1. Greg

    I agree WIth Marcus and his review, even though OPF Kit is not a scam, there is a lot of time wasting those first days of training to get you to join OPF, then a ton of costly and unnecessary training websites etc. I am happy that he has found success with Wealthy Affiliate instead.

    • Marcus

      Thanks Greg. Yes, although OPF Kit is good, there are still a number of ways it could be improved. Apparently this is now version 3. Maybe by version 4 or 5 they will have it as good as Wealthy Affiliate. Who knows…

  2. Allan

    Your review of the OPF Kit is about as thorough as I could have imagined. You have done quite a bit of research on this; what all resources did you use for the review? I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about four months now, and I have learned a ton of stuff about creating a website, creating content, incorporating social media, etc. It has been a fun ride so far. My favorite part of it all has been communicating with other WA members, and helping out when I can. Do you have a favorite accomplishment in WA so far? I wish you much luck going forward.

    • Marcus

      Thanks Allan. Well, they gave me a test membership for the purpose of the review. This meant I was able to expore the whole course myself. This is why it is so thorough because there was so much to write about. I wanted to cover everything.

      Regarding Wealthy Affiliate, a real lightbulb moment for me was when Jay did his mini miche site case study for his football snack helmets site. That really got me thinking that mini niche sites can still rank and make sales, so I started creating some mini niche sites myself and doing my own case study training. This has really helped a lot of people I think.

  3. Riaz Shah

    Hey Marcus,

    Even I myself am quite attracted to the $300 part, it makes me wanna jump straight without bothering to learn about the rest.

    But I have to admit, it does sound organised the way they break things into levels like beginner and intermediate. Those methods of earning money online are legit and personally for me, I learn blogging first before learning about surveys and stuff.

    In a way, it is helpful for beginners to learn more about the Online Business world although the price should be a bit lower I believe. Awesome review as always man, I love reading your posts. Keep it up 🙂

    • Marcus

      Thanks Riaz. Yes, the $300 part is really attractive. I’m sure many beginners will want to jump straight into that, then they might do it badly because they don’t know what they are doing. It’s better to start with the basics first, such as writing great content about topics you are interested in. Then from that foundation you can progress to more advanced methods.

  4. Celeste

    Hi Marcus
    Thanks for the in depth review. I must agree with you about the’Make My First $300″. It seems a desperate attempt to grab your attention and newbies can lose money. You mentioned they advise you to email your email list contacts daily about your product until they buy something. I think this is the worst way to approach your email list since this will only irritate your readers and they are more likely to unsubscribe. Rather build trust with them by giving them information they need before trying to sell anything. They are more likely to trust you and in return they are more likely to buy from you. I’m very happy with the structure of Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Marcus

      Yes, if you email people every day trying to sell them something, they will think you are just trying to spam them. The best way to market to an email list to help them first. That way, you build up trust and respect, then they are more likely to buy things you later recommend.

  5. Jojo

    Another “make money on the internet” site, I wonder how many there are. The starter level seems kind of weird. Why does a site teaching marketing recommend you to do paid surveys? It does not make sense. At Wealthy Affiliate all the levels of training belong to each other, you just do one step at a time, but taking paid surveys does not teach anything you need to learn in order to do affiliate marketing. I like reading good reviews about money making programs and this review was very complete and detailed. So far I have not found anything equal to Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thank you.

    • Marcus

      Yes, I don’t know about you but I’ve never found a survey site that actually pays any decent amount of money. It does seem stupid to recommend people do that. Many people will try the starter level methods and then be disappointed that they don’t earn enough money.

  6. Gomer Magtibay

    I was actually amazed you gave them a score of GOOD rather than POOR. Because, with the list of recommended programs, and the way they teach people how to promote a business, all thumbs down for me AND not thumbs up.

    Buying solo ads reminds me of Stone Evan’s Plug In Profit Site and Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets. It’s a good strategy for someone with lots of money and experience BUT not for newbies.

    So, this one, OPF, is definitely not for me. Sorry to say that, not for me. Thanks for the well-written review, I have learned something about this program.

    • Marcus

      You make a good point, Gomer. But the reason I labelled it as “Good, but some improvements could be made” is because I genuinely thought there was some good to it. Yes, there are a bunch of things wrong with it, and various ways it could be improved, but I still thought there was enough good information in there to make it possibly worth buying. If you ignore the “My first $300” bit and the Starter Level, the Intermediate and Pro levels do actually contain some good information that should help people to earn money.

  7. Carlton Gonder

    Hi Marcus,

    Not surprised one bit how thorough your review is. As the rest of the articles on your site just as thorough and informative. Going to have to agree there is better things out in the world to benefit from than just this. Additionally, keep up the “outstanding” job with your articles!

    • Marcus

      Thanks Carlton. It’s a real shame there are bunch of things wrong with OPF Kit. There are some really good bits of information in it, but there are lot of ways it could be improved too.

  8. Keith

    Hey Marcus
    Once the intermediate part of the kit started to be discussed I can see the usefulness of this product.
    I often have to use freelancers to do design work for me.
    How does this product compare to using a third party site like freelancer or Fiverr?
    The opportunity to earn money by somebody completing an action and not just by purchasing a product sounds like a definite plus.
    Enjoyed the comprehensive review.

  9. Joshua

    Hi Marcus,

    Good work here. Articles like this will definitely help the newbies out there to be aware of scams and also leading them to the right path. Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards,


  10. Ryan L

    This is an amazing and thorough review. I can tell you have done some extensive research about this website.

    I’m glad that I have read this review.
    OPF is like other similar sites that have expensive upsells that are not always needed.

    Having said this there is still some potential there don’t you think? I have my own website for affiliate marketing too so am always looking for new of driving traffic to my site.
    Do you think this website could benefit me?

    Thanks for sharing


    • Marcus

      Yes, despite the various things that they could improve, there is still some value to OPF Kit. There are some good ideas in there, and I do genuinely think that you would find something in there that you can make money from.

  11. Ilias

    Hey Marcus,
    I have seen this before. A making money program gives you a landing page and you have to promote it. Usually with paid advertisement. The worst thing is that you pay to promote them. It is cheaper to learn how to build a landing page and this is the way I prefer to work.

  12. Edward

    Honestly, with the price of $49, I will go for Wealthy Affiliate over OpfKit Premium lite anyday.

    From the description it seems like Opfkit is steering more to the shady site, and instructing members to copy other articles is outright bad advice. I’ll give it a pass.

  13. David

    Hello there, you have provided so much information here about OPF kit and I found it a very interesting read. I also like your suggestions about how it can be improved upon because when you have to do it on your own, its better to start at the easier sections and tick the boxes as you progress through the training. Also your suggestion on the removal of the starter level and starting intermediate is very good, Thanks for all the detailed information – I will take note of it.

  14. Hello Marcus
    Thanks for a well written review explaining all the details, not only the positives but also the negatives.What I admire most is you saying it out loud they gave you the program to test and review, not many marketers will tell you straight they are reviewing the product because they got it free.
    Now, I’m really disappointed they should include programs like Clixsense as a way to make money online because I have tried Clixsense and my daily warnings did not reach $1, and someone telling me referrals will earn for me, it`s still the same really, no one wants to click ads for 0.001 or take surveys lasting for 20-30 minutes to get paid cents.
    The pro and Elite level sound like something I`d be interested in trying, but I do not believe the hype of making $300 per day, if it were that easy, everyone will be making money online.
    This is really informative,thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, programs like Clixsense are a waste of time in my opinion. Most people who join them will not earn any decent money. Only thoe who manage to convince thousands of other people to sign up under them will stand any chance of making any decent money.

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