1. Holly

    Hi Marcus,

    I love your post – it is really useful information for anyone who has their own business and is ready to take it one step further! I also really like the fact that you are so honest with the price and explain in full details the pros and cons – preventing anyone from being misled who just wants to make a quick buck. I will definitely keep this software in mind moving forward with my own business 🙂

  2. Doug

    Hi Marcus wow seems like you have put a lot of time and effort on your reviews about scams ,And building your website, I am quite new to WA but I Have seen a lot of scam websites out their ,when I was looking for a way to earn money on line I was fortunate enough to come upon,WA I did follow a link after typing in, Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam, I think it was written by Kyle, He was so convincing I decided to have a closer look ,And my verdict was it is NOT A scam, we need people like you to bring it to the attention of the public,about all these make money Quick scams , Well done MARCUS.

  3. Igor

    Hello Marcus!

    Interesting review. I know that these things are done and there is a strong trend for it. More and more businesses are getting their apps out there for the reasons you are explaining. But I never really got in touch with it before. $97 per month is not much if you know that it will do something of value for the business.

    Great info!

  4. Justin

    This is a nice review, it is refreshing to see someone who is reviewing products that are out there that might be able to help people who need it. This product could even be useful to the people at Wealthy Affiliate. I think that what you are doing by reviewing these products can be very beneficial to everybody, even the Wealthy Affiliate community.

  5. Brandon

    Great review I like seeing new ways to make money online. This does seem legit. I never heard of this but it does sound tempting. A while ago I wanted to learn how to code so I could make mobile apps, but it seems like this may be an easier way to do so. I know it will save me years and also time. $97 bucks a month is a bit expensive…but I think it may be worth it in the long run.

  6. anthony

    Great site! If i could afford it right now i would definitely sign up for app wizard! besides the pricing, you gave very few things wrong with the app wizard i know nothing is perfect so what difficulties might i run into when i purchase this. Also since I don’t need t wait for apples approval does that mean it’s not completely supported by them? Thank you for showing and recommending App wizard to me!

    • Marcus

      Yes, you are right, the apps you create will probably not be officially approved by Apple, but I don’t see that as a reason not to give it a try.

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