1. Ben

    Thanks for this article! I’ve not heard of Textbroker before, or User Testing. They both sound interesting. And I suppose there are others since this whole “at home” business model has exploded over the last few years. It pays to do a bit of research first though…as we all know!

  2. mark

    Hi Marcus – Great post. Lots of people are looking for believe there is a quick way to earn money online. However as you and i both know this is not a steady residual income. In order to achieve that you need to partner up with a good mentor such as Wealthy Affiliate.
    Keep on Posting

  3. Viljoen

    Hi Marcus

    The quickest way to make money with Affiliate marketing is through ppc. Here you do not have to wait for Google to rank any site of yours and you can have traffic to your site the next day.

    It does cost money though and it also has its own risks.

    Great and very helpful information you gave here 🙂

  4. John

    As a person who does E-bay on the side, you can make money if you are careful. Most people think that the drop shipping will make you rich, it will not. The best way to make money is to shop yard sales and auctions to find your items to sell. Keep selling the same type of items and the people will keep coming back to buy. It does take a little time to make yourself known on E-bay.

  5. Christian

    You have definitely got to watch out for scams as they are plentiful online, if you could make $1000 per day by clicking a mouse one time, then there would be no workforce lol! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place to learn how to make money online, the right way. Marcus is the coach to follow.

  6. Marlon

    Great post Marcus! I believe there are a lot of ways to make money online and you covered a few of them splendidly, but there are a few ways to actually earn consistently enough to be able to make a living at it. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way that I have found to do that so far.

  7. Ante

    A great article you have there, I did not knew about Textbroker and User testing sites, will have to check that out and see if i can make some side money there.

    As for the get rich quick schemes, it is all known and we all want to make as much money as we can with as little effort as we can get.

    Unfortunately scammers know that and are preying upon people and make their money that way. I’ve gone through my share of the SCAMS until I’ve gotten wised up.

    Making money requires constant effort and that is why you have to choose your interest wisely and not just to make money but because you love to do it and write about it.

    What tends to happen otherwise is people begin some activity and work and work on it and after a time they got tired and ask where is the money. Then they get discouraged and give up, so doing something which you love to do is important and also having a support when things don’t go as you hope they will.

    Wealthy Affiliate does that, I am a member of it and am grateful for that support, I wouldn’t have continued with the online business if it weren’t for that support. I cannot recommend them enough.

    In the sea of SCAMS they are one of the rare genuine opportunities to make an honest cash online.



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