1. JT

    Great Stuff Marcus

    It sucks, most people that are HONEST about Wealthy Affiliate end up being sued and having to take their reviews down.

    Sucks they try to silence anybody who’s negative about them, yet are the most negative ones themselves.

    “Cheers”, 🙂


    • Yes, that’s the thing. Their whole method of gaining new members involves getting their existing members to write negative reviews of competing products. They seem to be fine with it when it’s in their favour, but can’t take it when the exact same tactic is used against them. They are like a school bully who goes around punching other kids and stealing their lunch money, but as soon as one of those kids punches them back they run crying to the teacher.

  2. Minhaj

    Hi marcus
    Honesty is the best medicine and although I disagree with you on Wealthy Affiliate, I do hope you succeed in what ever you do.
    I have to say one thing though,I really think the affiliate bootcamp is needed,why? Because the MMO niche is massive and I get blasted daily with emails about the next 6 figure system. I think one of the reasons many people fail is because they jump from one opportunity to another.
    I think that is the purpose of affiliate bootcamp,to make people stay on one program instead of jumping around looking for the quickest way to easy money. Can it be better? Of course and you may well know that they are updating it.
    BTW I tried arbitrage and it is hard,I tried a few software programs that told me that they would find low price items that I could make a profit on but that was not my experience.
    If you are serious,look up a guy called Andrei Kreiceburg (I think that’s how his name is spelt) he teaches the eBay to Amazon arbitrage model and is extremely successful (but his course is expensive)
    All the best.

    • Hi Minhaj,

      I don’t actually think the bootcamp is required at all. If Wealthy Affiliate was as good as they claim it is, the web would be filled with WA members genuinely shouting to the world about how great it is. It would just naturally happen.

      You are right that people jump from one thing to another too much, and you are right that people will be more likely to succeed if they stick at one thing. I just disagree that the bootcamp is the best way to do that.

      Arbitrage is not necessarily easy, but Profit Scraper does make it a lot less difficult. This is the quickest I’ve earned this much profit from all the online money making methods I have tried over the years. This is just my experience, but of course everyone’s experiences will be a bit different.

      All the best,

  3. JV

    I was looking for a plugin (which I knew you were using on your site) and ended up reading this.

    So now I know what happened to you and I can only say I am sorry, but it appears you are doing better now.

    We have always had differences of opinion as you know, but we agreed on many issues as well. All in all, I miss discussions with you. I would not say more here, have seen your first paragraph…

    • Thank you for your comment, Jovo.

      Yes, we often disagreed on things, but also agreed on some other things. Maybe this is because we are both intelligent people with strong opinions on things.

      Occasionally I check on WA and see that I have private messages that I am unable to reply to. It’s a strange situation. For people that have social media profiles listed on the WA profiles, I have tried to contact them outside of WA, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Over time, I am probably going to stop looking at my messages on WA. It’s best I just move on.

      I hope all is well with you Jovo…

      • JV

        Not so well. If I knew what I know now, I would not have started this affiliate marketing. The numbers and statistics are merciless, it looks almost impossible.

        I am sad to see how they cut you off. You have contributed a lot to Wealthy Affiliate, nobody should be treated that way.

        You have my email from earlier I assume and also here in the signature, if I can help. Just today I sent this link to somebody who left a comment on your profile, as being curious about your situation. So at least somebody knows now, and the person feels the same way as I do.

        • Thanks Jovo, I appreciate it.

          Yes, affiliate marketing can be really hard, and the way they teach it at Wealthy Affiliate seems to have a low chance of real success. Sure, people can easily create websites and learn how to write great content, but these websites rarely seem to become full businesses.

          WA leads people to believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online and that the way they teach it is the best way. Both of those things might not be true. Create a website about whatever you are most interested in, and maybe it will become a full business, maybe it won’t. But if I had to bet money on it, I would say no. But during the many months it can take someone to realise it’s actually not going to be a full business, they pay lots of money in premium membership fees, so if we’re totally honest we all know who the real winners are here.

          In hindsight, it’s totally understandable that I got locked out of WA. I’ve become too honest and critical. If I owned WA, I wouldn’t want somebody as honest and critical as me there either.

          • Hey Marcus, it’s Stephan (SZev) from WA. I don’t know if you remember me but like Jovo, I miss having you around there as you contributed a lot. Would it help if I contacted support to try to “reinstate” you or are you set on moving on at this point? All the best…

          • Hi Stephan. Yes, I definitely remember you. Thank you for your kind words. No need to contact support on my behalf. I am moving on now…

  4. Roamy

    Hello Marcus
    Your post has really given me food for thought, thanks so much for sharing.
    I did not know you`d been banned from writing at WA, sorry to hear that but at the same time, I`m sure there are positives out there.

