1. Krissy

    Good Article and I haven’t seen self publishing before. I’ve heard of e-books but I know its not the same. I’m new to the affiliate marketing and I’m finding it a great experience, thanks to wealthy affiliate.
    So did I read it right is it $299 a month?
    Kep up the good work and I’ll be back to visit!
    Kind Regards,

    • Marcus

      No, I think it’s just $299 as a single payment, not as a monthly amount. But keep in mind, you will have to pay people to write your books for you, because the method involves outsourcing the writing.

  2. Marie

    Hi Marcus thanks for writing this I hadn’t seen this particular product before, but as a writer and self published author myself I am familiar with some others.

    It reminded me of some of the vanity publishing companies that charge a fortune to publish your book and I suppose they are going after the DIY version of that industry, especially since the traditional publishing route is inaccessible to new authors. If you have plans to publish loads of books it might pay in the end I suppose.

    You mentioned Amazon which also has a self publishing platform on Kindle and that is completely free if you are willing to do everything yourself.

    • Marcus

      I think this does involve publishing on Amazon, yes.

      It will be interesting to keep an eye on it to see if anyone actually makes any money with it. I think it’s possible, I just think there is a risk involved with spending money on the guide as well as the outsourcing.

  3. Roope

    Wow, it’s a very new product as release date is April 1st, 2016.

    In order to try this product I would need more information. The price $299 is very high and if I’m not able to get the free trial I’m not very interested in investing that money straight away. I like the service where one can try the product first for free and then make the decision like in Wealthy Affiliate, for example.

    • Marcus

      Yes, I totally agree with you that it’s better if there is some kind of trial. If it is a series of videos, maybe they could give trial members access to the first few videos. Otherwise, I couldn’t see how a trial could really work with this product, because it is a one-off single payment rather than a monthly membership.

  4. Tony

    Hi. Thanks for this review. I am seriously considering purchasing this program actually but there still isn’t much information to go off. Apart from Luca’s YouTube videos. But I would prefer an objective point of view. I wondered if you have heard anything more about this program since this initial review? Thanks

  5. Tony

    Its not a scam as far as traditional scams go. The short version, in order to make any serious money, several thousand dollars will need to continually be invested, no matter what people trying to get you to join under their affiliate links say. Also, illegal acts such as fake reviews( lots of them) , & other shady tactics, are a must, or you just waste time, & money. The idea is basically to manipulate a small book to appear to be outshining all other books in its genre. This does not happen organically. It never will. This Luce guy, also earned his largest commissions, by way of a cheat that amazon has stopped, & also closed many accounts for. Many people got away with this, making tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of dollars, in just a couple of months. Luce was one of them. Then he created his course based on his new earnings from that. It is a better version of the other guys, who Luce learned from in the beginning. Enter at your own risk people. The only way to use these systems in these courses, is to play by rules, outside of the lines. Cheers.

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