1. Tom

    Thanks for the very thorough review of Paid Surveys at Home. This is very valuable information for anyone considering joining. I plan to stay away from this one.


  2. Jeff


    This is a very informative review, and I hope people read it before actually signing up for this.

    There are tons of these types of paid survey scams out there on the internet, where you pay dollars to get paid pennies. They are always scams.

    These type of scams have been around for a long time, almost a decade, and its amazing that there still successfully scamming people and making money!

    Take care,


    • Marcus

      Yes, you are right Jeff, it is amazing that so many of them still exist. It must be the clever way the sales pages are put together. They just somehow manage to convince people that it’s worth signing up for.

  3. Jim

    Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for the super in depth review of Paid Surveys at Home. That little trick of checking the affiliate page was a new nugget of wisdom I’ve learned from you. It’s going to make my search on ways to make money from home so much easier.

    Have you come across any “survey” opportunities that are legit? I like the idea of something I can do while watching tv in the evenings.

    Thanks again.

    • Marcus

      Hi Jim,

      The thing is, it is possible to earn money from doing surveys, but just not very much. The big issue here is that you can find these kinds of paid reviews for free. All you are paying for here is a list of sites to find the reviews.


  4. Neil

    Hey, Marcus!

    I’ve tried paid surveys in the past, and from my experiences, none of them actually paid off, so I wasted my valuable time!

    Paid Surveys at Home is a program I’ve not heard of until I read your review.

    Thank You for sharing your insights in to this program, and another survey site for me to avoid!!


  5. Fisher

    Hi Marcus, it’s a very thorough review and analysis of the paid survey program.

    I think it’s time to expose this sort of scams. For too long, “earn quick cash by taking part in paid survey” hype has dominated online business, especially home-based online business, sector, which is good for nobody.

    Firstly it’s bad for people who waste their time (sometimes money) to fill in the questionnaires, and then it’s bad for market research companies who pay their money to get fake results, that in the end will hurt consumers too.

    • Marcus

      Yes, you make a great point actually. If people are trying to complete lots of surveys in a day to earn money, they might just quickly put in fake answers to complete the survey as soon as possible. There’s no telling whether all the survey answers are real.

  6. Jeff

    Great information on this site. There are so many of these survey sites out there and your reviews give valuable information on them.

    I love the Getting Start tab as it give your the information that you need. Also the Weathly Affliate review is spot on.

    Thanks again for sharing about survey sites thru your reviews. your site is easy to read and very informative.

    Thanks again,


  7. Liz

    A big red flag when you can’t even find anything about who owns the company! While you can make a couple of dollars, there is no way someone could actually make $20,00per year. A lot of these places will put you into a lottery as you complete their surveys. That is what happened to me. They never paid a dime. It wasn’t this company, but one like it. Thanks for letting people know about this!

    • Marcus

      Yes, the earnings of these kinds of schemes are always extremely exagerrated. But of course, they get away with it because somewhere there will be a disclaimer that says something like “There is no guarrantee that you will earn as much as this”. But of course, it still leads peple to falsely believe that they really can earn that much.

  8. Martin B

    This is a great review I was looking into do signing up for some online survey type programs, and this was one of the ones that I was going to join.

    Luckily I came across this page and now I know not to waste my time. Are there any paid survey sites that are actually legit? If so which sites are they?

    • Marcus

      Hi Martin. To be honest, I don’t think survey sites are a great way to make money. If you are serious about earning money at home then it is far better to build a profitable website. The best way to learn how to do this is at Wealthy Affiliate.

  9. RoxySue

    Thanks for pointing out how to spot a fake homepage and photos, especially those in testimonials. These tips can apply to virtually any site.

    I’ve also found that legit survey companies exclude me because I work in the advertising/marketing field while the scammers don’t even ask about my profession or involvement with retailers or marketing programs.

  10. Esteban


    I keep seeing more and more of these paid survey programs.
    I haven’t found one that I can actually trust yet. They always make it sound like you could earn a good amount of money for doing minor work.
    From what you’ve written it does just seem like another scam yet again.
    Quite frankly it’s getting a bit annoying. Thanks for exposing them though I hope that eventually we can find all the scammers but I guess that’s impossible.

  11. Shuk

    Thanks for the informative article, I have always been a bit sceptical when it comes to paid surveys – I’m glad I saw your review because it’s a real eye opener which is needed today as it’s so easy to stumble across these sites and be stung! And also waste a lot of time!
    I do think that if anyone wants to make money online, then Wealthy Affiliate really does provide you with all the tools needed.

  12. khan

    Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for providing such a detailed review of “Paid Surveys at Home”. There are lot of survey sites and it is very difficult to separate legit sites from scams sites.

    Would you please suggest me some other paid survey sites that really worth time and invesment?

