1. Saiful

    To be truth you just revealed another scammer out there.Good Job!!
    These scammers should not be allowed to advertise their product. You should find a study case about what happened when someone entered the program and how he/she end up.
    I hope you will reveal more scammers soon.
    Good Luck Marcus.

  2. Robert

    Hi Marcus, It all sounds a bit fishy to me, you have laid out a good report of this business opportunity that is aimed at Mom’s. I have to agree that if the products they were selling were great products, then they would be shouting about it, being vague with this information points to poor quality.

    I read an article about Heidi Bartolotta at 92127 magazine and here is a quote from it “We don’t sell anything and we are not your traditional home-based business,” said Bartolotta. “We developed a business model that requires no overhead, no inventory and no selling.”

    It all sounds a bit to good to be true, which normally means it is, a good review Marcus, thanks.


    • Marcus

      Haha, great find on the Heidi Bartollota quote Rob! So she’s basically admitting that it’s one big nonsense pyramid scheme. What a scammer!

  3. Claire Smith

    I saw their web site on the back of a car today and was curious so I went to their website to find out if this was something I could do.
    The web site is really vague and doesn’t explain anything regarding what kind of business this is or what I would be doing to become a six figure sahm myself. So that did seem very scam like but I was intrigued anyway so I’ve been doing some digging and found your review, which confirms my feelings that it is a scam. I also found someone saying that it’s Melaleuca (the product), which is apparently a pyramid scheme. So I won’t be filling out their contact form

    • Marcus

      Yes. It’s such a shame that these stay-at-home moms might get sucked into something like that. Especially when you consider that Wealthy Affiliate is a much better way to make money online, even for moms.

    • Cierra

      I have been a customer with Melaleuca for years – I did not sign up through these ladies. The marketing side is set up similarly to an Insurance company or pharmaceutical sales.

      The biggest difference between MLM and this company is that any person can be promoted beyond the person who referred them or any other person in the company. Even if you are not promoted, you can still make a really great commission. You basically get paid for how hard you work – so if you work harder, you get paid more.

      The way they are advertising is very vague, but it is also very eye catching and I can understand why they are doing it that way – to intrigue people enough so they can actually talk to them. It’s like their advertisement for making an initial personal connection.

      I will provide complete honesty and transparency every time I talk with someone, because that is who I am.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Lynne

    Thank you for this honest review and for pointing out exactly what signs scams have and relating it to this website. I think more people need to be aware of a basic scam checklist and you have brought this across to strongly in your post!

    I had a look at the website and agree with everything you have said.

    • Marcus

      Yes, and the more you see these kinds of scams, the easier it is to spot them. I discovered that one really quick sign that a make money online product is a scam is whether or not it has any upsells.

      • Katherine

        I have actually been shopping with Melaleuca for 2.5 years and love the products! The company has wonderful everyday home products that are safer for my girls and affordable. Also as a busy working mom, the online shopping is super convenient! AS for the Moms Making Six Figures I had the same thoughts as you at first. There site was a bit vague and and I really didn’t know what they were about. I, however, decided to listen; as really what harm could come from that? I was contacted and listened to their educational overview of Melaleuca. After some discussion with my husband we decided to give it a go for the $29 (now $19).

        I now work with these lovely ladies making a very nice secondary residual income. I can tell you those women and men are not actors, they are real people who are genuinely kind-hearted. As for the vagueness it is two-fold really. If we said Melaleuca on the marketing website, people would go to melaleuca.com, look, and think they understand what it is all about. We really do want people to know who Melaleuca is, the products they offer, and the expectations of being a preferred member. That way customer retention stays high (company currently at 96% retention rate, my business is at 90%) and people understand who they are choosing to shop with. The second part of this is to draw people in…worked for me!

        I understand you write this review based on the website alone. I also understand that you are trying to promote your own business agenda. But really, human to human what you are doing is kinda like internet trolling. You are basing your information off subjective ideas instead of searching for facts or taking the next step to find out what they are about. It affects the people who are trying to make extra money or replace their existing income my helping families find a better way to shop. It’s not a dirty business, no one gets hurt, there is no overhead costs…just real people trying to earn a real income.

        Also, if you actually took the time to listen to us share what we do you would find out what it takes to make six figures. I personally know several who are doing this. Am I? No. I have put 5 hours/week maybe into building my business. It can be done, but like anything else in life you have to work for it. There is no free money. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

        • Hi Katherine,

          Thank you for your detailed comment.