  5. Daniel

    Wow Marcus I didn’t realize you had your privileges revoked by WA!! That sucks man, I always enjoyed reading your posts.

    Yes, some of the things you are saying about WA are true but I think the reason that most people don’t get rich with affiliate marketing is that it is super hard, even if you have a quality tool (like WA) to help you succeed.

    That is shitty though they they sued someone for a negative review, I don’t really know anything about it though. Did the person they sued make shit up or what? Or did they just win because they have more money lol

    Anyways, good luck to you on whatever it is you move forward with.

    • Well, some might say that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t teach the most effective affiliate marketing techniques.

      Firstly, there is the whole niche selection thing, which seems to be rather hit-and-miss. They do it that way so that they can encourage as many people as possible to give WA a try. After all, everyone has a passion or interest they could make a website about, and because WA makes it so easy to create a website, it’s very easy for someone to make the decision to give WA a try. But the thing you are most interested in is not necessarily the thing that is the best basis for a business. It’s well known that there are profitable niches out there, and they tend to fit within the broad areas of health, wealth, and relationships. Create an awesome website about something within one of those areas and you might succeed. Create a hobby website about knitting or butterflies and you probably won’t make much money.

      Secondly, there is the issue of backlinks. There are some very successful internet marketers out there that are still successfully using backlinks. It’s possible that WA holds people back by advising them not to get backlinks.

      You think WA is the best place because you are a member and the owners and other members tell you it’s the best, and because negative comments and reviews of WA tend to get removed. It’s an echo chamber. I’m not saying WA is awful and without any value. I’m saying it’s not necessarily the utopia it’s portrayed as by those who have a vested interest in you believing so.

    • Brenda

      They don’t succeed because they aren’t mean to be online. They’ve been told by Wealthy Affiliate that it really easy and they can have a web site up in “minutes” .. so, not knowing how this whole MMO thing REALLY works, they happily accept the challenge only to discover that they lack the mind set necessary to transition from making money in the traditional way to doing it online. Having been online for 10 years, and successful, my observation is that the reason people fail online is exactly the same reason some people work retail and some are CEO’s. It comes down to personality type. Having been around the MMO nice for so long I’ve also observed that the two types of people who do the best online are, interestingly enough, artists and techies.

  6. Shrestha

    Hi Marcus
    I came across a link in one of your posts in WA and landed on this page. I remember you as someone who was really positive about making money online and churned out content all the time.
    I’m sad to hear this happened to you and I hope things get sorted with time. I was thinking about investing in Amazon FBA as well since I have heard it requires a lot less work than affiliate marketing and it makes money a lot faster.Would check out the Proft Scraper and see how that works. Hope I find you on social media!

  7. Cena

    Hi Marcus,

    Didn’t know that you are revoke by WA. It been great debate with you on certain topic and issue about making money online within WA.
    I do find your mini niche tablet site is impressiv.
    Your choice to move on and find something that fit you will be the best option. All the best.


  8. Sunny

    Thanks for your honest review. I landed on your site researching WA and SBI.
    I’m curious what was the training you shared on WA that got you banned?

  9. Bryanb

    Hi Marcus,
    I have no problem with you showing features that you did not like with WA bu please do not distort the truth. There is actual training on how to do the items listed below and you are actively encouraged to do it.
    Please be honest in your criticism.

    eBay selling;
    Amazon selling (FBA);
    Web design/development, including creating WordPress themes and plugins;
    Managing websites for people/companies;
    Freelance jobs, including:
    article writing,
    image editing,
    video creation,
    social media management,

    • Hi Bryan,

      I am sorry that you think I have distorted the truth. That was not my intention. The bit of my article you are referring to came from the fact that the main training seemed to be mainly geared towards affiliate marketing, and the general vibe at WA seemed to be that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

      Also, when I said that discussion of other methods is not really allowed, perhaps I formed this opinion based on my knowledge that comments and posts often get hidden if they criticise WA too much (e.g. if someone says that WA’s main training is not the best way to learn how to make money online), as well as the fact that I lost my write access for linking to training outside of WA. However, if you would be able to provide me with links to training within WA that shows good quality training on how to succeed with other money making methods, then I will take a look and consider editing that part of the article. If you don’t want to link to them in a comment, you can email them to me at marcus@earnmoneywithmarcus.com.

