1. Sean

    Hey Marcus,

    Great, detailed review here. Actually, I remember roughly this time last year I was researching ways to make money online and SBI was one of the courses that I came across.

    I remember thinking that the look of the sites looked very old school, not very appealing at all. I actually emailed their support about pricing and a few other questions and someone got back to me relatively quickly with some honest answers, which I really appreciated.

    However, something told me that SBI was not quite what I was looking for (I was right on the brink of spending cash on it), so I just waited. I don’t doubt that they’ve got some good info but …

    A month or two later, I came across Wealthy Affiliate and was totally blown away by the community, the training, the owner involvement and a lot of other stuff, including honesty and integrity – that’s when I knew I’d found the right program for me.

    Anyway, keep well there,

  2. Jenny

    This is actually a timely review because I have been looking to move away from SiteSell for the past few months and I have actually just joined Wealthy Affiliate and a few other programs to see what fits my fancy.

    I originally built my website on their platform, but looking around my site is looking like it was built in the dinosaur years compared to other websites that are around. I feel that I need to either keep up with the trends or I will get squished!

    SiteSell isn’t all that bad and I have also tried Wix and a few others, the sites there are much superior to anything you get on SiteSell. I can tell you that much!

    They may have been a good place in the late 90’s, but I doubt they are keeping up to tech just from my experiences.

    Thanks Marcus. From my first impression I think I am going to be much happier at WA and I have already built my two free websites which were not only easier to build than anything I have tried but also nicer looking.

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