1. JT

    Great Stuff Marcus

    It sucks, most people that are HONEST about Wealthy Affiliate end up being sued and having to take their reviews down.

    Sucks they try to silence anybody who’s negative about them, yet are the most negative ones themselves.

    “Cheers”, 🙂


    • Yes, that’s the thing. Their whole method of gaining new members involves getting their existing members to write negative reviews of competing products. They seem to be fine with it when it’s in their favour, but can’t take it when the exact same tactic is used against them. They are like a school bully who goes around punching other kids and stealing their lunch money, but as soon as one of those kids punches them back they run crying to the teacher.

  2. Minhaj

    Hi marcus
    Honesty is the best medicine and although I disagree with you on Wealthy Affiliate, I do hope you succeed in what ever you do.
    I have to say one thing though,I really think the affiliate bootcamp is needed,why? Because the MMO niche is massive and I get blasted daily with emails about the next 6 figure system. I think one of the reasons many people fail is because they jump from one opportunity to another.
    I think that is the purpose of affiliate bootcamp,to make people stay on one program instead of jumping around looking for the quickest way to easy money. Can it be better? Of course and you may well know that they are updating it.
    BTW I tried arbitrage and it is hard,I tried a few software programs that told me that they would find low price items that I could make a profit on but that was not my experience.
    If you are serious,look up a guy called Andrei Kreiceburg (I think that’s how his name is spelt) he teaches the eBay to Amazon arbitrage model and is extremely successful (but his course is expensive)
    All the best.

    • Hi Minhaj,

      I don’t actually think the bootcamp is required at all. If Wealthy Affiliate was as good as they claim it is, the web would be filled with WA members genuinely shouting to the world about how great it is. It would just naturally happen.

      You are right that people jump from one thing to another too much, and you are right that people will be more likely to succeed if they stick at one thing. I just disagree that the bootcamp is the best way to do that.

      Arbitrage is not necessarily easy, but Profit Scraper does make it a lot less difficult. This is the quickest I’ve earned this much profit from all the online money making methods I have tried over the years. This is just my experience, but of course everyone’s experiences will be a bit different.

      All the best,

  3. JV

    I was looking for a plugin (which I knew you were using on your site) and ended up reading this.

    So now I know what happened to you and I can only say I am sorry, but it appears you are doing better now.

    We have always had differences of opinion as you know, but we agreed on many issues as well. All in all, I miss discussions with you. I would not say more here, have seen your first paragraph…

    • Thank you for your comment, Jovo.

      Yes, we often disagreed on things, but also agreed on some other things. Maybe this is because we are both intelligent people with strong opinions on things.

      Occasionally I check on WA and see that I have private messages that I am unable to reply to. It’s a strange situation. For people that have social media profiles listed on the WA profiles, I have tried to contact them outside of WA, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Over time, I am probably going to stop looking at my messages on WA. It’s best I just move on.

      I hope all is well with you Jovo…

      • JV

        Not so well. If I knew what I know now, I would not have started this affiliate marketing. The numbers and statistics are merciless, it looks almost impossible.

        I am sad to see how they cut you off. You have contributed a lot to Wealthy Affiliate, nobody should be treated that way.

        You have my email from earlier I assume and also here in the signature, if I can help. Just today I sent this link to somebody who left a comment on your profile, as being curious about your situation. So at least somebody knows now, and the person feels the same way as I do.

        • Thanks Jovo, I appreciate it.

          Yes, affiliate marketing can be really hard, and the way they teach it at Wealthy Affiliate seems to have a low chance of real success. Sure, people can easily create websites and learn how to write great content, but these websites rarely seem to become full businesses.

          WA leads people to believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online and that the way they teach it is the best way. Both of those things might not be true. Create a website about whatever you are most interested in, and maybe it will become a full business, maybe it won’t. But if I had to bet money on it, I would say no. But during the many months it can take someone to realise it’s actually not going to be a full business, they pay lots of money in premium membership fees, so if we’re totally honest we all know who the real winners are here.