  10. Pranav

    Great post! Probably the only one I’ve seen that sheds light on all the negative points of WA. The touted success stories just seem to be a few (around 10) and the same ones keep showing up as testimonials every year. Also, once I was scrolling through posts (as a non-member) and saw many people writing that ‘nothing seems to be working. Let alone $10000/month, I’ll be happy when I atleast hit my first $1. WA, show me atleast that!’ and I knew that there was some bitter truth lying behind all the happy-go-lucky reviews and propaganda.
    Ps. – Have you checked out AffiliateU? It seems to be the most legit and in-depth affiliate marketing training. But damn it’s expensive. :p

    • Yes, it seems that the most successful members of WA are those that successfully promote WA itself. Of course, some people do succeed in their own niches too, but I can’t help but think that those people would succeed even without WA. If you’ve got a good niche idea and you’ve got what it takes to succeed, you would probably succeed without WA. Although Wealthy Affiliate puts everything together in one neat package, it doesn’t really contain anything that can’t be found elsewhere. Sure, there is a community, but there are other internet marketing communities out there. Sure, there is training on affiliate marketing, but there is training on affiliate marketing elsewhere. Sure, there is web hosting, but there is other web hosting out there. The biggest trick Wealthy Affiliate pulls is to convince you that you need all these things in one place, or even that it’s a good idea to have them all in one place. But the problem is, then you’ve put all your eggs in one basket. It means you get into trouble if you criticize that basket too much or talk about things that are outside of the basket.

  11. Terence

    April 6, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Hi Marcus, just came across this article from somewhere that I don’t remember.

    I also started with Wealthy Affiliate in 2014, and definitely have went the affiliate bootcamp route. Of course, I had great things to say about WA because it taught me the world of internet marketing, affiliate marketing and more. I can actually say I owe it to WA for what I have become today.

    But as of now, I don’t really participate much in WA anymore because there’s definitely way better out there – from training, to community to potential earnings. As much as I love WA, there are some things you highlighted that I agree with too.

    For me, I’m in a neutral stance too. I would still recommend people to join WA if they don’t know anything on making money online. However, I know that WA alone won’t help you make money online from first hand experience. Most of my affiliate income now comes from external sites even though I started with the affiliate boot camp.

    The thing is many people want step-by-step training, but the thing you get is just 100% same replicated sites that doesn’t do that well. In fact, get very competitive for the certain sites like WA review, siterubix review, Jaaxy review, etc.

    Thanks for the honest review, it was interesting to say the least what you discovered.

  12. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hi there Marcus

    I am a member of WA, and we have discussed a few times in the WA live chat. I run a website in the same niche with you

    Too bad to lose your writing privilege, and I understand your skepticism about affiliate marketing and WA in general.

    Affiliate marketing is a very competitive industry no matter which niche you choose, but still, there are very successful people doing just that.

    For me, it works quite well, and now I am creating my own digital products to expand my reach.

    It takes time to succeed online but this is true for every business out there.

    I run other businesses at the same time, all of them are traditional brick & mortar companies. The bad thing about traditional businesses is that they require capital and employees to get started. It’s very hard to break even.

    I wanna wish you all the best in your future online endeavors. Don’t give up, no matter what

  13. charlotte

    hi,i am premium member in WA and my message also revoked by admin recently. kindly advise what can i do.tq

  14. It’s even worse since you left, Marcus.

    Wealthy Affiliate now has ‘Site Content’ to encourage people to write within the WA space instead of going straight to their website to start writing.

    And they don’t teach people how to login without going through ‘Site Manager’.

    Lots of people couldn’t find out how to quit WA so I uploaded a video to show how to cancel their membership and stop billing. Because it’s a training video they’ve paid me a few peanuts for that 😀 https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/cancel-wealthy-affiliate-membership-and-stop-billing

    My biggest gripe is that they don’t teach independence.

    • Hi Marion,

      Yes, I remember when Site Content first appeared just a few months before I left. I don’t even see why they needed to create it. You can write content directly withing WordPress. It’s not a problem that needed fixing.

      They seem to pride themselves on containing “everything” you need to start an online business, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Members come to rely on WA for too much.

      Add to that, there are many different ways to make money online or create online businesses. They focus really mainly on the affiliate marketing, but that’s not the only way, and possibly not even the best way to make money online. I spent years trying to make money from affiliate marketing and found it very difficult. It’s really tough to spend many months writing lots of content for your website only to make a very small amount of commission from Amazon Associates for example. That’s not a business, that a hobby that generates a tiny amount of pocket money.

      Of course, there’s nothing wrong with earning a small bit of money from a website about one of your interests, and there’s nothing wrong with having a training course and community around that. But is it the best way to make money online? Not in my experience.

      I’ve been trying a totally different way to make money recently, and I’ve made over £230 profit in just a couple of months from just a few minutes per day, and hopefully that’s set to dramatically grow over the next few months. I’ll probably write a full post about it soon.

