1. Chris

    I gave up on worrying about backlinks for all 5 of my sites about two years ago now. The truth of the matter is that all you need is content to rank. I find that once you have past the 100-150 post/article mark on a website you are thrown to the first two pages of Google for specific keywords. I have pages from sites with no real backlinks on the first page of Google – this is down to the fact that this particular site has over 300 posts of unique content (nothing more!)

    • Marcus

      I think you’re probably right there, Chris. I have one site that has over 100 posts, and it can be quite easy to rank with that site. But I didn’t start to get those rankings for a good few months after I started the site. I have another website which is just beginning to get close to 100 posts, so hopefully that will start to rank better quite soon. I think the problem is, many people are too impatient. They don’t want to put the time in. They just want a quick solution. Unfortunately, quick solutions are a thing of the past as far as search engines are concerned.

  2. Jessen

    Hi Marcus,

    Thank you for the informative post, the way you structure your post makes it easy to pick up things beginners can look at when determining if a program is value for money without actually buying the item. By the way I would like to ask, is guest posting a form of creating backlinks for your site? If that’s the case does it mean guest posting is no longer a good way to gain organic traffic?

    • Marcus

      Thank you, Jessen. From what I have read, it is best not to do guest posting, especially if your reason for doing so is to gain backlinks. If you are an expert on a particular topic, it is far better to write content for your own website.

  3. David

    Good post, Marcus. Having dabbled in web site development over the years, I was always under the impression that back-links were a crucial element in getting your site noticed. However, it appears that this is no longer the case, so thank you for highlighting the article from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate, a man whose opinions I trust implicitly.


    • Marcus

      I’m glad you found it helpful, David. Yes, it’s a great shame that so many “experts” are continuing to say that backlinks are the way to rank. As Kyle points out, often these sites with lots of backlinks are actually ranking because they have such great content. But if a website doesn’t have good content, throwing a bunch of fake backlinks at it will not work.

  4. Alize Gold

    I know back linking does work… Use Article Robot I ranked quickly with a keywords that were not so popular. At least not as popular as site getting 900,000 organic visitors a month. It took far less articles to out rank The Bigg Boys, posting articles to CNN, Newsweekly ect…

    • It’s not a good long-term strategy, though. Google explicity says what they don’t want you to do. Take a look at this:

      As you can see, a lot of the common ways of getting backlinks, such as article marketing are mentioned as things they don’t want you to do. If you are using Article Robot, Google will spot this eventually.

      You only have to look what has happened in the past when Google has removed loads of sites from their search results for violating their guidelines. People have lost rankings overnight.

      If you are ranking because you are using Article Robot, you are on borrowed time. Definitely not a good long-term strategy at all.

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