1. This is a great review of a program that is for EVERYONE looking to start a home online business. Visitors will find everything they need.

  2. This is one of the best reviews I’ve read regarding Wealthy Affiliate, it covers pretty much everything in a clear precise manner, congratulations on your fine looking site.

  3. Great review of wealthy affiliate. I’m so glad you have been realistic about get rich quick schemes. There is no such thing as something for nothing. One thing I can say is – if you are willing wealthy affiliate has everything that you need to get where you want to be online.

    Great review buddy! Good work!


      • James

        I agree it has everything you need to succeed online but I also like to add that not everyone who joins has everything they need to succeed, in terms of work ethic, willingness to learn new things, time and effort.

        So many get to the 1 or 2 month mark and start questioning why they haven’t made any money. You soon find out they’ve only made 3 blog posts of 500 words each and they clearly haven’t followed any training to the letter.

        • Yes, there are definitely people who don’t bother to put much effort in. I suppose you will get that with anything. There will always be people who will expect things to happen too easily.

  4. Howie

    Great review of what is without question, the best LEGITIMATE program to start a REAL online business.

    I spent over 7 years on and off with Internet Marketing and have seen every “shiny object” you can possibly imagine. Within my first 3 months with WA, I was making more money than I had in those 7 years combined and continue to learn and grow every day!

    WA is a no brainer. It’s free to try and literally has every last resource someone needs to start a successful business online. I have been with them for nearly 8 months and it still amazes me just as much as the first day. I am not in this particular niche, but I love seeing it promoted because I love what it represents. Thanks for a great review and all the best!

  5. Tavis

    Hey Marcus this is a very thorough review all the valuable points covered. I agree WA is the absolute best platform online or “anywhere” in my opinion to learn to run a successful online business. Awesome review.

  6. Damon

    I am a member of WA too, and happened to stumble across your website and I think you do a superb job laying out exactly what WA has to offer. The WA program helped me by guiding me step by step when I didn’t know much about how to start my own business much less build it and care for it. Now I am the creator of 3 websites and running 3 separate businesses entirely, and WA gave me all the tool’s I needed to accomplish that! There are some other decent programs out there I have tried over the years as well, but none of them offer all that Wealthy Affiliate does. I always say try it and you will buy it, it’s just that good….

  7. Gary

    I just recently joined Wealthy Affiliate after way too many years of struggling to create an online business. I’m so grateful I did finally find an honest place to learn how to really succeed online.

    You can’t beat the free trial. It’s a no-brainer. When an online community lets you come inside and look around, that’s confidence. You know they’re not hiding anything. You don’t even need a credit card to get started. That’s unheard of.

    If someone really wants to know how to succeed online, there really isn’t a better place to learn than Wealthy Affiliate. It has everything you need and a warm, supportive community too.

  8. mark

    Great review Marcus, Wealthy Affiliate has certainly been the best place online i have found to help me build my own online business, with a great community that is willing to support me whenever i have had any questions that i needed answering.

  9. Jay

    You really are a very good writer, add your wonderful videos to that and I can see how much you’ve actually learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

    Everything is so well displayed visually, I hope one day I can attain your writing skills.

    If I wasn’t already a member I’d be joining right about now, congratulations on not only a great review but also a great website.


    • Marcus

      Many thanks Jay, I really appreciate the encouragement. Yes, I have learned a lot from Wealthy Affiliate. It definitely is the best place to learn how to make a profitable website. Nowhere else compares to it.

  10. Robert

    You have been thorough Marcus, outlining the key points of why WA is the best platform online to build a successful business.

    I am a member and after trying many other places, finally found WA and have not looked back. As far as I know there is no other place that does not ask for a credit card to join, and the initial starter training and the benefits that go with it are amazing in comparison.

    Any of your readers that want to build a real business online need look no further and will have the benefit of a great like minded community with excellent support.

    I say to them .. Join


  11. Jovo

    Hi Marcus, this is a nicely written review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am an insider, with two sites built and hosted at WA. Nevertheless. It is good that you so explicitly point out support, because this is something essential for people who start their online activity for the first time. I could not have managed without it.

    I realize that there are some rather cool features available at WA, which I have never used. I mean Rapid Writer, and Link Tracking. Now after reading your text I realize that these two have been in front of me all the time. Not sure yet about their true properties but thank you really for pointing this out.

    • Marcus

      Glad you found it helpful Jovo. It’s great to be able to help someone who is already a member by showing you something you haven’t used yet. Best of luck with your journey at Wealthy Affiliate. I am absolutely certain that if you stick at it you will get the success you deserve.