          The products you buy from Melaleuca, are they available elsewhere? Looking through the Melalaeuca website at the range of products they sell such as vitamins, dental care, facial care, cleaning products, these are all the type of products that could easily be bought on Amazon or eBay. Of course, they won’t be the same brand. Actually, there’s probably a wider range of different brands on Amazon, and no need to be part of a money making scheme to buy them.

          It sounds like you have had good experiences with Moms Making Six Figures. Presumably, much of that money comes from your referals, right? Do they also make as much money as you? I understand that not everyone will make six figures, but is it at least POSSIBLE for anyone to make that amount? If the earnings are based on a pyramid structure, surely the people who join now have no chance of earning as much as the people nearer the top?

          Initially I did base the review mainly on the Moms Making Six Figures website, but since then I have added additional information. For example, see the video about Melaleuca that I added, as well as a link to someone else’s review of Melaleauca.

          You are right that I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate. That’s no secret. As well as making money from referrals, do happen to think it is a better option, for moms or anyone looking to make money online. Yes, I do get money from referrals, but it’s not the only way I make money. I also make money from other websites I have created with Wealthy Affiliate’s help. There are some people in Wealthy Affiliate who have made a lot of money through websites that are nothing to do with promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself. For example, Colton, who made over $10,000 in Decemer 2015 from his website about computers. So success at WA doesn’t rely on the same kind of pyramid structure that you get with something like Melaleuca.

          You were quite clever with your use of the word troll because you said my behaviour was “kinda like internet trolling”, so by using a simile you’re not actually saying I am a troll, just saying I’m kinda like one.

          Wikipedia defines a troll as: “a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement.”

          That’s not really what I’m doing. I’m not doing this to cause trouble for my own amusement. I’m trying to capture people who are interested in Moms Making Six Figures and redirect them towards a different path, partly because I will earn money if they sign up through me, but also because I do actually think it’s a better option.

          You do make a valid point that I would know more if I actually got involved in Moms Making Six Figures and spoke to them to find out what it is all about. But just to turn that around, you would also know more about Wealthy Affiliate if you tried it. So how do you know for sure that the path you took is better than if you’d ended up at Wealthy Affiliate? Without giving both a shot, you can’t be 100% sure you made the right choice, same as I can’t.

          But the path you chose seems to be working for you, and that’s great. But the path I chose is working for me too.

          All the best,

  5. Juba HADJAL

    Hello there !

    Here we go, guess what ? Another was born !
    These scammers should not exist, I’ve been scammed more than once, so I’m very cautious about this. I think it’s not a 90% chance to be a scam, it’s actually 100%

    I am not a mom but a dad, but if I was a mom I will not try that ! we all know that moms are too busy. As they are moms they must take care of their children, and believe me it’s a full time job ! Even for dads it’s very time consuming to educate children.

    Moms making six figures is definitely a scam. thank you for exposing it to the public.

    Have a nice day Marcus.
    Your friend Youba

  6. Kelly Graham

    Everyone’s comments here are completely ridiculous. As far as I can tell none of you actually contacted this organization to find out what its about exactly. You just went to a website, made a determination based on no information and called it a scam. Seriously?
    First off, I know Heidi Bartolotta personally. I met her years ago (1993). She was our account representative in the real estate & mortgage industry. She is one of the most honest, caring person I’ve ever met. She is the real thing! Secondly, this company isn’t a scam at all, nor is it an MLM, nor is it a pyramid scheme. If you actually took the time to find out what its all about, you’d probably be impressed. And yes anyone could choose to do this business. There is no cost for business to outlay. There is a simple cost of the online shopping membership (I think it’s $25 annually). A person can either choose to shop & use the products (which are wonderful) & work the business by educating people on the company & the products (where a person would then choose to shop online for products they are already using in their home) or shop & work the business or do nothing. No one is being harmed with this product nor are they being harmed by the business. Furthermore, the products are manufactured in the United States which supports our country.
    Please do not make assumptions about things. You do more harm by destroying potential opportunities for people that are in fact legitimate.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughtful comment. However, I made my judgement based on how likely I thought it was to be a scam. And this is all down to how Moms Making Six Figures present themselves. They are extremely secretive about how they make their money, how much money they make, what the organisation actually does.

