1. Bob Lynch

    Hi Marcus,

    Interesting way to do a product review. I’ve not seen someone put the “save time” option at the beginning with your recommendation prior to the product review as well as near the end.

    Including several others’ points of view is a good idea and gives the review credibility.

    On the other hand, it may help to have more of your own opinions rather than relying so heavily on the opinions of others.

    Good job.


  2. John

    Excellent review of the Instant Rewards and whether or not it is scam Marcus!
    I do like the idea of the save time option at the top of the review! Great idea!
    As for Instant Rewards itself it sounds like a borderline scam at best.
    I have tried sites similar to this in the past and it is always a lot of work for very little reward. These systems where you only make money by referring other people never work long term.
    I will be going with your #1 recommendation 🙂

  3. Darren

    Very interesting review. I liked the different approach you took by including the thoughts of other reviewers. I actually think that’s a pretty good idea. Gives more of an overview of the product and varying opinions all in the one place. Smart idea, actually.

    I signed up to something that sounds similar to this a few years back. can’t remember the name of it now. I never took it any further, though, once I realised I had to start giving my credit card details to a whole bunch of different companies and that I would begin to get charged for stuff I didn’t want if I failed to cancel in time.

    Good review Marcus.

    • Marcus

      Thanks, Darren. It’s funny, because somebody else commented that it was a bad idea to rely too much on what other people say.

  4. rufat

    As I can see Instant Rewards is not a scam and we should feel happy that there are still some programs you can make money with. The fact that you supported your opinion with other opinions from reliable sites means a lot to me. One thing is clear: you can make some money with Instant Rewards, but you can hardly become rich with it. And there are quite a few red flags too. I think I would rather search for a better alternative.

  5. Kody D

    Great website, very fluent and transparent. Hope it earns you something. honest reviews of website money options is always a good thing if done right. Finding good ones on google is difficult for some reason depending upon what you look for. Good job. Hope your rating is good as well so you get lots of views.

  6. Denver Lowe

    funny, I cant tell you how many reviews I read just like this one, the day I found Wealthy Affiliate. I would recommend that you link a new window to the instant rewards site so people can stay on your page and go back and forth. I think the ripoff report is very accurate for this product. You can make money with this system but it will ultimately be a waste of time. As an online marketer, I would like to keep up with your site to check reviews on other systems you come across!

    • Marcus

      Yes, it’s such a shame to waste people’s time. Lots of people all referring other people to complete pointless offers that are difficult to complete, just to earn referral commisions.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it’s such a shame to waste people’s time. Lots of people all referring other people to complete pointless offers that are difficult to complete, just to earn referral commisions.

  7. Stu

    Great review

    I was part of an MLM like this in the past, and did make some money from it. I advise anyone reading this to just forget about it. It’s not worth it.

    Why? Because while you may make money, you’re not giving or receiving anything of value. It’s crazy to think that just a few years ago, I thought that MLM’s were my ticket to financial freedom.

    In reality they are a huge pain in the butt. First off, just try and explain it to someone. They immediately register it as a scam. Your average person doesn’t want to find out about it for themselves, nor do they care that you know all about it! They want a solution that doesn’t sound fishy. MLM’s are fishy.

    Not only that, but completing the offers is almost an exercise in futility. I was somehow able to get it done, which made my sponsor some cash. But out of all of my referrals, maybe one or 2 completed it to the end. That made me 40 dollars sure, but was it worth it? Heck no. There was no momentum. Hoping and praying someone makes it to the end is just not the way to build a business. Lol.

    Plus, do you want people getting angry with you because they forgot to cancel their membership to whatever they signed up for? That and the fact that to even get people to click your link, you have to be kinda spammy about it in most cases. Email marketing MLM’s is what got me kicked off of Blue host.

    I rest my case..

    Hopefully whoever reads this will steer clear of MLM’s and just take Marcus’ recommendation. TRY WEALTHY AFFILIATE!!

    Thanks for reading my novel,


    • Marcus

      Thank you for the excellent insight, Stu. You make some really great points here. You absolutely right that if you promote something that is a real hassle to complete then you are not going to see much money for your effort. Also, as you say, if people get caught out by forgetting to cancel before they get charged, they will be angry with you. It could end up being a lot of work and stress for not much reward.

  8. Tyler

    I love the approach you take to your site to use multiple resources and your own opinion to review a product! It’s a shame the amount of scams there are out there, sometimes it seems like learning to make a decent living from home is just going to lead you to heartache and lost money. So it’s reassuring to see sites like this dedicated to prevent this from happening.

  9. Retha

    Wow! How so very informative is this website. I love it! I am a fan of making money online because it simple and usually convenient. But I am NOT a fan of being scammed! Starting out, this seemed like the perfect way to make money online, but as I read on, I see how easy it is to be sucked in by certain scam artists. You really have done an excellent job exposing them to the community. It is great to know that someone has done their homework, and let others know to be on the lookout for such people.
    How do you know about the signing up for offers part? Is it included in the fine print? I have a problem reading something so small, and that’s what really make me keep my distance. Thanks for the awesome information!

    • Marcus

      I know about the signing up for offers part because I read about it on various other websites. Thank you for your comment.

  10. Daniel Aittie

    I have tried so many Instant Reward sites and most of them were scams to me. But your review has really enlighten me. I will try a couple of them to see how helpful they are. Or I will come for help from you.

    These sites will be good for starting home businesses. Thanks for the review

  11. Ananda

    Hi Marcus,

    Nice to meet you from your website.I used to do surveys for money like you before , but shortly found out that maybe not a 100% what they were scamming was my own time. Sounds like pretty good company with low price point.So this is a network marketing company with an online presence.There is no doubt giving hope to people in online marketing,is a good thing.good review keep it up



  12. Viljoen

    Instant rewards does not look like a scam, but you will be working for pennies if you try to make money with that website.

    Survey and “get paid to” websites are not a great way to make money but most of them do not require any investments. Do you know of any way to really make money online?

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