1. Wendy

    Wow when you spell it out like that you see what a scam mysurvey is. It is really sad that people who want to make money end up wasting hours and hours just to make a few dollars. Thanks for making people aware.

  2. Third Back

    hey, there
    thanks for sharing the info, this good post, and that really not worth it, i mean just £3, keep the good work

  3. Colton


    I’ve personally never found a survey site that was actually worth doing and this is no exception at all. Less than $2 an hour? LOL.

    It’s great that your #1 recommendation is something actually worth striving for, I’d be lost if it was for it that’s for sure!


  4. Angus

    It’s not worth it. I’ve spent too much time doing surveys and have nothing to show for it. Thanks for breaking it down to show what they are really worth.

  5. Hayley

    I’ve tried online surveys before, and I’ve also found that they aren’t worth my time. I don’t even qualify for half of them, which just wastes even more of my time!

  6. rufat

    I’ve seen many programs promoting online survey opportunity. An interesting fact is that all these survey companies are available online for free while programs like mysurvey com try to sell you this info. And they all promise you lots of money by completing simple surveys though in reality you can make very decent money in the best scenario and you have to put a lot of work in completing these surveys. I think instead of wasting your time with these surveys and make some extra cash I would rather recommend to try your # 1 program. You won’t be rich overnight with it either but it will allow you to build a business that can replace your regular income and job over time.

  7. Pierre

    £1.74 in one hour!! Man that must be a joke.
    Those survey companies try to suck you in with their big promises and all that.

    Some of them even say I could make a living with them. Never happened.
    I wanted to try this, thanks for your review, I won´t waste my time with this.

    I gave Wealthy Affiliate a shot and it looks great so far!
    Do you know any programs which are comparable to Wealthy Affiliate?


  8. Margo

    Thank you so very much for such a detailed analysis of MySurvey. This is why the internet can be wonderful. Everyday people help other everyday people to make wise decisions regarding various topics: purchases, companies, etc.

    People on the internet prevent companies from taking advantage of people and holds them accountable.


  9. Daniil Tiugaev

    Wow! This is such a scam.. 1.74 per hour is just so ridiculous. Thank you for this page, I was trying to find some ways to get money online and came upon your page. Now I now that this is not for me. What other methods of getting money online can you recommend (the least commitment – the best)? Thanks.

  10. Devin

    I’ve always had a rough time with these survey site’s. They either pay me way too little or they let me take about half the survey before deeming me as not important to the survey, I’m always curious who has better chances making it through the surveys to the end.

  11. Bob Brooks

    Great review, many have told me about doing surveys and just never looked at it, thanks for the insight. When you break it down to an hourly wage it really shows it to be a waste of time. Also you mention adding personal data and in this day and age that can lead to a lot of problems. What do they do with your information? I would be very concerned. Thanks for helping people avoid the traps.

    • Marcus

      Yes, I signed up to a bunch of surveys a while back and I’ve been getting a lot of cold calls to my phone ever since. And this is a new number too!

  12. Chris

    This is the main downfall of modern survey sites online – the payment system ( or lack of it! ). I have friends online that have been completing surveys ever since they became popular – about 9 years ago! These guys actually make decent money through them ( I couldn’t do that sort of work mind! ) but they only use the classic survey sites – the ones that reward you with MONEY. Any survey site that opts for gift cards or points instead of cash is not worth signing up for. Why would you anyway? The oldies are always the goodies online!

    • Marcus

      Yes, being paid in gift cards or points is never good. Often the points are not worth very much. It will be like 100 points for completing a survey, but then you find out you need 200 points to get $1 in actually money.

  13. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    Great review of mysurveys site. These companies must be making money and a lot of it! somehow as they never seem to disappear, in fact more seem to be popping up.

    I will keep in my mind this site for my Thai and Malaysian Friends as, what is paid is actually decent money for them, compared to the local rates of pay for a hard days work.

  14. Imad

    Hi, Marcus.

    Great article, it reminded of when I started looking for ways to make money online. I tried so many survey websites before but no tangible results. Same thing for MySurvey, not much success, in about 2 days, I had enough and I moved on with my search for other ways to make money.

    As you recommended at the end of the post, Wealthy Affiliate remains the real deal.


  15. roamy

    Hello Marcus

    Thanks for your review on mysurvey.Many online newcomers get sucked in with these surveys promising hundreds of dollars from home.

    I know l have lost money and time to several surveys over the years and looking back, l feel stupid and ignorant for not having checked for reviews.

    You make it sound easy (in a cheap way) making $1.74 per hour taking surveys, that is if they pay after all, most of them end up not paying.

    MySurvey is not one of the surveys anyone should join, a survey site that does not even register the owner does not make a good start in my books.

    Surveys are time-consuming and the pay can not even pay thre electricity bill, like you l agree that anyone can do better than taking surveys online for money.

    • Marcus

      Yes, $1.74 per hour is not much at all when you think about it. But you are right, people do get sucked in because it sounds so easy. Do a few surveys and earn a bit of extra money. But it’s just not worth the time.

  16. Gary

    The income potential of survey sites like MySurvey is laughable. In my experience, surveys are not only a waste of time, but they are dangerous.

    MySurvey is all about getting your information. They might trick you into thinking you’re making money or will make money, but mostly they want as much information out of you as possible while at the same time, not paying any more than they have to get it.

    Survey sites are a foolish way to try and make money. Mostly, you will only compromise your personal information. It’s not worth it.

    By far, your number one money making method is the best way to go. It’s made a world of difference in my life.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it’s a great shame that so many people still get sucked into these survey sites. But then they get told they can earn money by referring other people, so it then becomes a form of pyramid scheme don’t you think? The owners of these surveys sites are laughing all the way to the bank because they are conning so many people into signing up and getting other people to sign up, and the owners are are the ones really raking in the big money. I’m tempted to say that the best way to make a lot of money online is to start your own survey site, but I think that’s not ethical really. It’s far better to learn how to build a website around something you are genuinely interested in.

  17. Marisa

    Very informative. I tried doing surveys on clixsense and came to the exact same conclusion, that it is not worth my time and effort to do the boring surveys for the smallest reward. It is almost like working for free.

    I checked out your No. 1 Money Making Method and that makes sense to me. It sounds like a lot of work, however I am more interested in building a long lasting business over time, than working myself to death on surveys.

    • Marcus

      Yes, I thought Clixsense was a waste of time too. There’s really not much reward for clicking those ads or even getting other people to sign up under you. You are absolutely right that the best way forward is to build a genuine website around something you are interested in. It does take longer to get it going, but it’s a much better plan for a long term business.

  18. Joshua Lewis

    Hey Marcus,

    Online surveys are just awful. I get so irritated with bloggers that try to pass them off as some great way to make extra money. They’re not. As someone who’s spent time looking into several survey sites to determine if they were worth it, I can confirm they are a complete waste of time.

    But hey, why not stick your affiliate link in front of someone and make a few bucks from someone who doesn’t know any better?

    You see this on Pinterest a lot. Someone will make a pin saying something like “How I made $400 this month taking online surveys.” What they fail to mention is that it took 100 hours to make that $400. How exciting!


    • Marcus

      You’ve hit the nail right on the head, Josh. The chances are, if they are making $400 per month, most of that comes from referring new members to the survey site rather than actually doing the surveys themselves.

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