      I’m interested in whatever works best to bring the money in, not whatever uses up the most time.

      All the best,

  15. Brenda


    I too joined wealthy affiliate. But I had no misconceptions of getting rich. I’ve made a lot of money in CPA referral marketing using automation and expensive paid advertising.

    My first impression of Wealthy Affiliate was this: Is this a cult? Immediately I realized that something was off here. I never got past hosting my first web site. Although I’d been a paying member off and on for several years. Why? I don’t know. Dumb.

    Anyway, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of ripping people a new one for profit. I’d already seen at least one fallout when a Wealthy Affiliate dude ripped into a CPA marketer, without even trying the product. That WA member was shamed right off Youtube. He’d make these grand productions on Youtube about all the scams out there. But it was deceptive. Maybe not to the newbie without a clue, but having been online for 10 years I saw right away that the guy hadn’t bothered to try the products he reviewed.

    I quit Wealthy Affiliate not because I wasn’t successful, I’m sure I could have applied my skills and gone on to be a great ripper of products I’d never tried.

    Recently, this past month (it’s May 18th as you read this) I set up a system using survey sites to get paid up front. I bought some expensive ad space and within a month started generating 20K monthly. (Yeah, that’s how you do it, Wealthy Affiliates!)

    I’ve now been treated to at least two shitty Wealthy Affiliate’s reviews. Both of them intellectually dishonest since Wealthy Affiliate trains people to write thin reviews but they fail to teach people about intellectual honesty.

    On both counts I’ve amused myself by replying to their dishonest reviews, at the expense of my peace of mind–like why do I waste my time on these dishonest pricks?

    Both reviews utterly failed to actually go through my entire system. They’d have found the in depth training I provide to teach people how to leverage surveys sites for great money. At least I provide 10 years worth of knowledge for FREE. I find it ironic, and quite disgusting, that these reviewers make money by slamming other people with the “SCAM” label and then directing them to a web site that claims you can create a money producing ATM machine in “minutes”!

    Very misleading.

    I have actually toyed with the idea of getting back to Wealthy Affiliate (I can’t type Wealthy Affiliate enough… I just can’t.) But as much as its tempting to waste $47 bucks a month just to play around, I can’t get past the cultish feel inside.

    As you very well pointed out, Wealthy Affiliate is filled with happy perky people giving advice without experience of knowledge to back it up. And everyone is happy and gayly wasting time posting positive things, as you said. It’s like a darned cult in there.

    I’ll stick to doing what I do and leave the intellectual dishonesty to WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment!

      Yes, the whole fake negative reviews thing is a really big issue. I got sucked into doing that for a while. The bootcamp training guides people in that direction. The training even says that once you compare Wealthy Affiliate to other opportunities it becomes obvious that Wealthy Affiliate is the winner. This sets people up with the idea that WA really is the best and everything else is not worth bothering with.

      The thing is, Kyle knows that most people are not going to properly join all these other opportunies in order to review them. Most people won’t have the money to buy everything they review. Yes, I know you can get refunds, but people can still be worried that they might not get refunded. It’s also possible to get blacklisted as a serial refunder on affiliate networks like ClickBank for example.

      And the thing is, many people who do the bootcamp course will be complete beginners. They will have just joined WA but couldn’t decide on their own niche so they decided to do the bootcamp and promote WA instead. They are then told that WA is the best, better than all the rest, and to write reviews comparing WA favourably to other opportunities.

      Can you imagine what would happen if the training was more honest? Imagine if it said something like:

      “We like Wealthy Affiliate. Of course we do, we made it, we’re extremely biased. But we’re not totally sure whether it’s the best option for you. So, what we would like you to do is to try various opportunities, including WA, and then decide for yourself which you like best.”

      If they did that, many people would end up trying something else that they like, and wouldn’t stick with WA.

      It’s so difficult to trust any reviews of any money making oppotunities. They are either glowingly positive reviews written by affiliates wanting to earn referral commissions, or they are overly negative reviews written by someone trying to trash it in order to then promote something else in its place.

      Anyway, it’s good to hear that you have your own success going on. You don’t need Wealathy Affiliate.

      All the best,

      • Brenda

        Hi again Marcus,

        The fake reviews thing is extremely troubling. I wonder how many lawsuits Wealthy Affiliate has had brought against them?

        In my case the snarky reviewer took my brand logo… and slapped SCAM over it! Had she superimposed the word “Reviewed” that would have been a different thing.

        In regards to my snarky reviewer… I did some digging and found it some pretty disturbing facts. Are you ready for this? You probably already know this little secret, but I want others to know that Wealthy Affiliate does not discourage people from doing this dirty little secret.