      All the best,

  12. Chris

    The tools you cover on this page look awesome – I cannot believe they are free with this package?
    The keyword tool grabbed my attention first of all as I know they usually cost A LOT of money. Is it a good keyword tool? Is it accurate? I might just sign up for free to take a quick tour around – got nothing to lose really!

    • Hi Jerry,

      Great question! While Wealthy Affiliate is available in many countries, it is unfortunately not available in the following countries:

      All the best,

      • James

        Correction. It is available in those countries, it’s just that people in those countries are not allowed a free account. But they are welcome to start immediately with a premium account.

  13. Chris

    Hi Marcus,
    After reading your review on the WA and the Jaaxy keyword tool I decided to sign up and go with the free trials to see where it would take me.
    So far I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with the WA community and Jaaxy is awesome ( signed up fully now! ). I recommend anyone reading this to give the free trials a go – you will not regret it 🙂

  14. rufat

    Great review Marcus. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can tell that your review is very informative and honest. Especially I like the way you explain the bad about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s true that WA won’t make you rich overnight but you won’t find that anywhere because success never comes easy and it requires work. In fact, inside WA you can find absolutely everything to build a successful online business. You have websites, hosting, tools, training and support. Finally, you can try it for free. What else you need to be successful? I think joining WA is the right decision for anyone looking for a legit program that works.

    • Marcus

      Yes, in a world so crammed full of scams, it’s really refreshing to have a place where you can genuinely learn the skills to succeed online.

  15. Ehab

    Hello Marcous,

    First you got a good,clear website & i liked the design, actually wealthy affiliate is a good community, for me & after searching on ways to make money i found a lot of scams, WA i trusted it & i upgraded directly because it’s real, & i disagree for the cons you have written because in my point of view it’s a good thing to know that getting money fast is a scam you have to work hard,focus then you will reach :).

    Great post, Thanks for sharing

  16. Anh Nguyen

    Definitely agree with you. If one is familiar with make money online programs and scams, they would be surprised at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. When I found WA, I was pretty much thinking there are no good ways to learn how to make money online.

    WA changed my mind, what I love the most is it’s very interactive and supportive community that you can turn to whenever you need. The other things is that you can tell the courses are well thought through. Some other programs just seem to ditch some videos and PDF there with no real investments.

    Other than that, it’s all the hosting, SiteComments, SiteFeedback. I really do recommend anyone interested in building an online business to give it a try.

    I want to know what do you think are other programs that are as good or better than Wealthy Affiliate?


  17. Joon

    I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone that’s interested in starting an online business and is new to this world. I haven’t tried other programs but I’m thankful that I didn’t but the first program that I ran into was Wealthy Affiliate. There are so many dubious websites and programs I heard. So far I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate 3 months and I’m having so much fun with it.

  18. Peter

    Hello Marcus This is a great review of an excellent program and you have done your readers a great service here explaining exactly how Wealthy Affiliate works and the pros and cons. Yet too often people are looking for a quick and easy way to make money online and they miss the most valuable resource they could ever hope to find on W.A No you won’t make money overnight and YES you need to do the work. But its absolutely worth it 🙂

  19. Garen

    I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now and love it. The training is great. It’s a lot of information to digest at first, but the way its given to you is excellent. I like the training modules and the bootcamp really helps get a solid foundation down. But, the thing I like best about Wealthy Affiliate is the 1 on 1 help from Kyle and Carson. That is worth the $299 a year alone!

    Very happy with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a must if your looking to get into affiliate marketing.

  20. Steven

    I have been looking for some were to extend my skills, Will this teach me how to build a website?

    I want to become independant and work from home to have a richer life and this seem really good.

    I like the fact I can have a taster with full services for free I think ill give this the time of day

  21. Steven

    I have been looking for some were to extend my skills, Will this teach me how to build a website?

    I want to become independant and work from home to have a richer life and this seem really good.

    I like the fact I can have a taster with full services for free I think ill give this the time of day

  22. Alexey

    Its Alexey – I have to say your review is very professional and explains WA at its best. I learned few things on how to make better reviews on the way (If I may).
    When I heared the first time about WA and all the positive feedback it gets.. It kinda made me wanna read a little bit more each time when finally I’ve decided to stop only reading,its time to see my self!
    I am happy I had made th decision to join WA
    Gives you the best tools to build your own busines on the net.

    • Marcus

      Thank you for your comment Alexey. Yes, I put a lot of time and effort into that review. I’m glad you think it paid off.

    • No, they used to years ago, but they stopped providing them. It must be because of the change in rules for PPC. It’s better to create your own unique pages. But Wealthy Affiliate is more focused on getting organic traffic by creating high quality website content.

