have never heard of the people you are working with, it sounds like an interesting program for people who need guidance instead of guesstimates. Today’s world of IM Marketers needs Skills such as Copywriting, Email list building, advertising, and ability to stay committed to the process. Keep that up!

    • Marcus

      Thanks for your comment, Andrew, but I think you may have misunderstood things a little bit. I am not recommending his product ArbiCash 2. I tried it but I thought it was not quite good enough, so I ended up getting a refund.

  2. Tiffani

    Hey Marcus. I don’t really understand the gist of your website. I get that you’re giving product reviews on programs to make money but i dont see why the first page to pop is you bashing other people. Excellent framework for your website though. But why allow users to open your website and see that first? Most likely users will be searching for reviews on programs, not who Paul Counts is.

    • Marcus

      Fair question. Paul Counts is one of the creators of a product I recently reviews, ArbiCash 2. I wanted to write some related posts that provide additional information, for example about the product creators, just in case people were interested.

      The only reason it is on the front page is because it is one of my recent posts. But you have made me think, I might change the front page to be my Start Here page instead.

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