        I located the Wealthy Affiliate’s profile and started digging through her profile, and found two facts:

        FACT #1 – She has been building her web site for 19 months and currently is making $1,300 or so a month. Actually that’s pretty cool and impressive! I wager that this is not normal for the average Wealthy Affiliate member. I have a sneaking suspicion that said snarky reviewer could make a lot more money if she took a grammar course, her writing leaves a lot of room for improvement, to say the very least. So when I read her review of my web site, I cringed.

        FACT #2 … are you ready for this? Sit down so you don’t fall over (you probably already know this, but I think anyone reading this comment should sit down.

        In my digging around I found a post wherein she was gloating over the fact that she earns commissions off of her negative reviews. She was gloating over the dollar amount! I wasn’t sure whether I needed to laugh or cry. She went on to advise everyone to be sure “if you can” to grab an affiliate link for every negative review, to make extra money. Then at the bottom of her post she finished off the gloat with: “I love online business!”

        Worse yet, she has at least 50 people or so posting replies to this and congratulating
        her for her craftiness.

        I was like, whoa man. Really? I had to read her post twice just to make sure I had it all right.

        Now, I suppose this slimy practice is the norm within Wealthy Affiliate? I don’t know, but if this reviewer, who prides herself on being so well known in the “community” is gloating over this then it’s a sure bet that her example is producing bad results for newbies. She is teaching them to be dishonest, unethical and shady.

        So after I read this I started to get angry as she had superimposed SCAM on my brand logo! I’m sure she’d have grabbed my link and signed up if it didn’t involve work.

        Marcus, I am assuming that this very shady practice without the Wealthy Affiliate community is the norm?

        I posted a reply to Kyle on his “Wealthy Affiliate Fan Page” with a screen shot of this crazy person bragging about making a commission of a review in which she called said web site a “SCAM” – and I asked him, is this what Wealthy Affiliate is about? I also told him I’d been a premium member and that I was considering re-joining, but would never consider this after what I saw one of their people brag about.

        I’d litigate but that would certainly put me in a bad mood. You know what they say, Success Is the Best Revenge.

        Anyway, wow. Making a commission off a product being called a SCAM. Unbelievable.

        Is this the norm for Wealthy Affiliate?

        • Hi Brenda,

          None of that surprises me in the slightest. In fact, this is all old news to me now.

          I used to churn out loads of fake reviews for any new product I thought might be worth writing about. Some days I would churn out a whole bunch of reviews. It was like factory process. Just keep writing the negative reviews and promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I had it down to a really slick routine actually.

          Although the bootcamp training does not explicitly instruct members to write fake negative reviews, it’s easy to see how many members go in that direction. Kyle and some of the members there will say that the training does not specifically tell people to write fake negative reviews and that if anyone does write fake negative reviews it’s their own choice and their own fault if they get intro trouble because of it.

          But it only takes a basic understanding of human psychology and the workings of the WA affiliate program to see why it happens.

          If you tell people that WA is the best way to learn how to make money online, that other opportunities out there are not as good, and that they can easily earn affilaite commissions by writing reviews of other opportunities and saying that WA is better. If you do that, what do you think is going to happen?

          In a situation like that, are most members going to take the time and money to sign up to every opportunity they intend to review, carefully go through it, and then write an honest review? NO! Most people are going to quickly realise that the fastest way to get as many referrals to WA is to write as many negative reviews of the competiting products as they possibly can.

          And it works! I got many referrals to WA this way. As a method is really does work well. That’s why people do it.

          You see, it’s very appealing, the promise of easy referral commissions at WA. They dangle the carrot, they present the opportunity, and then the members exploit that opportunity as best they can.

          I’m saying this as someone who basically considers himself a good person, who has never got intro trouble with the law or anything like that. Yet I got sucked into the whole fake negative reviews mindset. And at the time I genuinely thought it was fine to do it.

          Early on you get told that WA is the best, and that the best way to refer people to WA is to say that other products are not as good as WA. You get led in that direction.

          It’s like if you make guns, you must understand that some people are going to use those guns to kill people. That doesn’t mean the maker of the guns is the killer. It just means that if a situation is created in which something bad can happen, eventually that bad thing will happen, it’s inevitable really.

          And Kyle and Carson know this. They know it will happen and they let it continue to happen. And if the bootcamp course didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be all these fake negative reviews of other products. That’s true, even if Kyle doesn’t specifically instruct members to write fake negative reviews.

          • Brenda

            From everything I’ve read and especially after talking with you I’ve learned that wealthy affiliate cares about money 1st and foremost at the expense of integrity.

