1. It’s certainly a no-brainer to take the Black Friday deal every year at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Where else can you build a business online for less than $300 a year? Nowhere!

    KW Tool
    Live Chat for Help 24/7
    Site Support
    Weekly Webinars
    Oodles of Training Videos
    11 Years and going strong, getting bigger by the minute!

    In 2015 I went for the Black Friday deal. What it did was free me up from the monthly payments which were (at the time) $47 per month.

    If I’d remained monthly I would have had to pay $564 for the whole year. I’m saving $250 a year. This is a double whammy because I don’t get that monthly “stress” to make sure my payment goes through from paypal (12 times a year) and just have to deal with it once.

    It also helps with mindset, like you said, when you “commit” yourself to yearly, you’re more likely to succeed than going at it half-hearted with monthly payments.

    What can I do with that money?

    I can invest it in my website, things like logos, autoresponders, themes, plugins can be bought with that “spare” cash I’ve saved.

    The only other cost if you’re premium, is $14 a year for a dot com domain. This takes the total cost for me up to $313 a year. Not bad at all.

    Love it. Definitely got my pennies ready in paypal to take advantage of the deal again this 25th…

    Shut up and take my money already, will ya!


    • Yes, with the money saving and the mindset, it really is the best option. I remember when I joined Wealthy Affiliate in January 2015, I was thinking I would just try it for a while and see how it went. I always had this idea in the back of my mind that I could escape if it didn’t look like is was going to work out for me.

      Last year, the Black Friday deal came around just at the right time really. I was at that point where I needed to make a decision: do I commit to this 100% or do I leave? I decided to commit to it 100% and once I had got the payment out of the way I knew I could then spend the next 12 months focusing on working on my websites without having to worry about paying any extra membership fees.

  2. Artjom

    Nice Post! I myself have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 6 months now. I am very interested in building my website! One question though. Can existing WA members take advantage of this deal somehow? I’m currently a yearly subscribed member so I imagine I can’t do anything on Black Friday.

    Wealthy affiliate is an amazing community. I highly recommend it to anyone willing to put in tie into starting their own online business.

    • Marcus

      Yes, if you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate you can take the Black Friday deal. Even if you have previously gone for the Yearly membership option, you can get the reduced yearly rate on Black Friday. It really is a win-win situation. You can’t lose. The only question someone needs to ask themselve is whether they are serious about building their online business. If the answer is yes, this really is the best deal they are going to get.

  3. Tara

    Hi Marcus. Thank you for your fascinating, informative and thought provoking article. This certainly does sound like an incredibly interesting opportunity and one that has really grabbed my attention. Still, 299 is a lot to shell out and I will need to conduct more of my own research before committing fully. I must say that your offer of personal help makes this offer even more tempting. Tara

    • Marcus

      Yes, for some people it will still seem like a lot to pay, but you have to remember that it is for the whole year. Once you divide it out amongst 365 days, it works out at only $0.82 per day. I bet many people spend more than $0.82 each day on things they don’t really need. If they were to put that money aside, they could afford the $299 easily. But what it really comes down to is whether you are serious about building an online business. If you are, you won’t see a better deal than this.

  4. Ben

    It certainly sounds like a good deal. Like you say, a regular degree would cost thousands of dollars. So would a regular business, where you would have to invest up to thousands of dollars at the beginning. If you can have a whole year for this low price it definitely is something to go for

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s the thing. Some people when they look at this might think, “Well, $299 seems like a lot of money. I don’t know if I can really afford that”. But when you consider everything that you get, and you get it for an entire year, it’s amazing really. The number of people ending up in debt from going to university is really scary. Just think, they could spend far less money by joining Wealthy Affiliate and end up learning far more that they can actually put to use to build their business.

  5. Jacob Schilling

    This is a must pick up deal! It is one of my biggest dreams to be able to work from home, and quit my job.

    Can you imagine the endless possibilities? You can pick your work schedule, no more alarm clocks if you choose, you can make money while you sleep. There are people all over the world and in different timezones, say you’re an American citizen, you go to bed, someone from the UK could be buying products from your website while you are sleeping. That’s money while you sleep! How awesome does that sound?!

    • Marcus

      Yes, you’re absolutely right Jacob. That’s what’s so great about affiliate marketing. Once you have created the content and people are viewing it, there is the potential to earn money from it for a long time afterwards. Of course, you do need to put the work in to begin with, and keep putting some work in in the future. But the ability to keep earning money in the future from work that you do now, not every job has that potential to keep earning money even when you are not working.

  6. Blame

    Wealthy affiliate is really the best when it comes to doing online businesses. People get to learn a lot from it whether they have experience with online business or not. To make it even better, even advanced and experienced veteran can learn a lot from it. Not to mention there 24/7 live customer support and chat advice that are really always there to help if you are “stuck” on something. The black friday deal is definitely awesome. It comes to less than a dollar a day.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it’s a really great deal when you consider that it’s well below a dollar a day. I bet many people spend more than a dollar a day on things they don’t really need. If they were to spend the year putting that money in a jar instead of spending it, by the time the next November comes around they will have more than enough saved up to pay for the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal. Then they can start building an online business and their life really could change for the better.

  7. Hey

    Hey there Marcus1978!

    Your article (as many others of yours I have read) is very detailed and informative.

    Anyone looking for a mentor on how to make money online deserves to give themselves the opportunity to hear you out.

    There is a lot of knowledge you have in this industry which a newbie or seasoned vet can benefit from.

    It’s always a pleasure reading your articles and you have made me consider making the commitment to subscribe yearly this black Friday.

    Thanks for info!

    • Marcus

      Thanks, i really appreciate the compliment. To be hones, though, I owe a lot of what I know to Wealthy Affiliate, and Kyle in particular.

  8. Therese Roth

    Hey, Marcus!
    Hope you don’t mind an “insider” comment, I’m also in WA.
    Never seen anything like it anywhere. Wouldn’t say it if I didn’t know:)

    I’ve been in since February, and there’s no slag of any kind in the help and support you can find in that place, nor have I ever found things explained so clearly elsewhere.

    Just my two cents, because I can say it from experience.


    PS: Don’t think I ‘ve ever had a better Black Friday feeling than this year!

    • It was $47 per month, which is what the $564 refers to. I was paying $47 up until the point I went yearly, so I was comparing 12 x 47 with the lump sum of $299. But you are right, a year’s worth of monthly payments of $49 would indeed total $588.

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