1. As someone who has thought about writing Kindle books, I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has taken this course.
    Outsourcing to the Phillipinnes sounds very off to me. You pay these people by the hour to write books for you? That doesn’t make sense.
    Do they write the book and you put your name on it or what?
    Do they get paid after you make your sales?
    What happens if they don’t write well?
    I don’t know. It all sounds a bit ambiguous and I don’t fancy ripping off writers from poor countries if they can write good content that sells.

    • I know what you mean. I’ve personally never been keen on getting someone whose first language isn’t English to write me something. Any time I’ve seen the results of foreign workers it has not been good.

      • Angry Bird

        Exactly, I once hired someone on Fiverr to write a blog post for me. The person claimed they were from the U.S. The final text looked like it was machine-generated. Sheer horror, no grammar. A messy dirty word salad!

        • Yes, if you pay someone only $4 to write an article (Fiverr takes $1 for themselves), there’s a high chance that either they will use an article spinner or English won’t be their first language. Either way, it’s not good. I’ve found Text Broker to be a good place to get good articles written.

    • John Seymour

      I took this course a while ago. I used it to have a couple books written for me but I was more interested in publishing a book I wrote myself.

      It’s a great course and when you join, you’ll find there’s a lot of people who succeed with it.

      However selling books written by other people, that are basically just there to make you money isn’t great for the end consumer.

      If your looking to write your own books and publish them, for sure it’s a great course for that.

      I typically make between $100-$200 a month from my one book.

      • Anja

        Thank you so much John. I 100% agree with you about keeping the writing of your kindle in your own hands. I am not sure if you read this, but how much time does it take to write a Kindle e-book yourself? I am considering taking this course and your plain review helps a lot. I think we share the opinion that quality for your reader is most important and I am very happy to learn from you, that this course is great, even if you don’t go for outsourcing everything to others. I might outsource the cover though, on fiverr there are some great designers for that. Thanks again and have a great day!!!


    • Brian N

      * The people in the Philippines are performing virtual assistant work (They do good work for cheap. They are paid well by their own income standards)

      * The books are written by English speaking ghost writers mainly from Britain, USA, Canda and Australia). Ghost writers are a common practice in publishing.

      * Outsource? Yes outsource, there is nothing wrong with it. You pay for the service (ie. editing, writing, cover production, marketing, Virtual Assistant etc.), there are no commissions because you for paid for work. Some workers will provide better product than others, just like when you retain any professional service you may need to get work samples before establishing an ongoing working relationship.

      * You have to learn the strategies and work at them logically. Your results will be directly related to the quality you put into your product and simple marketing. You can earn on average 2K to 7K per month (15-20 hrs a week) with about 100 books. (each book can cost a between $150.00 – $200.00 a piece to produce)

      Basically you need to sell your books on multiple platforms to earn good money, Kindle is only one platform. You will need to integrate a web based presence and email list along with social media marketing to advance your SEO results. Re-invest in quality books with a good portion of your profit to increase your product exposure (scale up).

      Yes, at first, you need to work diligently at it. Once you have the foundation established and the products begin to produce fruit you can scale back your time and maintain the base, or you can continue to grow your business. You will need to periodically replenish books as they slow in monthly sales…replace the duds with better product. Keep the sellers, cull the duds. I bundle the duds so folks think they are getting a deal. Hey why not, if it sells..right!

      Go to YouTube and research the various kindle publishing videos, there is enough free videos to keep you bust for months.

      You can publish a book for $0.00 out of pocket to see how much work it is, then you will appreciate paying somebody a little money to produce a product better than you could have done. Save your time for projects and tasks worthy of your time and efforts.

      Have I Kindle published? Yes, and I’m making pretty decent money after only 4 months with 25 books. ($1700.00 month with 10-12 hrs work per week) My current monthly total accounts for three platforms the 25 books are sold on. The monthly amount made by those 25 books goes up every month. I have another 4 books in the works. My weekly work effort remains the same, but the book count increases monthly as does monthly sales. My current goal is to publish about 100 books to make a conservative estimate of $6K-$7K\Month. Some make much more, some a little less. I’m still a newbie and learning as I go along by trial and error… (The niches of Erotica, Romance and Self Help are working okay for now)

      I bought the K Money Mastery course just a week ago so I have not had a chance to implement some of good strategies I just learned from the course. (I already knew quite a bit about kindle self publishing from YouTube videos prior to buying the K-Money course)

      The lifetime membership course was under $70.00 (don’t purchase the up sells). The course cost will be recovered in the first month or two by the increased sales I will credit from the program.

      As you can tell from my post I am no writer. Who said you had to be a writer to be a publisher? I publish books as a part time form of income (maybe full time at this rate). Kindle publishing is a business that I own, the products are mine to do with as I please. K-Money is not a writing course, it’s a business model to replicate as a Kindle publisher\business owner.

