1. Samuel Walter

    Thanks Marcus. I quit from Clixsense now because it’s nonsense!
    I joined clixsense because of the survey program it has. But I found out all was a waste of my time. Please Marcus, can you kindly refer me to reliable survey companies? I just love survey business.
    Also, do you think “earn money selling other people’s stuff” is well paying off?
    Please advise.

    • Hi Samuel. Unfortunately, I do not have any survey program sites that I can recommend, because I don’t think that’s a good way to make money. The “earn money selling other people’s stuff” is a work in progress. If you join my list, as well as the first bunch lessons, there is a mini niche site case study which is documenting my process of trying to make money with a mini niche site, and it’s still in progress right now.

  2. Ben

    I tried clixsense and came to the same conclusion as you. It seems like a legit company but there is no way that is worth it. For the money I will make I may as well take a vacation and relax. And as for the affiliate program, I think that I would rather promote stuff that give me larger commissions

  3. Nemanja


    Initially, this Clixsense seemed like a scam..

    Well, i wasn’t far off. It scams you out of your time!

    Time is something that is valuable and we shouldn’t waste on earning cents.

    I completely agree with you that there are better ways to earn money online.

    Thank you for informing me about this site!

    • Marcus

      Yes, you are absolutely right, time is very valuable and if something wastes our time then that is the same as wasting our money. We could be doing something far more productive with that time, such as writing great content on our websites.

  4. Steve

    Hi Marcus…

    I found your website refreshingly professional & the no-nonsense approach makes your posts easy to read.

    Your blatantly honest review of clixsense, for those who find it, should dispel any questions anybody might have as to whether they should waste their time with this sort of rubbish.

    Like you, I reckon I have tried just about all of these types of memberships including Survey Junkie, Swag Bucks, Vindale Research, Valued Opinions and I could list more. They are all a waste of time & effort.

    These companies lure the unsuspecting with promises of making half decent money when in fact all they offer is a lot of ‘time-wasting’ for the uneducated …in my opinion, you have delivered a soundly researched post which can do nothing else but encourage everyone to better utilise their time trying to make money online…

    All the best Marcus…and much success…

  5. Cerulean

    How annoying. Hate it too when I’m presented with surveys that don’t fit the information I put in at the start.

    In the end I feel that survey sites like ClixSense are largely a waste of time. You’ll make much more money working for minimum wage outside.

    Doesn’t appeal to me at all.

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