1. Brian


    I appreciate the review. One of the key problems I run into so much is that I face a challenge understanding whether upgrades are good or not.

    It seems from your review, upgrades and results do not match the message. I’m glad I read your site, very informative.


  2. MandyMolly

    This is a brilliant read. The picture with the irrelevant image was hilarious. Thoroughly enjoyed reading all the products you have tried. I am very very tempted to “Click Here to get started” and find out what in the end has worked for you but I’ve just started at 100kfactory. Have you heard of them? They take in a large group of people at the beginning of each year (at great expense to each person) and take them step by step through the process of Facebook advertising. Loads of people are making money already but not moi!!!!

    • Marcus

      Yes, I have heard of 100k Factory but I’ve never actually tried it. It was far too expensive for me. I need to EARN money, not SPEND it.

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