1. Levi

    Apart from the upsells, it seems like a legit product. I’ve used Reddit and Quora for entertainment reading or fact finding missions, but I was unaware of the traffic power that they both possess until I started my own businesses. By answering people’s questions in a meaningful and helpful way, you can actually end up driving traffic to your brand. I’m definitely interested in learning how to properly leverage Reddit and Quora to drive sales, without violating their user policies of course. I’m tempted to try out The Evil Reddit Magician, however these upsells make me hesitant. Thanks for sharing your review Marcus.

  2. Hi Marcus

    I came across your review searching for training on how to master Reddit. I have been crucified there and I really want to learn how to get it right.

    This product sounded great…until I hit live training. I am not keen on that. I need something in writing or videos that I can do at my own pace in my own time, something I can access again and refresh. Or often I don’t understand something completely the first time and want to go through it again.

    Then all those up-sells? Just shady. I’ll keep my $9.95 and keep searching. I will be willing to pay a lot more than $9.95 for really good training on Reddit that I can trust.

    • Yes, the live training aspect of it definitely makes it seem more suspicious. I agree with you, it’s good to be able to have videos that you can replay in your own time. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Elias

    Anyone with huge up-sells that doesn’t right away tell you about it, is a big no-no for me. I don’t like this way of business. I like it when they go like this: Here’s what we have to offer, here is our price and final one, take it or leave it.
    This could be a great program don’t get me wrong, they might have some great content to deliver, if they will result in a huge increase in traffic to your website/page then 10$ is a great price, even 20$ or 30$, but seeing that you could get to pay up to 300$ and who knows if they introduce other “optional” (which in fact are mandatory) extras to continue, I would be careful here, just my own opinion.
    Thanks for being honest and writing a transparent review, kodos to you!

    • Marcus

      I totally agree with you, Elias. It is much better if they tell you up front what is on offer and what you need to pay. If there are additional optional products, it is better to have them as several different options to choose from, like: Basic, Standard, Advanced. At least this way, customers aren’t caught off guard with extra products that they weren’t expecting.

  4. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Marcus,

    Reddit, like any other social network can be a seriously awesome or seriously awful source of traffic for your website it just depends on how you use it.

    I was very interested in learning reddit from this product, but the upsells I really don’t like, it is almost akin to high pressure sales tactic making you think that you really need the upsells.

    Do you know of alternative training for reddit?

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