      • Gomer Magtibay

        Thanks for the reply, Marcus. I am also a member of WA on the free level. I was browsing the links inside, and didn’t see anything about funnels, so I decided to ask you here. Thanks, and more power to you.

  23. Adam

    Hi Marcus,

    I stumbled upon your article on Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say I find it very inspiring! I almost feel like it was easy to make a living online with a platform like this.

    I would like to ask you a question: what do you think about the free membership Wealthy Affiliate offers? I’d like to give it a try but I have to be sure it works before I pay anything.

    If I’m right I’d get almost everything as a premium member just on another level. I’d have my domain (siterubix), limited support (but still) and a platform to build a website. Do you think the free features are enough to taste the game?

    Thank you, Marcus!


    • Marcus

      Hi Adam. The free WA membership is really just a trial so you can see what WA is like from the inside. The premium membership is needed if you are going to really succeed.

  24. James Kelly

    How refreshing to join an affiliate program that has stood the test of time and is not a scam! I originally signed up and became a free member just to test the water and I became so impressed with the high quality of the tutorials and support from other members that I recently upgraded my membership to premium. I am confident that I will soon be earning an income from the website I have set up here.


    • Thanks Jim. If you pupt the work in and dedicate yourself to providing a good experience for your readers, I’m sure you will succeed.

    • Hi Sam, yes, Wealthy Affiliate is available in India, but you cannot sign up to the Free Starter Membership, you have to go straight to joining as a Premium member.

  25. Nadine

    Hello Marcus,

    If I should recommend some online marketing training course, my #1 recommendation would be wealthy affiliate too. Why ? Because of their 24/7 support and their step-by-step training which is so easy to understand! Some people say that WA is overrated but I don’t think so! Great review by the way !

    All the best 🙂

    • Marcus

      Thanks Nadine. Yes the 24/7 website support is great. You certainly don’t get that with most other website hosts. But you are right, the training is very easy to follow. It’s such a great way to get started with internet marketing.

  26. mnjfball

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about one month and everything I’ve read on here is exactly right! I’ve found the program extremely helpful and I’ve learned a lot about how to make money online! It’s a great place for anyone to start- whether you are brand new to working online or if you are experience. Great information!

  27. Edward

    I joined WA back in mid 2015 and I’ve been a Premium member ever since. It’s the first platform that taught me how to make real money from the internet, so it work for anyone as long as they follow the tutorials and work on it.

    • Thanks Edward. Yes, it really does work if you stick at it; but that’s the thing, you do need to put in the work and stick at it. People wanting to get rich quickly will be disappointed, but those wanted to build a genuine long-term business will succeed.

  28. cesario Solorsano

    My name is Solorsano1, rank 499, I follow you on WA, and my writing access has been revoked? I contacted kyle and carlson through email, but there has still been no response after 6 days. The only thing I can think of that I did wrong was set up a Quora tutorial on how to gain traffic that was labeled by community members as blackhat. At least they could have told me what I did wrong and given me a chance to fix it since I am premium. There was no warning and do you know of anything I can possibly do to get the community back that I pay for besides continually emailing kyle?

    • Well, Wealthy Affiliate is strongly against spam, and your training advocated spamming Quora with your website URL. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate clearly don’t want you to show other members how to spam Quora, especially since your website promotes Wealthy Affilliate. They don’t want WA to be associated with a spammer. Looking at your Quora profile, all your answers got deleted anyway. I actually think you should leave WA and return in a few years when you’ve matured enough to do things the proper way rather than spamming.

      • cesario Solorsano

        Well since I’ve been a premium member for 6 months paying $47 a month if I just quit I’ll lose money after starting something that was suppose to earn me money and working constantly everyday 6 months sacrificing all my time. I had no idea making a modified url to promote your site was Black hat, I couldn’t find anything online saying it’s blackhat, so I just assumed since a lot of Quora questions are extremely similar, you can just include the same answer with your modified url, since the same answer answers all the questions in a helpful way since its relevant. I was only sharing this to help others who can’t afford to pay for traffic and have a very hard time getting it free,I had no idea it was spam. I just don’t understand how there was no warning at all, I would have defiantly listened if anyone would have told me Im doing anything wrong, but instead, they just took my access away and now a business I spent on this time and money on is now getting less valuable and all I’m trying to do is get people to email kyle, since he hasen’t responded in 7 days, and I just want to know from him exactley what I did wrong and if theres absolutely anything I have to delete. Can you please consider emailing him that I’ll do anything to get back on. Im sorry for wasting your time like this, but everyone just saying to give up.

