1. Sarah

    Profit Builder sounds like a simpler version of Lead Pages or other landing page platforms. But it sure makes it sound less professional. Have you used Profit Builder? I am looking for a landing page builder that’s user-friendly and not super techy. Thanks for digging into the actual costs beyond the initial startup costs listed. I always hate starting something and then learn later about the true costs.

    • Marcus

      No, I’ve not tried it yet myself, but I am very tempted to give it a go. It could be really good to create landing pages for PPC, for example.

  2. Daniel

    Enjoyed the read! Found a lot of useful information I can use, being farely new to marketing and Internet marketing, profit builder definitely seems like something that can better ones education on marketing and even better my own websites that I have created!

    I thank you for the interesting read!


  3. Jeanette

    Hello Marcus,

    Really interesting review on Profit Builder. I had never heard of it. Seems like it has it’s benefits to someone that already has an established online income. I agree with you about it not being right for someone who has not had any training. In the future, this might be something I would consider investing in. The member portals look like a nice added feature if you are doing online training courses. Thank you so much for this great review!


    • Marcus

      Thank you, Jeanette. Yes, I am tempted to consider getting it myself at some point. Thos professional looking landing pages could be really effective.

  4. Paul


    Thanks for your honest review of Profit Builder by Sean Donahoe & Dylan Kingsberry. I know about this software — at one point I considered purchasing it but I think the price was what scared me away. I don’t have a solid plan for website and product creation yet and I don’t want to buy software that I may not end up using. There are other options for page and funnel creation, but many of them have recurring monthly fees. When I do decide to take the plunge and get page/funnel creating software, Profit Builder will be on my consideration list.

    • Marcus

      Yes, the one-time fee is what makes me think it could be worth getting. I just hope they continue to provide updates and develop the product in the future, even though people won’t be paying any monthly fees. Or perhaps it is perfect as it is now anyway?

  5. Aless

    Never heard of Profit Builder. As a rookie affiliate marketer, however, I think I should just stick to Wealthy Affiliate and maybe consider buying PB sometime later in time.

    Anyway, thank you for outlining the advantages it could provide for us marketers. Also, a question, is that “one time fee” just a one time fee? Or is it one followed by another and so on?

    • Marcus

      No, I think that one time fee is just a one time fee rather than a regular monthly payment. But you do need to be aware of the upsells, though.

  6. Adyns68

    Hi Marcus
    The review is quite detailed and easy to understand but I still have a concern, as I already have a website, can I still have to create a new website to be able to use profit builder? And the price is it a monthly fee or yearly?
    What of wealthy affiliate? Can I use it with my current website or will I have to create a new one too.

    • Marcus

      I think Profit Builder is just a one-time cost. You with either need to create a new website or transform your existing website using this plugin.

      With Wealthy Affiliate, you can transfer your existing website to their hosting.

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