1. edy

    Great Marcus!
    This new launch of drop shipping program seems not that trustable. The money back guaranteed is just 7 days. A no-no sign for me.
    Beside that, the start-up cost is also quite pricey.

    Prefer something that has free-trial 🙂
    I believe that every great program always let people to taste it without involving risk.
    Anyway, awesome review here!


  2. Rob Christian

    Great review! I was completely unaware of Sellerbot and what it is all about until reading this. I could see how this would be beneficial for someone who wants a more “hands-off” approach from the website side of things. Drop-shipping is a great tool as well. I prefer to take more of a ‘hands-on” approach to my website, this way I am able to control more things and go different directions with my marketing. Thanks for the info!

      • aseem

        guys please help me is there way to call seller bot ?

        its ridiculous that they wont reply my mail , it has veeb a month no proper help in even setting up my website i have already spent few hundred dollars

        • Sorry, I’ve not actually used them myself, so I’m not sure what’s happening with them right now or how to contact them. Sorry to hear that you are having such problems.

  3. brandon

    Is seller bot like DS-domination basically buying from amazon to sell on Ebay? I was going to try DS domination a while back and realized that this is a method that seems like it is legit but so many people seem to be doing it. When you start trying to find stuff to sell they are now on razor thin margins, that is If you can even still find stuff that you can make a profit with. I think paying that much for a software that sets up a business with a over saturated, overdone idea that in theory works but then you see that too many people are doing it and cutting the profit way too low for most things to be drop shipped and still make a decent profit. I agree with you it is a decent opportunity but this is like outsourcing and making money it is a lot harder to make any real money from it anymore. Thanks, I love the reviews as I was looking to buy seller bot a little bit ago. Im glad that I read this and now will try other things…
    Do you currently use Wealthy Affiliate and are you making a full time income from it? I was interested in that program but was not sure.

    • I’ve never heard of DS-domination before, but it sounds like something a bit different to SellerBot. Yes, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it is superb!

  4. Aiden

    Hey Marcus,

    Funny I see this as I am from New Zealand (where the owner of sellerbot.com is from. I forget the company name but I did a but of research and it is developed by a New Zealand web design company (legitimate – registered in the company registrar with name, address, etc so all legal), they create the websites (which you pay extra for) or if you want your own then you just pay the monthly fee.

    Seemed a bit weird and slightly dodgy (perhaps because it was so new and like you say not too many websites out there that use this system) although most of the products they sell through their drop shipping websites and insanely expensive compared to the likes of Amazon (and this is without putting your profit on top) although if you were a specialist website and created a following (e.g. cooking website, selling cooking books you could get away with it pretty easily and still make a decent profit from sales).

    I stopped replying to their emails and subsequently stopped getting “informative” emails from them.

    All in all if someone wants to give it a try I’d love it if they emailed me and kept me in the loop aiden@freedomweightloss.net

    • Yes, if someone wants to create a niche website selling specific products, it is actually far better to do it as an affiliate of Amazon. They usually have the cheapest prices. Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a course that teaches this kind of approach, but I would slightly warn against that due to the upsells and the unrealistic claims made in the sales page. A far better way to learn how to create niche website is at Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. Dawn

    I am just learning about drop shipping and doing some research. Am I correct in the understanding that you are unable to use sellerbot products to sell on Ebay or Amazon? Is it strictly sales on your on website?
    The only other company I have looked at is Doba.com.
    I plan to look into Wealthy Affiliate thanks to your previous posts.
    Thanks in advance for any clarification you can offer.

  6. Arun Jacob

    Could you please provide an example of a SellerBot website which is currently trading and online. Thanks…

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