      The Moms Making Six Figures website is full of positive vibes about how much this can change your life, but no real information about what is involved. This is classic scam-like behaviour. So I don’t claim to have tried it myself, I am merely stating what it looks like and making an educated judgement based on that.

      If Moms Making Six Figures is as genuine as you make it out to be, why are they not more transparent on their website about what is actually involved? I put it to you that it is not me who is harming their reputation, it is Moms Making Six Figures themselves. By having such a scam-like approach to their internet marketing, they have dug their own hole. All I’m doing is pointing at out.

      But you are right, I probably should fill out the contact form on their website, to see what response I get. I will add it to my “to do” list to pretend to be a stay-at-home mother, and I’ll see what they say. But one’s thing’s for sure, I’m not paying any money to them.

      All the best,

  7. Alexx

    Ok. This has to be Melaleuca or Herbalife or Amway.

    Melaleuca- a non-profit I used to volunteer at got PENNIES from one of their MLM reps claiming that products bought from her contributed to 3 different charities (one for each demographic she preyed upon).

    Herbalife – I’ve seen so much crap all over social media from these guys, like cockroaches… they’re just exhausting. And their leader, oh this health business, killed himself with cocaine for Pete’s sake! Talk about buying in to a hard sell!

    Amway – I have family who embarrassed themselves with this mess for years. Amway changed their name but the reps still bait you in until the door slams at the “meeting”, then they switch it on you after hours of time you’ll never get back. My family for YEARS used the totally misleading, “anybody can do it” WHILE THEY FAILED TO DO IT! FOR LIKE 20 YEARS! LOL. And not everybody can sell vitamins or scams!

    MLMs literally ruin the marketing for what could otherwise be a well priced good product.

    And the members get attached to the big paycheck, then are fiends that will do anything to keep it! I’ve literally been GIVEN starter packs for people who had to buy followers that month to keep their paycheck!

    And don’t even get me started on the buy-ins, which everyone has to work to justify having done.

    Great article. Good lookin’ out. Alexx

    • Thanks for your extremely thoughtful comment Alexx. I’m pretty sure it’s Melaleuca.

      My main question I would have for the owner of his is: how many of the mom’s actually make six figures? The validity of it really rests on that. If many of them do in fact earn six figures, then it could be worthwhile doing. I suspect most of them don’t earn six figures. Or it could be that all of them combined earn a total of six figures. Either way it would be misleading.

      • Penny

        The Melaleuca that this person is referring to is not a volunteer or a nonprofit organization. I would suggest contacting Mom’s Making Six Figures and listening to what they have to say. You don’the have to disguise that you are a stay at home mom. Really investigate what they are about before making these totally inaccurate accusations.

  8. John


    I have seen this Moms Making Six Figures advertised several times. When looking at the ad they always send you a person living in your area. It is the same person or similar person no matter what area I was in when this ad popped up.

    On their website they do not give any information on what it takes to make this six figure, they do state that not everyone will make that much. They do state that you will get out of it what you put into it. I want to see what it takes to run this six figure business before I sign up.


  9. sharon

    You are all soooooo wrong. This company is amazing. It is definitely not a scam. It is also not an MLM. I met with them and drank the kool-aid. Yes, it’s a job and takes work. It also delivers amazing results. Just because some website posts it… doesn’t make it true. My guess is that none of you had the wherewithall or go getter spirit to be successful anyway. You’re better off working for some retail giant for $10-$15/hr

  10. John D

    It’s Melaleuca. I attended a webinar last week with someone from this group. It bothers me that they claim not to be MLM, but they are. You’re paid multiple levels down in your organization and you are compensated for recruiting new distributors. (Note: I am NOT against MLM – just against them distancing themselves from it.)

    The person who I interacted with was very dishonest with her approach to getting me to hear about the opportunity, so I would never buy a product and join under her.

  11. Jess

    This is one of the best reviews that I have seen in quite a while, thank you for sharing! Your insight into what indicates a scam and what usually indicates a legitimate company is really very good. It’s very insightful.

    I’m very saddened by the fact that this company is trying to take advantage of moms that only want to make a better life for their families. I wonder how the owners can sleep at night knowing that they are making money off of unsuspecting, innocent people.

    Great looking out for your readers, Marcus.


    • Marcus

      Thank you, Jess. I’m glad you liked it. I agree, it’s a shame that there are these people that make money off of unsuspecting people.

