1. Glen

    I learned a lot with this article, Thanks. This may be a silly question but I just want to ask regarding the term “responsive” because it confuses me a little bit. Does being responsive also mean that the site adjusts its structure according to how you position your mobile device, horizontally or vertically?

    • Yes, it means that whenever the size of the browser window changes, the layout of the website changes. So if turn your phone on its side then the view is wider and the website layout will adjust to it.

  2. tony

    Your site outlines all the features to create a great website. My number #1 choice to learn the ins-and-outs on building is with Wealthy Affiliate. Will share info on social media and in forums.

  3. Peter

    Hello Marcus.

    Your own website is a good example of practising what you preach! I love the fact that it’s uncluttered and well written, and the content is helpful and concise.

    I cannot cope with pop ups at all and would rather leave a website than put up with too many of them. The fact is there are lots of competing websites in most given niches and a pop up can easily send the visitor away to one of them!


  4. Jovo Vranjes

    I have read this text with interest. Very useful tips indeed. I am building my own site in a similar niche and this is what I need to read to avoid mistakes. Many thanks. Jovo

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