        • To quote your training, “Quora doesn’t allow spamming, but there is a loophole.” This is the problem. You knew full well that Quora wouldn’t allow you to simply post your website URL. You discovered that by replacing the dot with a comma you could post your website URL. This just means you were able to get past the automated check that prevents this, but any humans seeing your answers who know Quora doesn’t allow you to post website URLs would know what you were doing was a sneaky trick. So you either got flagged by users or staff. Either way, you should have known that what you were doing was wrong, even if it initially got past the automated check.

          It also worries me that you use phrases like “I had no idea” and “I just assumed”. This is the problem. You had no idea and you just assumed. You just assumed your sneaky Quora trick would work, but it didn’t. You just assumed creating training about a sneaky loophole trick would be fine, but it wasn’t. You had no idea this was going to blow up in your face, but it did.

          I understand you were just trying to find whatever ways you can to get traffic to your website, and you were just trying to help WA members by creating training about it. But you really should have known that this was a sneaky method that would eventually get spotted on Quora and reported by WA members. Probably the best thing you can take from this is to treat is a big lesson. We’ve all done stupid things that we’ve had to learn from. I’ve done loads of stupid things in the past, and to be honest, when I was your age I was probably stupider than you.

          Kyle is a very person. He’s runs a very busy business and is also a father. My advice to you at this point would be to continue working on your website in the proper way. If you still don’t have your write access back in a few weeks, maybe send enother email then. But make sure you fully own up to the mistake you made and promise to do better going forward. If you just email him saying something like “How dare you ban me, I don’t know what I did wrong,” it probably won’t work.

        • James

          Defiantly or Definitely? Two different words with two completely different meanings.

          Defiant means to defy, or, not do as told by your mummy or daddy. If mummy says don’t play with your nintendo after 7pm and you play it until 9pm you are definitely being defiant. You played your nintendo defiantly. I am definite about that.

          Definitely means certainly. And what you did with the spam trick was certainly something that you should have been punished for. and to go beyond that and actually try to make money teaching black hat strategies to honest affiliate marketers would defiantly (oops now I got it mixed up) be a no no…take it on the chin, continue building your site and wait for writing privileges to be reinstated.

  29. Lina

    Hi, I am looking for some work online. Do you really need to have some kind of business to start creating a website or can you just choose any topic and start creating what you like?

    • Hi Lina, thanks for your question. No, you do not need to have a business already. You can try out the free starter lessons, which includes a lesson on how to choose a niche for your website. There are so many different possible niches you could build a business about, I am sure you must have a passion or interest that can be built into a successful business.

    • You should put in as much time as you have available. If you are unemployed, you can work on it all day every day as a full time business. If you alredy have a job, you can do a couple of hours per day part time, but it will take longer to become successful.

  30. Garen

    Hey Marcus,

    Did you know that Wealthy Affiliates hosting is managed WordPress hosting? This would cost $30 just for a month of hosting through WPEngine. I pay my bill on Black Friday with Wealthy Affiliate which makes it $299. If that was all they offered it would still be cheaper.

    But, I have been in internet marketing for over eight years now. It’s nice to know that you have Kyle and Carson in your corner whenever you need them. A lot of SEO consultations would cost you 1,000 to 2,000 easily.

    The community and training are fantastic with Wealthy Affiliate too. I have met lots of great people. They are always willing to help. As far as the training goes, it’s rock solid. There is so much value in Wealthy Affiliate that I would gladly pay $1,000 a year.

    I did want to know if there is anything you wish Wealthy Affiliate had or could improve upon?

  31. Brian

    That’s an excellent review of your experience at WA. I’ve been with WA since 2014 and it is well worth it. You have legitimate training that IS updated and which teach how to build a viable online business that can earn you a full time income if you so desire.

    Just like you said, it is not a get rich quick scheme and it will take time in order to start earning money, but if you follow the training and consistently work on your website, it will start to happen.

    Wealthy Affiliate has gotten so much better now that they offer built in website hosting as well as FREE SSL certificates to make your site secure. You will not find any other place like that online.

    • Marcus

      Yes, you are right Brian, Wealthy Affiliate is getting better all the time. The SSL is just one way in which they are leading the way.

  32. Jamie

    Hi Marcus, Interesting review and sort of backs up some of my thoughts.

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate 4 days ago , just the free membership to see what it was about. I do not think I will stay. Why?

    I think the owners are VERY dishonest and seem to encourage dishonesty from their members. To explain

    1 . Promotions state that Wealthy Affiliate provide 1 on 1 coaching . THEY DON’T!