  12. Dianne

    I generally do not waste my time with these posts, however I noticed you used her photo and information trying to get people to look at what you have to offer. The only way you can “expose” something is if you know all the details…clearly you do not! She and the group of men and women on her team have done a remarkable job of helping MANY people change their lives when they had NO hope! It’s apparent you have your own personal agenda for attention. Try making your own way and not using others in a negative fashion, then you will be successful personally and internally… Who have you helped today ?? She has helped many !!!

    • As I’ve said before, if this is a genuine opportunity, why does their sales page show so many signs of being a scam? If they are so good, they need to rethink their approach on their sales page. Only a complete moron would have a scammy sales page if it’s not a scam. If they have nothing to hide, why are they so vague with on their sales page? If what they offer is so great, why not be up front about it? The offer that I direct people towards is totally up front about what it is and the training, tools and support it provides.

      Of course, if you can provide evidence that Moms Making Six Figures is not a scammy pyramid scheme, I will include it here and revise my review accordingly. Now is your chance. Don’t waste it! A golden opportunity once and for all to finally prove what Moms Making Six Figures actually does to help people.

      Of course I have my own agenda, and it’s probably going to do more to help people than Moms Making Six Figures does. You have your own agenda too, as you have probably been sent by Moms Making Six Figures to try to repair their bad reputation. Yet you have not provided any examples of how Moms Making Six Figures actually helps people, you have only asserted that they do. Whereas my offer is clearly laid out, showing what people get in return for joining. There’s no vagueness like there is with Moms Making Six Figures.

      To answer your final question, I have not helped anyone so far today because it’s not even 9am yet. But I do help people every day from inside Wealthy Affilite. You literally have no idea how helpful everyone is in there. And the best part is, you could even join for free right now and see for yourelf.

  13. Glenn

    After reading your article I decided to go onto the site moms making six figures. I found the whole site very vague. As you said they don’t go into any depth about products. If it is a reputable site and as a member your role is to education others about their products – surely they should be making an effort to at least advise what products they are talking about.

    I personally wouldn’t get involved. In fact I couldn’t even find where to sign up – just the contact page, unless I missed something.

    It would be interesting to leave details and see where it led. Hopefully it is a genuine site and people aren’t getting ripped off but somehow I doubt it.

  14. Angelina


    I read your post and decided to take it a little further. I gave them my contact info (which is actually the same info that you are asking me to provide to post something on here) and they contacted me. They explained that they basically refer people to shop online at Melaleuca.

    They wrote to me and stated that they were hosting an online educational overview about the online store and that I could login if I wished. I said yes and attended the overview online and what I learned was that Melaleuca is just an online store that sells healthy products. They spoke a little bit about the different product lines. They said that if you want to just shop every now and then you can, but if you want to buy the products at a 30%-50% discount, you have to become a prefered customer. Just like Costco (at least that’s what they compared themselves to) you pay an annual membership fee to shop at a discounted price. $29 is for your first year and then I believe they said $12 for every year you renew your membership. They say you can cancel at anytime.

    Near the end of the presentation, they said that as an added bonus, customers that refer people to shop at Melaleuca get some bonuses and then they explained what they do to make money through the Melaleuca referral system.

    The presentation lasted about 40mins and it had a lot of detailed information. I actually kinda prefer the presentation way of letting people know about things, because I am such a clutz at actually reading information out of websites. I just kinda breeze through the sentences and I don’t always grab all the details, but that’s just me…lol!

    After the presentation, I gave them my number and they called me back and asked me if I wanted to become a preferred customer and if I wanted to start my own business referring people from home to shop. I just said no, that I was actually just curious because I had read a really bad review on you guys. The lady that called me back (I think her name was Dana) started thanking me a lot for attending and that she hoped that I had received a better impression. We talked a bit more about it and then I hung up.

    So there you have it, my honest review… and frankly it didn’t seem as scary as it was written here. I hope my review helped.

    • Hi Angelina,

      Thank you for such a wonderfully detailed report on your experiences with Moms Making Six Figures. This is so helpful, I may put it near the top of my blog post as it provides some much-needed insight into the program.

      One question, though: do you think the name “Moms Making Six Figures” is accurate? Do you think the average mom taking part in this program will be likely to earn a six-figure income?

      All the best,

      • Angelina

        Hi Marcus, sorry it took me awhile to respond. I hadn’t noticed that you asked me a question.

