1. Hey Marcus,

    I have been using Clickbank for about 6 years now. Love the platform and I am actually going to be creating my own products this year for my leopard gecko niche. Have you ever checked out Clickbank University?

    Thanks for the tips on Fiverr. I have hired people to write, design logos, etc. over the years. It’s cheap but I tend to not use anything for social media or SEO because a lot of the people on there use bots to provide fake followers and links. But, thanks a lot for the information 🙂

  2. Hey Marcus,

    I just took a look at that Earth for Energy video, it seems to be like an hour or so long and it looks a little Scamy to me. I really am a sucker for good products when I know for a fact it’s not a scam.

    What I did after watching the video was to look for a review to see if earth for energy is a good product. So it seems you are fulfilling the first part of the customers buying cycle; awareness of a product.

    I am really into the renewable energy thing so this looked interesting, but the person with a good thorough review would have gotten the commission because that is where I may have decided to make the purchase.

  3. Alex July

    Hi, Marcus.
    I tried to make money through Fiverr arbitrage in losing weight niche, and made no sales.
    My story is similar to yours.

  4. eric

    I had a product that was basically about learning creative writing. I had paid $5 to the same guy 3 times for each of his websites. his 3 sites received about 200k unique visitors a month per page. and my sales sky rocketed. you can’t just be like “oh this person has a huge following let’s pay them” you have to not only find someone that that has laid the groundwork in the niche you’re in.

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