          In hindsight, it’s totally understandable that I got locked out of WA. I’ve become too honest and critical. If I owned WA, I wouldn’t want somebody as honest and critical as me there either.

          • Hey Marcus, it’s Stephan (SZev) from WA. I don’t know if you remember me but like Jovo, I miss having you around there as you contributed a lot. Would it help if I contacted support to try to “reinstate” you or are you set on moving on at this point? All the best…

          • Hi Stephan. Yes, I definitely remember you. Thank you for your kind words. No need to contact support on my behalf. I am moving on now…

  4. Roamy

    Hello Marcus
    Your post has really given me food for thought, thanks so much for sharing.
    I did not know you`d been banned from writing at WA, sorry to hear that but at the same time, I`m sure there are positives out there.

  5. Daniel

    Wow Marcus I didn’t realize you had your privileges revoked by WA!! That sucks man, I always enjoyed reading your posts.

    Yes, some of the things you are saying about WA are true but I think the reason that most people don’t get rich with affiliate marketing is that it is super hard, even if you have a quality tool (like WA) to help you succeed.

    That is shitty though they they sued someone for a negative review, I don’t really know anything about it though. Did the person they sued make shit up or what? Or did they just win because they have more money lol

    Anyways, good luck to you on whatever it is you move forward with.

    • Well, some might say that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t teach the most effective affiliate marketing techniques.

      Firstly, there is the whole niche selection thing, which seems to be rather hit-and-miss. They do it that way so that they can encourage as many people as possible to give WA a try. After all, everyone has a passion or interest they could make a website about, and because WA makes it so easy to create a website, it’s very easy for someone to make the decision to give WA a try. But the thing you are most interested in is not necessarily the thing that is the best basis for a business. It’s well known that there are profitable niches out there, and they tend to fit within the broad areas of health, wealth, and relationships. Create an awesome website about something within one of those areas and you might succeed. Create a hobby website about knitting or butterflies and you probably won’t make much money.

      Secondly, there is the issue of backlinks. There are some very successful internet marketers out there that are still successfully using backlinks. It’s possible that WA holds people back by advising them not to get backlinks.

      You think WA is the best place because you are a member and the owners and other members tell you it’s the best, and because negative comments and reviews of WA tend to get removed. It’s an echo chamber. I’m not saying WA is awful and without any value. I’m saying it’s not necessarily the utopia it’s portrayed as by those who have a vested interest in you believing so.

  6. Shrestha

    Hi Marcus
    I came across a link in one of your posts in WA and landed on this page. I remember you as someone who was really positive about making money online and churned out content all the time.
    I’m sad to hear this happened to you and I hope things get sorted with time. I was thinking about investing in Amazon FBA as well since I have heard it requires a lot less work than affiliate marketing and it makes money a lot faster.Would check out the Proft Scraper and see how that works. Hope I find you on social media!

  7. Cena

    Hi Marcus,

    Didn’t know that you are revoke by WA. It been great debate with you on certain topic and issue about making money online within WA.
    I do find your mini niche tablet site is impressiv.
    Your choice to move on and find something that fit you will be the best option. All the best.


  8. Sunny

    Thanks for your honest review. I landed on your site researching WA and SBI.
    I’m curious what was the training you shared on WA that got you banned?