    Thanks again.

  13. Yuko

    Hi Marcus,

    Your review video was very helpful! I didn’t have to waste my time to even just check out Paid Surveys at Home.
    Online survey sounded nice and easy to make some money without any special skills. But I would not like to provide my personal information just to earn $10 a month, let alone getting all the upsells. Glad I checked your site before I went ahead and tried this survey site for myself. Thank you!


  14. Sammi

    Hi, I like your honest review of the site. I’ve previously looked in to Paid Surveys at Home and although it isn’t a scam, you are paying for information you can find yourself by visiting the sites and registering. So they make money from you buying the book, they then try to sell you other books i.e. mystery shopping and a couple of others I can’t think of right now – again all this information is free on the internet. So, although this isn’t a scam, you aren’t getting anything for your money that you couldn’t find yourself! Sammi

  15. Terrance Williams

    I sat there chuckling to myself as I read your comments about taking surveys. Been there and done it! I spent a lot of time taking surveys in the past but as much as I enjoyed some of it it never really made me any more than spare change. Companies like this just repackage free information and sell it to you sometimes with a whole bunch of upsells. Why pay for something like this when you can do as well just using a search engine?

  16. James

    Great review on this shady scam of a company. Thanks for the video.

    It’s a shame that people out there put scams like this together to do nothing more than take people’s money.

    Usually people looking to make an extra buck are hurting financially anyway and businesses like this prey on them.

    Thanks to sites like yours we can find out which ones are scams and which ones are legit. Great job.

  17. inzhirov

    Hello just wanted to say found this information very useful and definitely will be staying away from paid survey’s from home. This review was very good and detailed, many people tend to fall for this crap all the time and lose their hard earned money on something that has no value.

  18. Chris

    I’ve searched for a long time to see if there was any real money making survey content on the internet. There are websites out there but true just like you’re basically saying it isn’t worth it because the input to output ratio most of the times is a little ridiculous if not non-existent. I feel that taking surveys should be a simple process not some extra hassle like having to clear your e-mails everyday of junk messages that they send you after you complete them; and a lot of times you have to be qualified to even take certain surveys. Getting rich quick is not something people should expect unless your that lucky 1 percent haha. Great info man!

    • Marcus

      Absolutely! If it were that easy to make a full-time living just by taking surveys all day, why would anyone bother to have a job?

  19. David Snodgrass

    first of all I want to thank you for this in depth review of this surveys at home review. I like the way you gave your experience and showed exactly each step you went through .Then you actually showed what you could make by the survey and by the week and then by the month which showed me not much You were very professional in this review and you never condemned them you just showed the facts .I also liked that you gave a choice of reading it or watching the video (nice touch ) this has really gave me a heads up and I thank you for it.

    • Thank you, David. I’m glad you found it helpful. Now you know there are far better ways to make extra money than by taking surveys. Best of luck.

  20. lynn

    I’ve had my share of bad experiences with these survey sites. When I tried them, I worked and worked and worked and at the end of the day, I couldn’t find how I was going to get paid. LOL! I suppose I should have checked that out first thing. Well, you’ve saved me (and a lot of other people) a lot of time and aggravation with this review. Thanks Marcus.

  21. Christian

    I usually take it as a general rule of thumb to stay away from these paid survey sites, I have made money in the past with surveys, but they were few and far between. And none of those experiences came online, they were ads tucked away in the local classified section within my local newspaper. Anyone looking to actually make money online should really look at Wealthy Affiliate, it is a real alternative.

  22. Chris

    Yeah the earnings that this lot are quoting are hard to believe. Most well respected market research companies pay $5-$10 IF you can find them and IF they allow you to sign up. Most ‘common’ options pay no more than $0.50 for a survey completion. I’d stay well away from this bunch if I was you!

  23. netp

    This product looks almost identical to another that I was looking at recently that was clearly rubbish.. I look at many survey sites, which don’t really vary much in earning potential, (ie; its crap) However, at least they’re only saying you can earn 2k something per year – which while I’m sure is much more than you really can, it’s at least more realistic than earning 4k plus a month doing surveys, (LOL – which is just ridiculous) and what other similar looking companies have claimed.

  24. Gary

    In my experience, surveys, even the so-called legitimate ones, if there is such a thing, are a waste of time. Think about it. Survey companies either want to get as much information out of you while paying you the least amount of money possible.

    Or, they aren’t really survey companies. They are marketing companies pretending to be survey companies to trick you into to buying stuff.

    I think this is the case with Paid Surveys at Home.

    • Marcus

      You could be right, Gary. It’s a great shame, really. So many people get sucked into doing these kinds of things as a way to earn extra money at home. They don’t realise it’s a far better use of time to create a website aboout something you are interested in and then make money promoting related products.

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