1. Ben CanItReallyBeTrue

    Hi Marcus!

    AMP is all the rage, but I agree with your update. It’s a little too early for everyone to jump on it now.

    Besides for problems with the plugin, and the fact that some people will have a problem being able to switch back, do you know that you can potentially lose traffic by using this plugin?

    When someone comes from Google.com on a mobile browser to your AMP site, take a look at the URL in the browser bar at the top. It’s not your own site’s URL! It’s a cached version of your site that is stored on Google.com. And because there is a big “X button” on the top that will take visitors right back to the search results, users will be less likely to go and visit your homepage and more likely to go visit another site that appears in Google’s search results.

    I like AMP, but I think it’s a little too early for everyone to start using it. I’ve seen some big-name bloggers agree with this.

    I say: Wait a little until Google advances it and perfects it.

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