            I’ve seen some savvy wealthy affiliate reviewers, their content is professional. I’ve even been able to take criticism from one, but he isn’t a whack job.

            Anyway, it’s clear that the average wealthy affiliate member isn’t willing to be intellectually honest.

            So what would you recommend as far as training to newbies just starting out?

          • I’m not actually focusing on affiliate marketing at the moment. I’m more focused on matched betting. I will be publishing a new post about that soon.

            There is a good website called The Money Shed that I found which contains lots of good information on genuine ways to make money online, including matched betting. They have a free blogging guide called Totally Blogging, but I’ve not tried it yet.

        • Brian

          Hi Brenda and Marcus,

          I have read through this post and the comments very carefully and with a great deal of interest. I am currently a premium member of WA going into my sixth month. I can honestly say that the “rose-tinted spectacles” that I was wearing for a few months have acclimated to the light and to quote the lyrics of a song, “I can see clearly now…”.

          Said reviewer that Brenda is referring to has SCAM? written across just about every post that she adds to her blog. This is a practice of hers on a daily basis. How the hell is that possible? It is tragic that visitors to her site seldom hear the tinkling of an alarm alerting them to the fact that it is impossible on every level for any one person to have evaluated and honestly assessed a product in a single day. If they checked the dates of her posts they would see that from one day to the next there is one negative review after the next. Really? On what planet is this possible?

          She isn’t the only one though. There is another member who loves to trumpet his successes about reviews that have won him additional premium referrals to his portfolio. Both of them take great pride in piecing together a “monthly update” to “encourage” other members. Oh, Boo-Hoo!!

          I fell prey to the whole Bootcamp allure when I first signed up. After about 3 months a wrote an excellent review that is currently number 1 on Google. Interestingly enough I praised the product and had nothing bad to say about it. The only tactic that I employed to get them over to WA was to offer them what I believe is a superior alternative to multi-level marketing.

          This Google ranking went to my head so fast that I spun out of control and went full throttle. I wrote a scathing review of a product that I saw on Warrior Forum. It literally screamed “SCAM” they way it was littered with trash and I held nothing back. Again I hit the jackpot on Google but OMG this was a victory with a very short life-span. I received a comment on the post from the creator with an invitation to read a review that he had done of my site. Was I in for a shock? You bet your bippy I was. I won’t bore you now with the details but one of the things that he brought to light was the fact that I had not even purchased the product. He was right. I had written a fake review! That was a serious wake-up call and scared the crap out of me. I was so utterly ashamed of myself and it was at that point that the sand started shifting beneath my feet. I withdrew the review from my site immediately and sent him a message apologizing and applauded him for his integrity at calling me out on the matter.

          My time at WA is wearing very thin at this point and it won’t be long before I will be closing the door to this chapter in my life.

          Thank you both for your to-and-fro conversation about what really goes on behind the scenes. (I feel like a bit of an intruder adding to this discussion).

          All the best,


          • Thank you very much for your comment Brian.

            Yes, it is utterly ridiculous that someone could write a new review every day. But I got sucked into that way of doing things too. At one point I was even churning out several negative reviews per day. I would just spend a short time looking through the sales page, try to pick out some things that look like that could indicate it might be a scam, then say it looks like it’s a scam.

            And the thing is, this method does work. If you write enough of these scam reviews, you will get on page 1 of Google for some of them and you will get some people clicking through to WA and some of them will sign up, and a few of those will become premium. It’s actually a very easy way to make a bit of extra money. Once you know how to do it, you can just church these types of reviews out like you’re working on a production line in a factory. The same process over and over again. Find a product that looks like it might be a scam, write a negative review of it, tell people to join WA instead. It’s so easy!

            And Kyle and Carson will probably never properly put a stop to that kind of behaviour. It’s far too profitable for them. If they wanted to they could ban any member who writes these kinds of reviews, just like a golf club could ban members who are abusive to non-members. But they won’t. Instead they will just occasionally say that writing fake negative reviews is a bad idea. But there will always be members who want to make quick and easy money by trashing other products. Once they see that it works, it’s easy to get hooked.

            Brian, if you have come to this realisation after only a few months, you’re doing a lot better than I was, and I applaud you. It took me a lot longer to properly see what was really going on.

            Essentially what’s happening is Kyle and Carson are getting their members to do their marketing for them, and allowing those members to write fake reviews to prommote WA. This is very convenient for them because they can always use the reasoning that those members re free to make their own choices and if they write fake reviews that’s their decision not the fault of Kyle or Carson. But this ignores the fact that the bootcamp course leads members in that direction. It doesn’t explicity say “write fake reviews”, but it just points them towards that direction, and once members realise how easy it is to churn out fake reviews, many of them will do that because it’s an easy way to make money.

