Lesson 7: Adding Content to Your Website

I know that by now you are probably really keen to actually get some content on your website, so today we are going to squeeze a bit more in than usual. I will be including two tutorial videos for you to watch.

STEP 1: Watch First Video

This video explains how you set up the main structure of your website by creating your main pages:

Video Tutorial Website FrameworkWATCH VIDEO: Creating Your Initial Website Framework

STEP 2: Set Up Your First 3 Pages

Once you have watched the video, create the drafts of your first 3 pages. Alternatively, you may prefer to do them as you watch the video. Whatever works for you.

STEP 3: Watch 2nd Video

Video Tutorial Creating Initial PagesWATCH VIDEO: Quality Content is YOUR Business

STEP 4: Add Content to Your Pages

As shown in the 2nd video, you need to add content to your pages. These will be the foundation of your website.

Well done for getting this far through the lessons. There’s still more to come, though. Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s lesson…

All the best,