1. Loes

    When you are in your right mind, you can’t be serious people are going to pay over $1900 for upsells. This is unreal Marcus! And I can’t imagine anyony would fall for such an offer from My Top Tier Business. Do you überhaubt know in advance what exactly you get for this huge amount of money? I know there are a whole lot of scammy websites around. Thanks for finding out how this Tier business stuff tries to empty your pockets, Loes

    • When I first took a look at My Top Tier Business, I thought it seemed like it might be worth trying. But sooner after I started to properly investigate it, I realised that it is just a total scam.

  2. Jerry Mohr

    Great review and in-depth analysis how most of the internet marketing is done today. The $47 is a teaser then you are hit with all of the upsells. It sucks, but once you know how it works you just avoid them. I wish I would have learned this about $2,000 ago. Cheers!

    • Yes, well you live and learn Jerry. The road to success is paved with failure after failure. The key thing is to keep getting back to your feet after each setback.

  3. Stephen Stefanski

    My criteria for judging a website is as follows:
    1. Would I take another look at the product
    2. Is it easy to navigate
    3. Can I relate to the individual that produced it
    4. It it simply a commercial for products
    5. Can I duplicate this process

    This page meets all of the above criteria. I would go to the website. It was very easy to navigate. I felt very comfortable with the owner. There were a few other products listed but not overwhelming. I think I could duplicate the process. I give it an A+
    By the way the number one producer on MTTB is John Chow. They just bought him a new 125000 dollar car. Good work. “Time is not short, Only life is”

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