1. Sharon May

    Hi Marcus, it’s true about Amazon sales, people do click on your links but end up buying something else – it almost always happens. They may well have bought something not so expensive this time, but it can work the other way too, in that, they’ll buy something much more expensive. People can earn great money using Amazon.

  2. I’ve been following your mini niche site case study for a while now and It’s amazing how quickly you got that site up and running. I assume this can be done in any niche and just because the commissions aren’t huge for this particular instance, it can be applied to any niche of one’s choosing.

    Thanks for the efforts in showing us how it’s done, and how easy it can actually be when you followed a set routine.

    How can a beginner like myself replicate this kind of success? Is there a particular training platform you recommend? youtube? no, because there’s a lot of conflicting advice there. I need something that’s all under one roof. What would you recommend for me?

    Thanks for your inspiration and help.


  3. Geek Hibrid

    Nice case study. It’s very inspiring for those who are trying to break into the Affiliate marketing space.

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