1. Rian

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for sharing this review..

    First and for all, I have to say that I really dig the cover of the book 🙂 So it would have caught my attention for sure. So well done for the creator on that part.

    Now, I’ve got a question for you…

    In general I’ve to agree with you that MLM or pyramide shemes aren’t the way to go… but it’s not all that bad neither. So why are you so against it?? What is your motivation behind this?

    I’m just curious, because eventhough it’s hard, there are people who are really successful with it..

    • Marcus

      Well, if the only way to earn money is to get other people to sell the same product, there is not much value to it is there? Also, with those kinds of schemes, it’s really only the people who join early on that get lots of money, whereas the people who join later will lose out. So in that sense, no, it’s not all bad, because some people will earn money. The chances of any particular person being one of them, though, is quite low.

  2. Simon

    Thank you so much for writing this review! I watched the Personal Success Blueprint video on YouTube and thought it sounded too good to be true – it looks like I’m right.

    I just don’t get why the only people making money online is the people trying to teach others how to make money online? It’s annoying because I can see the massive potential of the internet and I’m serious about building an online business. But it’s so hard to know who to trust – all these so-called experts just seem to be out for your money.

    Sorry didn’t mean to rant! Thanks for saving me $47.

    • You are right, Simon. It can be very hard to know who to trust. What if everyone who says they can help you is actually only after your money? It’s a horrible thought really. There must be some genuine people out there, though.

    • Hello everyone, thanks for your initial thoughts on my Guide. As this is new, please drop me an email at bob (at) personalsuccessblueprint.net and you can read the Guide which I’ll give you; I’m very happy for you to review at your own convenience, then make a decision as to whether or not there is value there. Just let me know what you really think please?

  3. Adam

    Hello Marcus:
    How are you, I hope well. I to see a lot of MLM business opportunities online. I thought the same thing when I seen the model for MLM, Pyramid SCAM. You are right they always at some point collapse and depending on when you get in determines how much you loose. Unfortunately there are so many of them online and people looking to earn an income online could very easily fall for one of these programs. Keep up the good work revealing scams online.

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