1. Erik Heyl

    Upsells are a part of marketing. I have known of Herc since the Bring the Fresh days, and the local rent/rank training is more than the PDF, but is also full webinar training. Same with the Blog Network Blueprint that’s included. Worth the extra cost as PBNs can be a bear to learn about. The physical product searches are strictly necessary, so you could ignore that. I went all in as I saw the value of everything.

    I will say I really do like the fact that it is credit based. And when it only takes one credit to search all your results…for every metric, you won’t run out anytime soon. Worth the cash. I don’t even want to think about how much they’re spending on Moz, SEMRush and the other APIs to get the data. Much more than the cost of tool, I’d expect. Yikes!

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, Erik, I really appreciate it.

      To be fair, it does look like it does a hell of a lot. It possibly does even more than some people will need. But for those wanting quick access to all the data it is capable of retreiving, I’m sure it does save a huge amount of time.

      Do you think it would be easy for the average internet marketer using this tool to make back more than the tool costs?

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