1. PatLemy

    Hi there !
    I agree with you that people love image and If someone has online business and he would like to attract more visitors, he should
    use eye-catching images as part of his marketing campaigns. I believe that Social Studio FX Could really be helpful to me because im planning to use social media as part of my marketing strategy. I’m really interested but my question now is to know if there is any money back guarantee in case it doesn’t work if I buy it.
    I enjoyed reading your comment and thank you for sharing..

  2. Juhnairik

    Very Cool Platform. I have used services like hootesuite in the past, but nothing that actually provided me with media to help engage my followers. I am going to dig deeper into this and see if a can start with a trial. Thanks for sharing your experience and background. Oh, and by the way, I use the same platform as you do to host your sites. Great pick!

  3. Ryan

    Hi, Marcus.
    I must admit, I’ve taken advantage of the basic photoshop skills I have and created a basic brand through the images I create and it definitely helps visibility.
    That being said, my arrogance would’ve brushed something like this aside but I actually gave the review a watch and I’m pleasantly surprised by what I found. Like, either my skills need to improve or I need to get this software because it definitely raises the bar overall. I mean, I didn’t even take into consideration the different size templates. I kind of do a one-size-fits-all thing. 😀
    Thanks again for the review.

  4. Ian

    I’m with Ryan there, except I like to create my designs using Canva rather than Photoshop.

    What are your thoughts on Canva vs. Social Studio FX? I mean, you can do a LOT on Canva, and they even have a bunch of free templates. I’d be interested in seeing a comparison between these two products.

    Anyway, this was an interesting review and I will keep an eye on Social Studio FX if Canva ever fails me…. 🙂


    • Marcus

      I have used Canva a little bit, but not lots. You are right, it would be great to see a direct comparison between Canva and Social Studio FX, but I don’t think I know enough about Canva to do it myself.

  5. Rosa

    Hi Marcus,

    This Social Studio FX is new to me. Is this a new product? This sounds very interesting. After watching the video I think that I would want to buy this product after I start making some money. I can see how this would be a great product for social marketers.

    I am assuming you can create as many images as you want?

    The method Jimmy Kim describes making money without spending more than a dollar is not new. I knew some people who did this and made a lot of money. Used their phone, shot an image they see out at a store, buy it, then post it on eBay or send the item to Amazon and sell it on Amazon. Many made a lot of money and created their business from doing this.

    I’m bookmarking this website. I want to come back to purchase this product when I start making money.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

  6. Jim

    Thanks Marcus. I had heard of social Studio FX, but wasn’t sure if they were just another scam. I needed someone’s objectivity. It’s good to know that they don’t seem to be. I hope you didn’t spend too much yourself unless you are already wanting to use them. I’ll keep them in mind. Still need to do some more research

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