1. JT

    Great Stuff Marcus

    It sucks, most people that are HONEST about Wealthy Affiliate end up being sued and having to take their reviews down.

    Sucks they try to silence anybody who’s negative about them, yet are the most negative ones themselves.

    “Cheers”, 🙂


    • Yes, that’s the thing. Their whole method of gaining new members involves getting their existing members to write negative reviews of competing products. They seem to be fine with it when it’s in their favour, but can’t take it when the exact same tactic is used against them. They are like a school bully who goes around punching other kids and stealing their lunch money, but as soon as one of those kids punches them back they run crying to the teacher.

  2. Minhaj

    Hi marcus
    Honesty is the best medicine and although I disagree with you on Wealthy Affiliate, I do hope you succeed in what ever you do.
    I have to say one thing though,I really think the affiliate bootcamp is needed,why? Because the MMO niche is massive and I get blasted daily with emails about the next 6 figure system. I think one of the reasons many people fail is because they jump from one opportunity to another.
    I think that is the purpose of affiliate bootcamp,to make people stay on one program instead of jumping around looking for the quickest way to easy money. Can it be better? Of course and you may well know that they are updating it.
    BTW I tried arbitrage and it is hard,I tried a few software programs that told me that they would find low price items that I could make a profit on but that was not my experience.
    If you are serious,look up a guy called Andrei Kreiceburg (I think that’s how his name is spelt) he teaches the eBay to Amazon arbitrage model and is extremely successful (but his course is expensive)
    All the best.

    • Hi Minhaj,

      I don’t actually think the bootcamp is required at all. If Wealthy Affiliate was as good as they claim it is, the web would be filled with WA members genuinely shouting to the world about how great it is. It would just naturally happen.

      You are right that people jump from one thing to another too much, and you are right that people will be more likely to succeed if they stick at one thing. I just disagree that the bootcamp is the best way to do that.

      Arbitrage is not necessarily easy, but Profit Scraper does make it a lot less difficult. This is the quickest I’ve earned this much profit from all the online money making methods I have tried over the years. This is just my experience, but of course everyone’s experiences will be a bit different.

      All the best,

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