1. Edy

    Hi Marcus,
    Swipe Vault seems to be a pricey platform to make money online. Besides, you found someone has been ripped off from this program. So I don’t think it is worth our hard-earned cash.

    $97 is a big investment for some folks including me. I would rather join something that has a free trial for training and not having bad reputation. Where can I get this?

    • Marcus

      Hi Edy,

      No, the perosn who I found who had been ripped off by Chris Luck was actually ripped off by one of his previous products. But that still means he is perhaps not to be trusted.

  2. Igor

    Hi Marcus, another great review. I am feeling very good when I am able to check honest reviews before paying for anything. Thanks a lot for sharing info with us. I will bookmark your site and I am looking forward for more useful tips. Keep up the good work.
    Best regards

    • Marcus

      Thanks Igor. I’m glad you found it helpful. Hopefully, many people will be helped by my review and steered away from things which are not quite good enough. Better to go for Wealthy Affiliate I reckon. That’s far better value in my opinion.

  3. Mission Commander

    Great thorough review on SwipeVault! It’s a good look at the program from an objective third party standpoint. After reading over everything I would agree it does sound a bit too unrealistic, and with such a high price tag it seems like they’re just trying to sucker people into signing up for the program. At that price tag I don’t see how someone with limited financial resources would have much of anything left over to actually get something off the ground online!

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s the thing. Most people who are trying to earn money online will not have spare money to simply throw around like this. They will be worried about taking that risk. Supposing they spend that $197 every month but don’t get to earn enough to make their money back. Then, instead of earning money online they have just spent money.

  4. Marcel

    You take us on quite the ride with this review.
    It’s pretty scary to read the background of Chris Luck and the way that you assess him.
    Still there are some valid points that you mention that work in favor to get people to sign up for this program.
    Personally I don’t want to get involved with swipe vault.
    Therefore thank you for helping me make up my mind.


    • Marcus

      Hi Marcel,

      Yes, the high price tag is what turned me off really. I bet that once you have signed up and paid your money, they tell you that the best way to earn money is to promote Swipe Vault. Even if all the things available are really worthwhile, I think this high price tag will put many people off.

  5. Chris

    Another awesome review marcus – love ending up here and seeing what offers you are covering!
    This one sounds a little confusing – I get the impression that you are not 100% behind it although it still interests you slightly?
    Thanks for covering it so people can make their own minds up 🙂
    How much do you think an average joe can make with this?

    • Marcus

      Hi Chris,

      Glad you liked it and found it interesting. It’s hard to say how much money one could earn with this system. It’s quite possible that you could earn quite a lot, but I still have my reservations.


  6. Doug

    I’ve actually personally met Chris Luck. Hung out with him for two days in Vegas at a conference. I can confirm the following. #1. Nice guy, good family, is rich. #2. He helped me with my business. We talked for hours and he was on the spot with what I needed to be doing. #3. I’ve used much of his free content over the years. I was seriously considering Swipe vault and found this review. Thought I’d share what I know.

    Lastly… Rip off report isn’t legitimate if he has 1 review. Sell 25 million in online coaching products and you only make 1 person mad? Then you didn’t go around screwing people. 5,000 customers. 1 Writes a bad review bc it didn’t make him rich or help him. Then you did awesome! lol

    • Chris

      Ripoffreport is a joke. Anyone can go there and anonymously post anything they want, with no proof. It could be a competitor, an ex-spouse, who knows? This one just has a first name on it, so whoever wrote it doesn’t have the guts to use his full name in his accusation. He also admits to selling several copies of the program himself- if he thinks it’s a scam, why did he promote it to others? That says more about him than about the person who supposedly ripped him off.

      Like you said, anyone who has made lots of sales of anything is going to have some complaints, no matter how good the product or service is.

      Notice no one ever goes to sites like Ripoffreport to write a post when they are happy with something they bought. It’s just a place for people to whine and complain.

      • Thank you for the information, Chris. I will make a note to take a closer look at this when I get some time, and I may update this post accordingly.

  7. Aiden

    Hey Marcus,

    Fantastic review first off!

    Interesting the term “swipe” in regards to this whole thing, that doesn’t make sense to me, but perhaps it’s a marketing ploy of sorts?

    It does sound like a great opportunity but you are right in saying that the people making the money are always the people at the top, most affiliate websites are kind of like pyramid schemes (except not dodgy) where the top dog gets most of the money, then they recruit sellers then they get a cut and it filters down – a very smart business model indeed.

    I would be interested in finding out exactly what Swipe Vault offers in terms of training etc as compared with other online business models.

    Freedom Weight Loss

    • Marcus

      I think “swipe” means to quickly grab what is already working and use it yourself, so that you don’t even have to think about it or do any of your own research.

  8. CL

    SWIPE VAULT DOES NOT EXIST ANY LONGER _ DON’T GET CONNED! I paid a HUGE sum to join as a founding member and promised a lifetime membership and access. Now I can’t even get in and the URL doesn’t work. Emails to support doesn’t get replied. DO NOT TRUST CHRIS LUCK with your money! You’ll never see it again!

  9. Hercules

    SMART WAY TO “REVIEW” SOMETHING, BUT GETTING STALE. In the end you shove your affliate link in our face and YOU ARE AN AFFILIATE FOR THIS so all the fools here commenting he did a good job, BS!


    • I’ve actually never made any referrals to Swipe Vault so far. But my mentor said that you should never leave money on the table. If people decide they still want to buy something, I might as well take my cut.

      But you raise an interesting and valid point. My more recent reviews have not contained affiliate links and instead divert people towards a better product.

      But the truth is, hardly anyone ever writes reviews about anything without getting money from somewhere. Either it will be adverts, or affilliate links for the product they are reviewing, or they redirect people towards an alternative product instead. Everyone who write reviews has some kind of motive behind it. Otherwise it would be a big waste of time. Surely this is not news to you, right?

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