1. Hey Marcus, I see you used my videos! Great, I hope as many people as possible see the one of the inside of their members area because it is a complete joke.

    Here’s some inside scoop on SmashFund… yesterday they added a new section where you can add your name (yes that is how little was there before), your surname and your address. You can now also edit your payment details.

    I had a guy called Steve commenting on my website yesterday, saying he is a co-founder. However he uses a gmail address and doesn’t give his surname.

    He stated my review is “hear say”… however what SmashFund claims it will be is also “hear say” isn’t it?

    Anyway he is giving out his phone number to everyone that comments on my website so that they can call him and he can explain it properly to them.

    Why he can’t explain it himself on my website, or even better how about on his own website is beyond me.

    I think they are just trying to do some damage control before the official launch, because they need everyone they can to sign up and hand over their credit card details before July.

    If this is not a scam why would they get so upset, why not just leave everything alone and let me make an idiot of myself when they launch because their product will speak for itself right?

    Downright scam for sure.

    Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is spot on. They are more than happy for everyone to see what they have to offer. You can sign up for free, ask questions and see how much value is being offered and then make an educated choice as to whether it is the right program for you.

    • Thanks for the extra information, Lynne.

      Wow, they must be really panicking if they are actually contacting people and trying to explain it to them. If they were legit, they would just be able to reveal everything and it would all be fine. They are only being so secretive because they know they are running a scam.

      I wonder how many people will actually make money from this? I think there are going to be a lot of disappointed people after this launches. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy ends up facing another lawsuit. What do you think?

  2. Rene

    Thank you Marcus for exposing this scam.

    It is always a pity to see how much people use deceptive and tricky ways to fill their pockets with money. At the same time people who are caught in this system automatically try to fool others well to make it less painful for themselves.

    So all in all a lot of negative energy that originates just from this single “business model”. Keep on the great work and thanks for exposing this stuff to us


    • Marcus

      Yes, you are absolutely right, Rene. There will be a lot of people who feel that they were tricked into joining this, and then the only way they can get something back is to get other people to join. The whole thing could just spiral out of control and then collapse under its own weight. When are people going to realise that if something seems to good to be true then it probably is!

  3. Julius

    Seriously, all this negative hype should stop. And it will sooner or later when people find out that this is actually a scam.

    There are SO many reviews out there hyping up this thing and actually saying it’s a legit source of making money. Hell, one guy even said that he made thousands from it already!

    Thanks for shining some light on this.

    • Marcus

      I have a strong feeling this is all going to come crashing down soon after it launches. The founders and the people who joined early will probably make a lot of money, but there will be many people who join late who will end up disappointed.

  4. Jovo

    I also signed up for SmashFund. I used a fake name (Albert Einstein), a fake card number, and all other fake data, but with a real email address created for this purpose only. This all just to be in and see how it its. It turns out there is nothing to see, this is all about exchanging money. There is also some obviously wrong mathematics about some 64000 per month. So if you wish you can sign up through Mr Einstein, my invite number is as good as any other. Some will surely earn money through this, the guy on the top before all. But this must crash sometimes and many will lose.

    • Marcus

      Thanks Jovo. Well, it’s quite possible you might be Alber Einstein reincarnated or something. But I didn’t realise it was possible to sign up with a fake credit card. That’s really good thinking, though. I wonder what will happen when it finally launches and they try to take your money but fail. It will be interesting to see whether or not they close your account.

  5. Dave

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for that update. It seems evident to me from your description and also the information provided by Lynne that this Smash Fund is something to avoid.

    I’m an online marketer and keep an eye out for good programs. People seem to flock to these pre-launches. Sometimes I think the focus of to many marketers is to buy a lottery ticket, instead of build a business.

    Your info about Wealthy Affiliate is much more interesting to me, but then again I’m building a life long business.

    Thanks for the info, Dave

    • Marcus

      Thanks Dave. Yes, it seems to be human nature to want a quick and easy ticket out of the rat race. So we tend to jump on anything that sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, I think it means that a lot of people will be disappointed when Smash Fund launches.

  6. Reyhana

    I was reading about SmashFund earlier on another website where they were pushing for people to join them and using the 80% commission as a way to achieve that, but I could not get a lot of information and even the website did not reveal a lot. That made me instantly suspicious. I’m glad I stayed away.

    • Marcus

      Yes, I think you were absolutely right to be suspicious. If they cannot give any information about what is inside the product or what it actually offers, it is meaningless. They just want people to sign up to recruit other people to sign up. It’s that simple.

  7. Alec Terry

    Hey Marcus,

    I think you really hit it on the head here. I heard about this service and immediately got suspicious as well, but you took it a step further and explained in detail why Smash Fund should be avoided.

    I didn’t realize that they even included a message saying that they didn’t care if you changed projects or goals, that it was really just important to get people to sign up. The problem is, those at the bottom always lose.

    Great post!

    • Marcus

      Definitely, Alex, those at the bottom will always lose out with a pyramid scam like this. Thank you for your comment.


    Great Marcus is back again, my boy, today, you have made my day. if I had not checked on your website for this information, I would have causef damage to my bank account by giving it to these scammers all for free. Thank you very much for your kind suggestion on wealthy affiliate too. Got to check it out and make better move. Thank you.

    • Marcus

      Hey Roland, I’m glad to have helped you in some way. The more people I can warn about scams like SmashFund the better.

  9. Hey Marcus

    Now Smashfund kicked me out of their website the day before all the supposed important bits (like a social network and crowdfunding platform) were being added. On top of that on the same day they got my video removed from Vimeo…

    Oh dear. I am very intrigued to find out now how many people have been screwed by this!

    Here’s something interesting, someone gave me feedback that only people in the US would be billed from 01/07 and have the social/ crowdfunding parts added to their profiles. Apparently this has something to do with social security numbers?

    Anyway being a South African I would not have been given access then? And also there was no official notice from SmashFund stating this, so it is just hearsay on one of my social networks.

    Just before I got booted out I did notice that if you want to add your address the only country options were Canada and US?

    Not much of a “global” social network that will be giving the likes of Facebook a run for their money is it?

    • That’s crazy that they only allow Americans full access to SmashFund. Sometimes I fear that Americans seem to think that the USA is the only part of the Planet Earth that actually matters or even exists. But it seems to me that the only reason they let you join is because they wanted you to get other people to sign up. As soon as they realised you weren’t going to do that, you got booted out.

  10. Yes but it came at the same time as they got my Vimeo video banned… so they know exactly who I am and they don’t want me taking more videos now do they? LOL

    Yeah who knows what is really going on now! We’ll see soon if Smashfund really is a scam as soon as people start crying about the monthly fees being deducted but everyone is dropping out of the program.

    Yes USA is the only real country.. haven’t you noticed that even the aliens in the movies only land in USA?

    Just as well because if they land here in South Africa and demand to see our leader I will be bloody embarrassed!

    • Yes. There are no new videos on YouTube about it yet, though. I suppose we will have to wait a few weeks or even months before it actually starts to collapse under its own weight.

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