  16. Alban

    Hi Marcus!
    First of all, I have to say that this article was very interesting, I actually learned a lot. Nowadays I get bored reading long articles but you did a great job and I will surely come back 🙂
    I actually came here to get answer to a simple (and probably stupid question, since I’m new on owning websites). I was a member of WA for two months, but had too much to do at the time, so I needed a break. I canceled my subscription and now I can’t get access to my website/the hosting is down. Like mentioned, I only had the website for appr. 2 months, but there was still some good content (no copy whatsoever). I contacted WA asking if I can get access to my articles (in intention to build the website again but not via WA) and the answer was of course that I need to pay the $50/month. So my question is simply; is it any way for me to get access to my articles/website, or is it completely on WA’s hands? How about contacting the domain?

    All the best,

    • Hi Alban. No, you will not be able to get access to your website at Wealthy Affiliate if you are no longer a member. What you should have done is transfer your website across to other web hosting before you cancelled your WA account. You should also have written your articles outside of the website first, e.g. using Microsoft Word. This would have meant you would have had access to those articles even if the website has disappeared.

  17. Hi Marcus, we’ve talked few times inside WA.

    I’ve recently just cancelled too after 3 years with them.

    This is one of the few genuinely honest Wealthy Affiliate reviews that I’ve come across.

    And I’m shocked that they revoked your website support along with your write access.

    To me that’s just wrong.

    Why should your business suffer just because they didn’t want you posting inside WA?


    • Hi Dan, I’m not sure I remember you in Wealthy Affiliate? Anyway, it’s been a while since I was there.

      Yes, the whole “blind leading the blind” thing really got on my nerves. Although I thought the main training by Kyle was good, if you ever got into difficulty and asked for help, you could never be sure whether the people giving you advice actually knew what they were talking about.

      Really, Kyle should have employed a team of people who had been fully trained to help people. But I suppose the problem is, if someone had been fully trained to succeed in affiliate marketing, they would just be making loads of money from affiliate marketing and not need to have a job at WA giving advice to newbies.

      And herein lies the main problem. The people who are most successful at this kind of thing will be busy running their successful businesses. The people who have the most time and enthusiasm for helping others tend to be the newer members. Of course, there will always be exceptions to this, and there will be some experienced successful members who will help out, but they will be in the minority.

      In my 2.5 years at WA, I noticed that the most socially active members tended to be the ones that were just being social for the sake of it. Lots of light motivational posts with no real substance. Lots of personal updates, treating it like a paid version of Facebook.

      And the thing is, if someone is really serious about building a business, they shouldn’t even have time to be that active on WA. They should be so focused on writing content for their websites and doing all that kind of stuff that they shouldn’t even have time to post motivational posts and update people on their personal lives, let alone help out newbies with questions.

      And that’s the biggest problem with Wealthy Affiliate. It provides the biggest distraction to building your business: other people. It makes it very easy for members to fool themselves into believing that they are working on their businesses because they are chatting with other affiliate marketers, when actually they are usually just wasting time.

      And although some people will succeed as members of Wealthy Affiliate, some people will succeed WITHOUT being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Being a member of WA does not necessarily mean you will succeed, and NOT being a member of WA doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t succeed.

  18. Joanne Morrison

    How did you move your site? I am not too saavy , which is why I joined WA, to educate myself. Im locked out of theyre site and Im unable to transfer my two sites which is making me crazy because they were still at beginning stages and I hate that I cant get to them. My name, my image. When I attempted I recieved a security warning regarding that they are not safe? Whaat? Is there anything short of paying another months subscription?

  19. I found your site through another persons review of WA (https://crajun.com/affiliate-marketing-articles/problem-wealthy-affiliate/) and you left a comment where you left your website and found your review.

    I can say man you hit that grand slam with this WA review. I am actually a WA member in short I found WA back in 2013-2014 area, at first signed up for the free membership. I didn’t do much with it, then I finally went premium somewhere around the year of 2015. I just went through some of the videos then just forgot about it.

    Eventually came back around 2016-2017 and at the time I was just getting into DA (Digital Altitude they got shut down by the FTC). Started my first two sites then went through both trainings Online Entrepreneur Certification and Bootcamp.

    Through my about 2 years almost 3 with WA I at first was putting my time into my sites but time with commenting and helping others where I could. The al in one is cool feature but I have realized it is a bad thing to if you cant stay away from the social side of WA.

    Well I just stopped going and socializing because it was getting in the way of my time on my sites. Like you said there are a lot of different ways to make money online. I found this out long before actually finding WA.