      Hit me back with any questions…



      • Hi Brian,

        Thank you so much for your detailed insights into Kindle publishing. It sounds great.

        I think my main question at this point would be: if I was to do it all myself to save on costs at the beginning, how long would it be before I earned say $1000 per month?

        All the best,

  2. I have seen this guy called Stefan Pylarinos before on Project live mastery.
    He always leaves a questions mark on people’s head. He talks about how easy it is to make money online, but the reality is more than that. A little false promise there.

    Thanks for your review here. Really awesome!
    Hope people can make a wise decision on how to make money online.


  3. Joanne

    Thank you for a great review Marcus, I also wondered about how genuine this was – there are so many ‘get rich quick’ fake businesses out there now which is scary.

    Your list of factors was really helpful and I hope they help to avoid others making some costly mistakes!

  4. Marie

    Hi Marcus thanks for reviewing this, I’m also looking to get into Kindle publishing although I hadn’t got as far as looking to sign up to a programme.

    Like some of your other comments I would be skeptical of mass production using someone else’s labour, even if this scheme is genuine, and as you say they aren’t trying to hide how it operates.

    The big question for me would be the ethical side of it and how it ultimately might affect your own readers if they knew this was how the book was compiled?

    It’s definitely really interesting and thanks for highlighting it.

  5. Travis Smithers

    I really like the detail that you put into this article. Like you I have not heard of K Money Mastery either until your post.
    With the Internet as large as it is there will always be new things popping up and knowing what is genuine and what is a scam will possibly get harder. Its great to have people like yourself looking into these different systems to find out what makes them tic.
    Your other link to Wealthy affiliate is truly a very good system that has been working for people over the years.
    Thanks for the up date.

  6. Nat

    I just purchased the new edition of this course. I’ve been following Stefan’s blog for a while – I do believe some people can make big money on kindle, I do feel dubious about outsourcing and the quality of the writing – I do plan on writing my own ebooks too however. I’ve no idea what to expect with it, I will let you know how it goes. (I’m also a WA member!)

        • Andrew I.

          Hey Marcus,

          Do you think there are other better courses for someone who wants to publish in kindle, but without outsourcing the writing? Recommendations? Maybe I can just get all the info for free on youtube? Or is this ok even if I dont outsource. I am looking to get into publishing on Kindle, first my own made books, then maybe if I get greedy i might look into oursourcing. Priority wise, I am looking for another source of income, which is legitimate, and possible to make decent earnings from. Thanks for your time.

          • If you have the time, it’s best to start out writing your own books. If you want to pay for high quality writing, it’s definitely going to cost you a lot more than just $5 fro Fiverr. It’s best to leave outsourcing until you have enough spare money coming in to pay for high quality outsourcers. If you know what kind of topics you want to write about, and you can write, you’re probably pretty much sorted. The only other thing is keyword research, which you can find oout about on Youtube here.

  7. Matthew Thomas

    Man, this is a tough one because he seems genuine, but the income on “autopilot” makes me skeptical. Every time I hear words like that for make money online services, it’s typically a red flag. I hope K Money Mastery is legitimate for the sake of those who join, but do you have any recommendations for services that you believe are much less of a risk?

  8. Todd

    Hey Marcus,

    Great review of Kindle Money Mastery. I think without going through the program it’s tough to say it’s a scam, but at the same time, there’s so many obvious points you’ve made that are all tall tale signs of online scams that would make me think the K money mastery is a scam.

    Plus, have you ever noticed that most reputable online educational programs or services let you come in and check them out for free. It’s because real businesses are confident in their services that they allow this.

    Scams want to take the money and run. Great review.

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s very true, Todd. The legit sites usually let you test it out for free, because they are so confident that you will like it that you will stay.

  9. Alan

    Thanks for your review about Kindle Money Mastery.

    Although i haven’t tried it does seem genuine at first but the moment he mentions you can profit from somebody else’s efforts and you have to pay to try it there he lost me i guess.

    You’d be paying the membership plus the outsourcing also if i understood correctly.

    Have you got any recommendations about any legit programs that lets you try it for free before signing up?

    • Marcus

      Yes, you will be paying the membership fee and also paying to outsource the writing. So you could end up spending quite a bit of money before you make any money. It’s far better to try Wealthy Affiliate . At least you can try that for free for the first 10 lessons to see whether you like it.

      • Shaun

        Give up on WA man. I did it for awhile and most of the people on there will not make up the money you pay for it. Trust me. They make it sound so easy to do, but it’s really not and ended up being more a waste of my time. I just wouldn’t get your hopes up for making a legitimate amount of money with it

  10. Ronn

    If I were judging this strictly on personality I would say that it’s not a scam. I’ve been following Stefan on YouTube and through his podcast for about a year now. He comes across as genuine and interested in helping people grow a business. One thing I definitely agree with him on is the business mindset that’s required. His idea is that you may start out writing your own books, but that’s a slow process and if you want to grow a business you have to think long term, as in – writer today, publisher tomorrow. I think where a lot of people get confused is when he talks about how much money he makes per month they aren’t realizing that while he has over 150 Kindle books, he also runs about a dozen other businesses dealing with internet marketing, selling physical books through Createspace, sales of physical products on Amazon and he’s a full-time success coach teaching individuals and classes. If you lump all of that together then his claims make sense.