        Well, to answer your question, I think it’s possible if you work hard. It didn’t seem like a “get rich quick scam” to me. But I think you can earn six figures at any home based business if you work hard at it. I’ve seen people earn six figures selling AVON. I think that’s the beauty of having your own business. You sure won’t earn six figures by working per hour for someone else. I guess it all comes down to consistency, persistence, and hard work.

        The question seems a little unfair, though, I mean… I don’t mean to sound rude, but I don’t think you would be likely to ask “The Dollar Store” if their name is accurate when they rarely sell things for a dollar, hehehe… I think the name is just meant to invite people, kinda like if you are looking for a cheap rental car and you read “Budget Rental Car” (which by the way is not always as cheap as they sound).

        Also, I guess if the average mom has a realistic goal to make a six-figure income by working part time, she could. Don’t think you can do that within 3 months.

        I couldn’t do the MM6F thing. I don’t have the focus for that, but I am interested in the wellness products they sell. We actually have a Melaleuca store here in Puerto Rico, but it’s a little far. Ordering products online at a discounted price seems like a better bet.

        Thanks for the questions, though. If I were to work from home, I think being an affiliate marketer is a better bet for me…lol

  15. I was involved with “Melaleuca, Inc. for Sixteen years… a few of them actually weren’t bad. And, we enjoyed using many of the products. However, as the years went by…. it became very scheme-ish. I believe Melaleuca, Inc. Is a, Senseless, MLM, Pyramid _-_ Scheme.
    º https://www.google.com/search?q=Is+melaleuca+a+mlm+pyramid

    ConsumerProtection ProtectingVeteransRights

    ºp- Melaleuca politics: https://www.google.com/search?q=Melaleuca+politics
    º https://www.google.com/search?q=ftc+how+does+melaleuca+inc%2C+get+away+with+the+endless+fraud
    º http://awumoms.com/sample/index_en.php (Alan D. Pariser /Presents/ AWU)
    º https://www.google.com/search?q==frivolous+lawsuits+melaleuca

    Go sell your dream! ~KK

    P.S. The $24,000,000.00 + Mela_Shill “Alan D.Pariser” Terminated me with a phone call.
    Then, Pariser- threatened me with a restraining order- if I exposed his threats /talk.
    #DeniedDueProcess #MLM #Antitrust #DOJ #RicoConcerns
    #Caselaw ¶ https://www.google.com/search?q=melaleuca+case+law

    Rinse, lather, Repeat… . MLM/ FTC/ Pyramids/ Endless Chains. “Respectfully.”
    º https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/blogs/business-blog/2015/08/how-pyramids-are-built-inside-look
    º https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/bogus-business-opportunities
    º http://ecowatch.com/2014/01/30/cosmetics-companies-secret-status-skirt-toxins-law/
    º https://www.multivitaminguide.org/Melaleuca-vitamins-reviews.html
    ºº LGBT+issues/ https://www.google.com/search?q=Melaleuca…LGBT+issues%E2%87%93

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill ~[][][]~

    *I pray for federal Protections= as well as swift- intervention, and restructuring of this “NoRecruitNoPay” MLM/pramid scheme & societal_-_Menace.

    *Clue__ https://www.google.com/search?q=melaleuca+convenience+certificates /slippage/skim 8/80+m? S.O.S. #FTC #DoJ #FBI

    ¹=The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting …
    First Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia, the free …

    Ken Klocke’s living.code™ (l.c.) “Thesis”
    Intellectual property rights notice: All Rights Reserved (l.c/ip)\
    Copyright KK© 2014-2016

  16. Awesome review Marcus,
    From the title itself, Moms making 6 Figures sounds fishy already. But as all MLM firms, they’ve put up a lot of money to making a very good first impression with the beautiful videos and motivational quotes to push us into taking that leap of faith which will eventually be our own undoing.

    I’m not a sexist or anything but nothing good comes out of an entirely female organisation. Limits the potential and capabilities in my opinion. The same goes to other organisations who only limit their members to only one race or one religion. Diversity helps develop new skills and growth faster. Awesome review as always man, I hope you can save many people their time and money on better things. Cheers!

    • Thanks, Riaz. Yes, “leap of faith” is the best way to put it. When I looked at the Moms Making Six Figures website, there was really no actual information about what it involves. Become I’m not a mom, I didn’t want to sign up to find out. Also, I suspect the title is mileading. The moms that are making the six figures are those that are running the Moms Making Six Figures club, not those that join later on. That’s the trick, I think, to lead people to believe that by joining they too will earn 6 figures.

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