1. Daniele

    Hi, I agree about profit Renegade being a scam because you can’t send emails if you don’t have permission. But I think it is useful if you are using Facebook Ads. When you pick email addresses by Profit Renegade, you can send Facebook ads using retargeting. You can upload email addresses on Facebook and decide to show ads to them. So you can to sale without spamming. What do you think of this?

    • Hey, that’s interesting that you can then use those email addresses to target Facebook ads to them. I had never realised you could actually do that, so thanks for pointing that out Daniele.

  2. Terry Mercer

    I stumbled upon your website of ‘reviews’ this morning. Some are interesting and useful, some seem to be little more than frankly spineless character assassinations.

    “May Encourage Spam” is akin to saying a ‘gas can may start fires’ or a ‘gun might kill someone’ – nonsense, and completely dependent upon the person employing the tool(s).

    I don’t know Joshua Zamora, nor do I have any “dog in the fight,” however, I have purchased (and use) a couple of his products, which I really do like and occasionally use (to my benefit). I’ve had a couple I wasn’t happy with (they didn’t suit my needs, or work the way I thought) and requested a refund, which I received.

    Your review of Profit Renegade seems focused on the ’emailer’ (which I’ve never used, though I do have it, for the same concerns you posted… I don’t wish to end up on anyone’s blacklist, and miss use of the tools makes that possible). However, I have (and do) use Profit Renegade, with success. Have you ever tried to buy a list of potential clients? They aren’t cheap, and usually not very good. I had my own business ventures before I bought Zamora’s products. Are they an end all, be all? Nope… they are a TOOL… which can be extremely powerful when used correctly & responsibly, or a weapon that can backfire if used irresponsibly. You don’t use a hammer to unscrew a screw, and you don’t use abuse a list, regardless of where you got it.

    My goal was never ‘affiliate marketing’ or selling to other IM’s. My goal was defining new, different, better lists of potential clients easier. If, for example, you’re a dental supply company… you can easily find (and build a list of) all ‘dentists’ in a given city, state, or multiple combinations… with all their basic contact info. This is a huge time saver, and creates an up to date list of potential leads. How you choose to deal with that list is ultimately on you… what skills, resources, and ‘pitch’ you are making. If you are too pushy, too demanding, too what ever then people will complain. If, however, you’re polite, inviting, flexible, and have something to offer (product or service) that honestly can solve a common problem they have, those leads will be far less likely to complain… and can potentially become a customer/client/associate/valued lead.

    The Video Chief product is another I mostly like, and occasionally use. There are some I don’t care for, but many that are worth multiples more than I paid… if I were to script, shoot, and edit the videos myself it would cost me a whole lot more (and I actually have the equipment and editing ability).

    Your inclusion of one ‘anonymous’ report on ‘ripoff report’ as some proof of something, when Zamora has hundreds (if not thousands) of customers, is pretty disingenuous. That’s some serious cherry picking. Did an unknown someone write that review? Yep. Is there anything Zamora can do about it? Not really, since it was anonymous. Is it accurate? Maybe, but one would think with at least hundreds (to thousands) of people ‘affiliated’ with him, selling his products… that if he was ‘really’ a crook, there would be a whole lot more complaints. If he was really not paying anyone, there would have been piles of blogs, youtube complaints, and facebook/social media posts trashing the guy (or at least his failed actions). Instead, you pick an anonymous negative, that lacks information to push your slamming agenda?!?! Not sure what the purpose of that was.

    For couple of my businesses, Profit Renegade is OMG awesome, and it’s paid for itself many times over. For a couple others, I haven’t found it useful at all. If your customer base is OTHER BUSINESSES, which are likely listed in common directories, then it can help you. If your potential client base are end-users, which would never be listed in the yellow pages, super pages, yelp, etc. then odds are it might not help you. Searching ‘drummers’ or ‘guitar players’ isn’t going to happen. Building a list of established ‘record labels’ can happen.

    There are many products in the IM world that are a complete waste, don’t work as advertised, and hope people never actually use them. The majority of the products I’ve seen from Zamora do work as advertised, and if you aren’t happy within 30 days… you get your money back. How is that a problem?

    • Thanks for your comment, Terry. You make some good points and ask some valid questions.

      I’ll make this a simple for you as I can. When I wrote that review, and many others like it, I was trying to find as many products as I could to criticise, with the end goal being to promote Wealthy Affiliate. The reason I did this is to try to make referrals to Wealthy Affiliate to get a commission. They actually encourage this way of doing things in their affiliate boot camp course. It’s really that simple. But I no longer do this, and you can read about my updated views on Wealthy Affiliate here and here.

      All the best,

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