1. Jenny

    Enjoyed reading about VO Genesis, definitely a scam. And you have done some great research on it. I hate things like ‘loopholes’ and saying that you can earn a ridiculous amount of money! I am surprised people still purchase things like this!
    Wealthy affiliate is the best program as Kyle doesn’t claim that it is a get rich quick program or promise millions. And it works to make a good living online.

    • Marcus

      I know what you mean, Jenny. I think the reason people still buy things like this, though, is because of how cleverly the sales pages are created. You see, you and I, who are more clued up on how to spot scams, will not fall for it. However, there are a lot of people out there that are not familiar with the tricks these scams pull. The way the sales page is designed, with its claims of earning lots of money in your pajamas with a “secret loophole”, is lures people in. They think they have just finally struck gold. Sadly not.

  2. Rodney

    Thank you for your review of VO Genesis. I like how you contrast this with Wealthy Affiliate and you say that the best way to earn money online is through affiliate marketing. Promoting other people’s stuff. And the best way to do affiliate marketing is to create a website dedicated to a topic you are interested in. I am currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate and doing just that. I fully endorse your comments about this amazing business model which is far superior to VO Genesis. Thanks again!

    • Marcus

      Thank you, Rodney. Yes, if you create a website about something you are genuinely interested in, which other people are also interested in, then that’s a much better way forward. Sure, it will take some time and work to build it up, but its a far better way forward long-term than falling for scams like this.

      • Shalom

        I consider you my saving angel of the day, I listened to VOGenisis in the we hours of the morning and pressed my paypal and some how it did not go through! Thank God, I felt led to research before trying again. I am grateful for the information you have given, it will help me avoid being scammed in future, thank you! God bless you

  3. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hey Marcus , it’s been a long since we talked last time , I believe it was on the Pictures scam review.

    $8000 pajamas and the rest … they continue in the same model that worked 10 years ago…

    Well I am not impressed with their methods based on cheap $5 testimonials and their images look very unprofessional…

    I would not invest on their offers just by these elements alone.I do not even care if they are scams or not.I do not see any qualitative piece of content to grab on and work with them..

    Sorry , not for me….

    I wish you good luck and strength for the future

    • Marcus

      Thank you, Tasos. Yes, that was what I was thinking. There is so much nonsense with VO Genesis that I don’t even want to give it a try, even if there is something of value there, buried deep down inside all the scammy nonsense.

  4. Theresa


    I completely agree with you VO Genesis sounds like a scam to me. The first thing that told me that it was a scam was the headline, Whenever I see a headline that has a big number like that $8,520 is always a scam from my experience and they all usually use the same color scheme.

    With Wealthy Affiliate though, can I really make money with the program? If I can how long would it be before I am able to do it full time.
    I will await your response and thanks for letting me know about VO Genesis!

    • Marcus

      Hi Theresa,

      As with any genuine business, it takes time to build it up to be profitable. I think that’s the main concept that people need to get their head around. An online business is not really any different to any other business. It’s not going to happen overnight. But what Wealthy Affilite will show you is how to decide on a niche, how to build your website, how to get search engine traffic, and then how to monetise that traffic. It takes time, but it does work.

      All the best,

  5. wunderkindonsulting

    I tend to be leery of dramatic headlines that claim you could make $10,000 in a week with no effort. The truth is, that even online, it takes persistence and hard work to see financial payout. With that said, it sounds like your assessment of VO Genesis was pretty accurate. I particularly appreciate the fact that you clearly outlined the upsells, as upselling is a tactic used in a lot of online marketing programs. All in all, I appreciated your review and you sharing your experience. Cheers to your success!

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s always a big red flag, as soon as you see huge earnings potential, it should immediately make you skeptical. I’m glad you appreciate me uncovering the upsells because I genuinely think it is a bad technique that should be stopped. I hope you never get caught by one of these scams.

  6. Jason

    I would have to agree with you Marcus that VO Genesis is a scam. Just the idea that someone is going to pay a lot of money for you to do a recording doesn’t really make sense to me either. The flashy hyped up sales pitch is a huge turnoff as well. I know it is easy to fall for this kind of stuff but we have to ask if the claims are for a stable business that is offering a product or service that other people will find useful. If not, the business won’t last. Thanks for all the info here!

    • Marcus

      Thank you, Jason. Yes, it all seems a bit far fetched really. I’m sure a few people can earn that kind of money, but not the majority of people. I also think that if it is legit, why does the sales page seem so scammy? If your product is genuine, why make it look like a scam by pulling many of the same tricks that scams pull in their sales pages?

  7. Chris

    I have to be honest, bought and tested this product about a month back for a review and found nothing wrong with it whatsoever – it does exactly what it says on the tin!
    I think the problem is down to the people who buy it. She clearly points out that this is not going to be easy work – you only get out what you put in. Did you actually go through the training? It was certainly worth the $19.99 that l paid (leave the page three times and the price decreases!)

    • Marcus

      Thank you, Chris, for this valuable information. So this then raises the question to me, if this is a legit program, why does the sales page seem so scammy? Also, you say it does exactly what it says on the tin. So you have earned $1,280 in a day? That’s great if you have, but I doubt you have. This is the point I was trying to get at.

  8. Chris

    Very good review Marcus! Its unfortunate that too many of us fall for the hype, instead of focusing our attention on the things that work. Success requires hard work and patience. Its definitely not a get rich scheme. While VO Genesis sounds good, I don’t believe it will layout long term success online, like Wealthy Affiliate.

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