1. edy

    When it comes to online success, there are many distractions coming to my way. I personally still get some gurus emails about get rich quick opportunity. Trying to eliminate them is perhaps the best option to stay on the right path. What do you think about this Marcus?

    • Well, yes and no. Certainly, removing yourself from these guru email lists will mean less distractions. However, one significant advantage to being on those lists is you can see what they do, then maybe you can copy what they do and have the same success?

  2. Keye

    I agree. Failing doesn’t mean that we should give up on our dreams. We just need to try and try until we reach our goals!

  3. Julie

    Hi Marcus,

    What a Great site! You have thought it out well. Some really good stuff here as well. Keep up the good work!


  4. Eoinmc

    I have to say that the one thing that really put me off trying to start an online business was those scams you speak of.
    There seems to be so many get rich quick schemes that might be get rich quick for the people running them, but not for anyone buying into them.
    Working online is about putting in the time to develop something of value.

  5. mark

    Hi Marcus – Failure is part of success. Most people try something that doesn’t work then quit. That’s not how it works. Failure is a learning curve. It is just as important to lean how not to do something as it is to learn how to do it.
    Great website

  6. Nnamdi

    Hello Marcus,
    I am really impressed by your post on ‘what is holding you back from success’. I loved the way you analyzed the whole write up. You did it as one that had tasted failure before and with your experience you are now offering a path way to success.

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