  9. Bryanb

    Hi Marcus,
    I have no problem with you showing features that you did not like with WA bu please do not distort the truth. There is actual training on how to do the items listed below and you are actively encouraged to do it.
    Please be honest in your criticism.

    eBay selling;
    Amazon selling (FBA);
    Web design/development, including creating WordPress themes and plugins;
    Managing websites for people/companies;
    Freelance jobs, including:
    article writing,
    image editing,
    video creation,
    social media management,

    • Hi Bryan,

      I am sorry that you think I have distorted the truth. That was not my intention. The bit of my article you are referring to came from the fact that the main training seemed to be mainly geared towards affiliate marketing, and the general vibe at WA seemed to be that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

      Also, when I said that discussion of other methods is not really allowed, perhaps I formed this opinion based on my knowledge that comments and posts often get hidden if they criticise WA too much (e.g. if someone says that WA’s main training is not the best way to learn how to make money online), as well as the fact that I lost my write access for linking to training outside of WA. However, if you would be able to provide me with links to training within WA that shows good quality training on how to succeed with other money making methods, then I will take a look and consider editing that part of the article. If you don’t want to link to them in a comment, you can email them to me at marcus@earnmoneywithmarcus.com.

  10. Pranav

    Great post! Probably the only one I’ve seen that sheds light on all the negative points of WA. The touted success stories just seem to be a few (around 10) and the same ones keep showing up as testimonials every year. Also, once I was scrolling through posts (as a non-member) and saw many people writing that ‘nothing seems to be working. Let alone $10000/month, I’ll be happy when I atleast hit my first $1. WA, show me atleast that!’ and I knew that there was some bitter truth lying behind all the happy-go-lucky reviews and propaganda.
    Ps. – Have you checked out AffiliateU? It seems to be the most legit and in-depth affiliate marketing training. But damn it’s expensive. :p

    • Yes, it seems that the most successful members of WA are those that successfully promote WA itself. Of course, some people do succeed in their own niches too, but I can’t help but think that those people would succeed even without WA. If you’ve got a good niche idea and you’ve got what it takes to succeed, you would probably succeed without WA. Although Wealthy Affiliate puts everything together in one neat package, it doesn’t really contain anything that can’t be found elsewhere. Sure, there is a community, but there are other internet marketing communities out there. Sure, there is training on affiliate marketing, but there is training on affiliate marketing elsewhere. Sure, there is web hosting, but there is other web hosting out there. The biggest trick Wealthy Affiliate pulls is to convince you that you need all these things in one place, or even that it’s a good idea to have them all in one place. But the problem is, then you’ve put all your eggs in one basket. It means you get into trouble if you criticize that basket too much or talk about things that are outside of the basket.

  11. Terence

    April 6, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Hi Marcus, just came across this article from somewhere that I don’t remember.

    I also started with Wealthy Affiliate in 2014, and definitely have went the affiliate bootcamp route. Of course, I had great things to say about WA because it taught me the world of internet marketing, affiliate marketing and more. I can actually say I owe it to WA for what I have become today.

    But as of now, I don’t really participate much in WA anymore because there’s definitely way better out there – from training, to community to potential earnings. As much as I love WA, there are some things you highlighted that I agree with too.

    For me, I’m in a neutral stance too. I would still recommend people to join WA if they don’t know anything on making money online. However, I know that WA alone won’t help you make money online from first hand experience. Most of my affiliate income now comes from external sites even though I started with the affiliate boot camp.

    The thing is many people want step-by-step training, but the thing you get is just 100% same replicated sites that doesn’t do that well. In fact, get very competitive for the certain sites like WA review, siterubix review, Jaaxy review, etc.

    Thanks for the honest review, it was interesting to say the least what you discovered.

  12. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hi there Marcus

    I am a member of WA, and we have discussed a few times in the WA live chat. I run a website in the same niche with you

    Too bad to lose your writing privilege, and I understand your skepticism about affiliate marketing and WA in general.

    Affiliate marketing is a very competitive industry no matter which niche you choose, but still, there are very successful people doing just that.

    For me, it works quite well, and now I am creating my own digital products to expand my reach.

    It takes time to succeed online but this is true for every business out there.

    I run other businesses at the same time, all of them are traditional brick & mortar companies. The bad thing about traditional businesses is that they require capital and employees to get started. It’s very hard to break even.

    I wanna wish you all the best in your future online endeavors. Don’t give up, no matter what

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