1. Kelara

    Thank you for posting this review on Forex Trading System. Like every other entrepreneur, I have come across ads and emails regarding this program and though I never took the time to really research it. I’m glad to have found your article that explains it so well. It’s obvious if you are looking to make money fast and have money to waste, that it might be worth doing. As for me, I prefer to take the time to build my online business. Yes, it takes time but there is less risk involved. Plus, you can be sure your building something that is lasting. Thanks again for your review. Best regards, Kelara

    • Marcus

      Yes, definitely, and it’s far less stressful too. I can imagine that forex trading could get really stressful at times. It could also be really addictive and completely take over your life so you are unable to think about anything else.

  2. Lee

    H Marcus, interesting review.

    Forex is something I’ve been tempted to try out for a while now, but somethings holding me back and I’m not quite sure what.

    I have experience making money betting on the sports markets and this to me seems like a natural progression.

    After all, no matter how good the research on the markets or “signals” they’re both just gambling right?

    I have to be honest, the money back guarantee on the 5 EMAs system really grabbed my attention but as you pointed out, it’s only for the price of the system and doesn’t take into account any money that may be lost along the way.

    I see you mention that you recommend affiliate marketing instead. I’ve heard of it before and although it’s quite different to what I’m used to, I’m quite interested.

    I do have a question though if I may? Is it really possible to earn a full time income as an affiliate these days?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it is possible to earn a full time income as an affiliate, but it will take a while to build it up to that. It is far less risky thank trading forex, though.

  3. Ben

    That’s why I shy away from these types of trading and investing — they’re simply so risky. For example, the value of the pound plummeted suddenly in a very short time a few weeks ago. Since the polls showed that Brexit would fail, I assume British forex traders invested in the pound or something and lost money? I’m not an expert — does that theory make any sense?

    • Marcus

      Yes, that makes perfect sense, Ben. The funny thing is, though, I actually benefitted slightly from the fall of the pound. I get paid online in dollars, so when I converted that to GBP I got more than I would have done before Brexit.

  4. Rene

    Hi Marcus,

    thank you for this review. I was actually thinking about investing as well and I was stumbling across binary option trading which is kind of the same as Forex trading, I guess.

    For me it feels more like being in a casino, you really can win something, but also there is so much to lose. So, I am quite sceptical. With the software you might have a better chance but then again, you would have to do this everyday for a long time to see some results when you start with little money. And there is always that fear of losing more than winning and after all you are not producing anything lasting.

    Working on your website at the same time could be actually way more enjoable then analysing some charts and trends for hours.

    Best Regards

    • Marcus

      Thanks for your comment, Rene. Yes, it is a risky way to try and earn money. I mean, what if the software was to get it wrong on a big trade and you suddenly lost lots of money. It could easily happen. You are right, building a website is a much better way to go.

  5. keldyn


    I am a part time forex trader and so have the knowledge of what it takes to invest wisely in this market. When testing software like this I would urge people not to place a huge amount of money at risk. For many people they do not go about it the right way. Education to understanding markets, phycological and business management is critical. I know people that make a full time income in forex and I know people that make a full time income in affiliate marketing. What I can tell you is forex trading is time consuming forever compared to affiliate marketing that is time consuming for a while but can pay dividends for years to come.

    • Thank you for your comment, Keldyn. Yes, I’m sure there are people who earn a lot of money through trading Forex. There must also be a lot of people that lose money too, right? Because for every winner there must also be a loser, right? For every Forex trade that results in a profit for the person who sold a currency at a particular time, it must have made a loss for the person who bought it at that time. Or am I simplifying the process too much?

  6. Cole

    Excellent and honest review Marcus, I have long been interested in Forex, but it does seem a bit risky. I agree that this is an endeavor for those that have the money to risk. Significant money can obviously be made, but it seems you have to really know what you are doing, and/or have the cash to risk. I always admire reviews that are honest and provide readers with the information to make a more informed decision before investing. Thanks a lot!

    • Marcus

      Thanks Cole. Yes, if you have money to play around with, of course, give it a try. But if you are short on money, don’t risk losing what little money you do have left.

  7. Josh

    Marcus, Firstly I want to credit you in taking the time most people wouldn’t in making the general guidelines of how Forex works & how this ‘Said’ program works, with an unbiased review.
    I can say after reading this review I already have 100% more knowledge than I did 5 mins ago.
    I think Forex is not the best option for myself, Affiliate marketing get my thumbs up 🙂
    Keep up the good work champ!

