1. Derek

    Hello Marcus!

    This is a great post. Legit Online Jobs definitely sounds far from legitimate. Even though they are not making false claims of overnight success, they definitely undersell the work involved with a PPC campaign. They are selling people on the dream and taking advantage of beginners in the industry. Your review is spot on!

    Thank you for the information!


  2. Kristina

    Hi Marcus! Thanks for a good an thorough review. It is so sad that all these scammers don’t realize they could make a lot of money doing things that are legit instead of wasting time on hurting people, I just don’t get it! And they mostly prey on people who are desperate, it’s so shameful! Love that you checked these guys out and placed this warning.
    Regards, Kristina

  3. Eoin Mc Carthy

    Legit? Maybe just about, but I’d seriously doubt that the average Joe is going to get anything but a pain in the proverbial out of this racket. And they are more likely to be down a few bob. It doesn’t look to me like one of those big scams where they keep trying to suck you in further and further as they leech more and more dosh out of you, but at the same time — some of the good rackets just take a smaller amount knowing that the losers will just write off their losses and not make a lot of noise – allowing the racket to keep going longer under the guise of a LEGIT biz

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