    Honestly, with all that going on the idea that it’s somehow hands off doesn’t make sense, it seems VERY hands on. Books need to be written, edited, uploaded, covers have to be created and uploaded and then the whole shebang has to be marketed. He constantly talks about outsourcing as much as possible so that the creative process doesn’t get bogged down. Again, sounds like common sense to me.

    For my own part, I have been watching the most recent set of videos he put out for free that cover the 7 business models he uses to make money. I think this more than anything else has convinced me to take the plunge and buy his paid program. It looks like the free videos cover just about everything only leaving off specific items that are covered in the paid version, which again makes sense to me, no business gives away its hard-earned intellectual property for free. He’s offering the 7 free videos from his main link at the project life mastery website.

    One of the things that made it more real to me what his admission that it took him almost 2 years to make any money at all from publishing kindle books. I guess he just sees it as the best ‘entry point’. I plan to write my own books. If I deviate from that it will be to have segments of books written for me by another writer in order to speed the process. So I’ve accepted that it might take a little while to start seeing a ROI, but that’s the game with starting any business, isn’t it? Nothing ever comes easily or quickly.

    If this is a scam it sure is an elaborate one because he gives away a lot of his secrets for free.

    • Thank you for your great insight, Ronn. Just one thing bothers me, though: if he gives away so much for free, doesn’t that mean that the paid product doesn’t contain much in additional to the free stuff? So is it really particularly good value for money?

      • Ronn

        My guess is that the paid product may offer things that he’s holding back like specific web sites, contact names and numbers, or specific step by step methods for writing, publishing, creating keywords, ways to improve rankings, etc…

        The other thing might be the access to forums or even direct access to Stefan. Any venture always works better when you’re on the ‘inside’, so maybe that’s what’s left.

        Is access to a forum worth $67? I guess you’d have to join to find out, but I think that being around like minded individuals probably helps speed up the process, if nothing else.


    • Avid

      I agree with Ronn I don’t think it is a scam I think he is just getting rich of the Full disclosure program and the other products. He is a sale man and if it works then go for it.

  11. James

    One of the reasons he makes so much money is due to this series. He even has a monthly breakdown of his auto-piloted income, and this is one of his top earners. So the way he makes 10k+ monthly is partially due to this, which is ironic.

    • Yes, that’s the funny thing about “make money online” products like this. Any time they show you their earnings, you can bet that most of those earnings come from selling the product you are thinking of buying. It’s like with George Brown’s Google Sniper. He shows the stats from inside his Clickbank account. But what he doesn’t tell you is that’s the account which he uses to sell Google Sniper, so it’s not money he earned from using the methods taught in Google Sniper.

  12. Brendan

    Hi Marcus,

    I noticed above you were asking how long it would take to earn over $1000 per month using this course.

    I bought this course and published my first book in March 2015 and by December 2015 I was making over $1000 per month. I was only working between 3 and 5 hours a week because I was working full time at my web design job.

    My income from my online business has now overtaken what I make from my job so I do this full time.

    I want to stress that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Getting to the point where I’m making a full-time income took about 15 months. It would have probably been quicker if I’d spent more than 5 hours a week working on it but I wanted to do this on the side and have a life as well.

    Hope that helps!

      • Brendan

        Hi Marcus,

        Well, I spend between 5 – 10 hours a week on that business but I’m also getting into Merch By Amazon / Redbubble / Teespring (Print on Demand Tshirts) to diversify my income.

        I just wanted to prove to anyone reading this that the course really does work if you are prepared to commit to it fully and not give up.

        • With Amazon, are you doing it as an affiliate, or are you doing Fulfilled by Amazon?

          I’ve heard of Teespring before. I took a look at a guide called Teeshirt Income Starter. Is that how you got into it?

          I don’t think I’ve heard of Redbubble before. What’s that about?

  13. Jack

    Absolute scam! This guy has figured a way to create something out of nothing using internet resources. Just another scammer making money off stupid people. You CANNOT get rich with this, it is a scheme. Look on craigslist under writers and you see ads looking for article writers paying 3 cents a page. These are Kindle scammers who put these scamphlets together and sell them on Amazon/Kindle as something worthy. It’s all bull. These videos are merely a promotion tool, use your common sense. Don’t be so gullible.

    • Thanks for the information, Jack. I suppose that’s the thing, when we are implementing ways to earn money online we need to be careful not to just churn out rubbish. It’s a shame that people are creating bad quality Kindle books.

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