1. Gus

    You are absolutely right!

    You perspective is correct and you focus right to the point. The place is full of scammers trying to steal people who are trying to make their first steps in Internet Marketing.

    Imagine 1000 having the same pre-build websites, with the same articles, the same keywords, the same layouts … fighting for a place in the first page … the only thing they will get is a good place in the last page since search engines will punish them for bad content and for copy-pasting the same articles.

    It’s a total loss of money and time!

    Thanks for posting


  2. Thank you for writing such a helpful post!

    It can be very confusing trying to work out what programme to follow or package to buy, especially when a lot of them turn out to be scams just set up to part you with your money.

    Very interesting reading, and I will be back soon to read more.

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