1. MandyMolly

    Eric Holmlund, I had never heard of him but I will never forget him now. You’ve got a great sense of humour. Your sarcasm works a treat.
    Enjoying how you write, I went off and read another article. Appreciated your honesty. I won’t bow down in reverence anymore each time I see an Ambassador.

  2. gregS

    Hi Marcus
    I can’t say i’ve heard of Eric Holmlund, but your post has created a few questions. This is a long list of products to be associated with. Either he has created 1 product a year himself, and does not make much off it, or he employs others to create these products(the most likely story).
    It is unusual to have so many products, maybe he’s just ‘super greedy’, and wants to earn millions a year! There are people like this.
    My take is that he is not particularly successful with each product, so he has to come up with a ‘new world dominating product’.
    One good product, marketed well, can earn you a good living online.

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