    So I noticed like you said WA makes it seem like a site and Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money. I can say I call BS on that claim because it is not you have put a few examples in your article.

    The biggest things I don’t like about WA is that exactly they have a “One Size Fits All Program”. I can say for a fact not everybody wants to write and blog lengthy articles. Me personally if I didn’t enjoy writing I wouldn’t have thought about creating a website to make money.

    Plus after you are done with the training other than bootcamp or promoting WA and hosting your site. What else does WA have to offer to keep people to stay? For me nothing I don’t see any real reason to stay. The only reason I do is because hosting is there but I am currently looking to transferring my sites to another hosting since now I actually can afford better hosting.

    The other reason I stay is not because of the community since I never really used it besides talking to a few others. Is because I can promote WA.

    I will say WA isn’t the best training out there. There are plenty of other programs out there like you know that can make you money. Like me I am promoting a different program way more than WA mostly because it may be more expensive than WA. The reason why I like this program is because they don’t teach you one way of making money online they teach you other ways.

    I agree people who promote WA at least the people I have seen promote WA is doing a bait and switch type of tactic where they get you in by saying a program is a scam then they end up saying WA is better they do the same with legit programs. I was looking up ways to work online just to see how many WA promoters there was. It blew my mind at how many there was. I seen some people actually saying a program was a scam so I put my two cents into it. They said I was wrong and that everything I said was false that WA is the best. So I just seen it as yep even if I showed some of these people facts they will not see that it is true.

    Now am I saying WA is the worst or isn’t worth the money no I am not. I just see WA is best for the people that like to blog and they are willing to really put in the work to make money.

    Plus I see the Bootcamp as useless the only reason I would say they even have the bootcamp is so they can get free Advertising. If you look at it not including programs like JVZoo, ClickBank, Amazon Associates ECT. Any other program I have seen out there in order to become an affiliate with them that has training that you buy you have to pay to be an affiliate.

    With WA like you know has their Affiliate program in with the free membership and premium. So I see this as a little fishy so this shows me that they really want you to promote WA but in a more of a slick way of doing it. Then they get more people in and they can reap the rewards.

    Now I see you mentioned the Solo Build It the test they did comparing their product to WA and all the flaws WA products have. I read that a while back. I only seen it not through WA it’s self it was through me looking up WA reviews just to see what I would find and found that.

    I think it is a little biased but whos review isn’t biased? I do agree with some of what they said but I will say that I never used the service from SiteSell (Solo Build It) so I can’t say whether WA is better or SBI I have seen WAers review it but you already know what they said it is a legit product but WA is better.

    I just see it all pretty dam sad you know? Plus with your situation on getting your rights revoke for writing on WA. Do you still promote WA at all in your reviews that you have on WA on here or are you just totally done with WA?

    Me I personally don’t do much on WA except get into my website and that is it. One thing I just remembered is that they have a new feature on there now. They made a site comments 2.0, which Is now you can get paid after you qualify to be a certified commenter. after you get qualified after meeting some requirements after that you will get paid about 50cents per comment.

    So I feel the reason they came out with this is because sitecomments was dying out so they decided to have an incentive to revive sitecomments. I have seen some people making blogs, saying that now people can’t have an excuse to not make the $50 a month because they mentioned you can make $100s a month if you stay a qualified commenter.

    I will say I have never messed with the sitecomments r feedback mostly because I find it is a waste of my time. The time I put into putting comments on others sites I could be putting towards my own site. Is is a good thing yeah if you find it worth your time but if you don’t then why use it right?

    So with all that being said WA is a good platform for the beginners and the ones that want to make a blog but as you progress in your knowledge on making money online WA in its self is just not worth it unless you promote WA and actually use that to make money. Me I don’t believe in saying a product is a scam or not worth the money if I never tried that product. I have three reviews on one of my sites one is WA two others. In my other reviews I am affiliate for two of them but I never mentioned once in the review for the program I am not an affiliate for that you should go to WA or SA why because LM is a legit program.

    I hope the best for you and keep doing what you need to do to make your dreams come true


    • Thanks for your comment Matt.

      Yes, I agree, not everyone wants to write lots of blog posts. The thing is, though, when Wealthy Affiliate first started it was all about Pay Per Click marketing using AdWords. The blogging stuff came later.

      And the thing with SiteComments is that it might not work long term. Sure, they are saying now that comments are the best way to increase your Google ranking, but years ago they were saying that about backlinks, but now backlinks are not as effective as they used to be. So everything changes, and it’s all gimmicks and tricks.

      Not only that, they are doing everything they can to make sure members rely on WA for everything. They don’t teach their members how to survive outside of WA.

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