  8. Martina

    Hey Marcus,

    You are right, the Forex market is extremely risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Courses like this are usually just not sufficient to give a newbie what they need in order to succeed. Success in the trading world comes from long periods studying and practicing and learning how not only to get the correct knowledge but also how to exercise self-discipline. To give a 2 week time frame as a refund time is simply ridiculous. First of all, most people will have not gone through the content by then it’s just not realistic. And also they definitely won’t be able to implement the training in a concrete way yet. So 99% of people of course will not ask for the refund but that certainly doesn’t mean the course is worth it! What do you think?

    • Marcus

      Hi Martina,

      You have a good point. A lot of people will need longer than the refund period to really see whether it works well for them. They might decide to abandon it after 6 months, by which time they cannot get a refund. They may also have lost a lot of their own money trying to make the system work.

  9. David

    It has been years since I dabbled in investing and keeping a close eye on the stock markets. This program seems to take some of the “game” out it, but none of the risk. I appreciate the information you have shared, and, too have reason to wonder if the demo version is a true reflection of the actual. I wish I had a little money to try this out because the technology would be interesting to experience. For now, affiliate marketing is the way I’ll go, too!

    • Marcus

      Yes, if someone gave me a few hundred dollars to play with, it would be nice to try something like this out to know for sure whether it really works or not. But without that kind of spare money I’m just not willing to risk it.

  10. Derek Marshall

    HI there Marcus,

    Excellent review. Currency trading was actually the first way I earned and lost money online. There does seem to be a huge difference between demonstration accounts and live accounts in terms of results achieved. I have often also questioned demonstration accounts and if there is some sort of manipulation going on with the software to show results to be better than they are if compared to live accounts.

    With that said, currency trading is a very viable way of making money, I know people who are doing that, earning their living that way. But, and the big but is you have to know the strategies and discipline to apply them and use a VPS and not trade via your own computer as any power down for any reason, even in you go to bed! your stop losses or take profits won’t be activated. You need 100% internet access VPS is the best way.

    Interestingly, what strategies are taught in this program? hedging? scalping?

    • Marcus

      That’s a good point actually, yes, a VPS is definitely the way to do it. You would need it to be active all the time. I wonder if anyone tries to do it using their own computer and then loses money when they go to bed? Or perhaps some people who trade forex hardly sleep at all? I bet it gets really addictive, don’t you think?

  11. Celeste

    I’ve always been interested in trading forex but lack the skill. I wouldn’t want to risk a huge amount of money to start off with. Is there a minimum amount you can trade with initially? Do 5 EMAs Forex System provide free training?

    Spending your time creating content and monetizing your website with affiliate marketing is much safer.

    • Marcus

      Yes, EMAs is a trading system, so the training is part of it. I don’t think there is 1-on-1 support if that’s what you mean, though?

  12. Christian

    I tend to not venture into projects where I can’t wrap my head around what needs to be done, and in my opinion, Forex Trading would be one of those ventures that I would ultimately have to leave be, because I don’t understand it. Maybe if I studied more carefully, I could get into it and make something of it.

    But affiliate marketing, that makes sense to me, and I have seen the proof of what it can do. It makes sense. I would recommend an affiliate marketing venture over this Forex training any day.

    • Marcus

      Yes, there is definitely far less risk with affiliate marketing, that’s for sure. But in the long term it can still bring in a lot of money.

  13. Matt's Mom

    I learn something new everyday! I did not know what Forex trading is until reading this post. I don’t really understand how you could make money trading different currencies, but I suppose it is all based on the market and the value going up and down. I’m not a real big risk taker, so this might not be for me.

  14. Matthew Thomas

    Trading in the stock market, foreign exchange market, or any other market involves both capital and risk of that capital, which often scares people away. But there are many individuals that make money trading, and a lot of it. I have no idea if the 5EMA’s Forex System works or not – the 1-page website doesn’t scream “trust” to me. But that doesn’t negate the fact that opportunities for profit exist in the FX market.

    What it truly comes down to, in my opinion, is education and research. There’s no get-rich-quick strategy available out there to instantly put money in your pocket. These programs may promote “easy profits”, but the truth is: 1) these programs are blatant scams, or 2) achieving those results are indeed possible, yet much harder than initially expected. Education and work ethic are usually the deciding factor in success.

  15. Dejan

    I’ve come across this website a few years ago, but never really investegated any of it. I am glad to see someone did it for me and spared me a lot of time and money that I could have lost on that.
    It did seem like a gamble from the start, a bunch of luck combined with some knowledge.
    Have you yourself ever tryed your luck in these waters ?

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