1. Nice review. Profit Bank By Millionaire is not the only program that makes bold claims, such as making thousands of dollars per day. This is so laughable that I even don’t know what to add more to your arguments. Unfortunately, most people trust scammers and don’t trust honest reviews of those people who have been scammed in the past and sharing their experience to help people avoid scams. Only smart people can appreciate what you are saying here and I hope you will be able to help many people struggling online. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is struggling online instead of wasting their time and energy on numerous scams. Keep up your great work!

  2. Marius

    After one year this guy is back like “terminator”!
    To “terminate” your money of course!
    I’ve received an email and because it seems too good to be true I’ve search on Google and find old negative reviews.
    Thanks for your work in warning people.
    I’m receiving emails from scamers permanently.It’s hard to find something genuine.

      • Marius

        No,I didn’t signed up for any mailing lists.I’ve just navigated a lot on the internet searching for an ‘online money solution’ and maybe if you just click on a link or other you are registered on they database and then you are starting to receive emails from where you don’t expect to get.And of course there are some sites where I’ve registered to try a solution or other and they have affiliates and so on.

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