    The majority of coaching besides the initial video training (not 1 on 1) seems to be done by other members as does the support. So members are paying for the privilege of supporting others. I see no 1 on 1 support offered by Wealthy Affiliates themselves. Also a lot of the support provided by members is questionable as they often do this in the name of improving their WA ranking status and those seeking help have no way of knowing if the assistance given is coming from a place of knowledge and experience or just obtained via the Chinese whisper method ; )

    2. They encourage other members to comment on each others blogs receiving credit points in return. This is a form of paid commenting and totally fake. The sort of thing that Amazon has now outlawed and many WA members hypocritically applaud amazons actions for.

    3. They give the impression that they are providing loads of free WordPress themes and plugins. NO. These themes and plugins are freely available to all WordPress users and NOT provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

    4. They restrict use of many plugins claiming that this is in the name of security or that they are poorly written where in fact the truth is in many cases they are trying to limit the resources used on the cough! free hosting in the real name of economy.

    5. They blatantly lie about the number of member s they have as members profiles are still listed many years after they stopped paying for their membership. In keeping these profiles available they give the impression that these members are still active.

    I am glad that you are reaping some benefits from your membership Marcus but I for one will seek training elsewhere as it is important that I can trust those I choose to give money to.

    • Thanks a lot for your in-depth comment, Jamie. I will address each of the points you raised:

      1. Yes, it can be difficult getting 1-on-1 help from Kyle or Carson. I think you are more likely to get a response from them if you are actively promoting Wealthy Affiliate. But you’re right, one complaint people do sometimes have is not getting a reply from them.

      Regarding the help given by other members, yes, it can sometimes be a case of the blind leading the blind. I think the WA rank and the Ambassador label was sort of intended to help you see who are the members most worth paying attention to. But it’s very easy to increase your WA rank and even become an Ambassador quite quickly just by being very active on WA, without actually having much valid knowledge of websites or internet marketing. In fact, if someone has shot up in the WA rankings quickly, it probably means the opposite is true, that they have not been doing much work on their business because they have been so busy on WA itself.

      2. It’s possible that the SiteComments tool may end up going the same way as fake backlinks. I’ve been repeatedly told that this would never happen because they are just comments. But I’ve never quite been able to shake this uncomfortable feeling that exchanging comments is just another fake way to game your results in Google and that one day Google will find a way to stop it.

      3. You are right. Anyone can set up a WordPress website on any other hosting and install whatever free plugins they want to.

      4. I’ve always been skeptical of the plugins aspect of their SiteHealth measurements. 5 plugins has always seemed far too low, and not all plugins are created equal. It’s possible to have 30 very light, high quality plugins installed and for your website to be in much better shape than a website with 5 awful plugins installed.

      5. Yes, their sales page says there are over 800,000 members. I find that very hard to believe. Even if their other figures are correct, that 32,000 community interactions happen every day, that means the vast majority of the 800,000 members are not active within the community.

      • Jamie

        Thanks for the reply sorry I am very cautious and analytical. I have discovered many members who do appear to know what they are talking about well more than me anyway so perhaps it might be worth staying around for a month and seeing what the full training has to offer.

  33. Samuel Akingbade

    Good morning Mr Marcus. I’m a Nigerian, a country in the continent of Africa.
    Sir, Please, I would like to crave your indulgence, and find out if people from my country are eligible or allowed to participate in the AppCoiner apps review?
    I would be most grateful as you give this mail a quick response .
    Thank you and God bless you, Sir.

    N.B: Sir, I don’t have a website.
    Samuel Akingbade
    Lagos, Nigeria.

  34. Amber

    I’m glad you went over some of the negative aspects of Wealthy Affiliate, especially on the negativity suppression. One downside you did leave out is the prices. Seems like to get anywhere with WA, you need to pay for Premium. I find that a bit unfair, and that’s why I’m still stuck with a Starter Membership today. (My full review on Wealthy Affiliate is on my own website, if you care to see it. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate Review: Not for the poor.)

    • Oh yes, the Starter Membership is just a trial to see whether you like WA enough to pay for the Premium Membership. The Starter Membership is not a long-term solution for anyone. However, at the moment I am putting together a series of lessons you can view for free, so come back here in a week or something and you should be able to sign up for that.

  35. Shwana

    Thank you for your honesty, it is truly refreshing. You would not expect an existing member to give any negative feedback about a membership that they currently belong to. I have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for about a month and a half, I agree that it takes a lot of challenging work to be profitable. Do you have any pointers for success?

    • This is something I am stilll trying to figure out. So far, any websites I’ve created that have not been related to promoting Wealthy Affiliate have all been failures.

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