1. Peter

    Hello Marcus and thanks for this great article on Google Sniper. Like you, claims of ridiculously high potential earnings always set my alarm bells ringing. It really bugs me when the words ‘up to’ as in ‘Earn up to $2,556.80 a day’ are used. ‘Up to’ is used in all sorts of advertising and basically renders any statement almost completely meaningless, because ‘up to’ $2,556.80 is, of course, absolutely anything over zero! Very annoying.
    Cheers, I’ll be avoiding Google Sniper.

    • You are absolutely right, Peter. A shoe store could equally say, “If you buy these new running shoes, you will be able to run UP TO 100 miles!” It makes absolutely no sense in the real world.

  2. Viljoen

    Hi Marcus.

    Great review on Google Sniper. It is very rare to earn more than $2000 per day. It is not impossible, but maybe the top internet marketers can do something like this.

    You are right in the sense that Google does not like very small websites. Google tends to move more to authority websites.


  3. Jill

    Everyone should avoid this like the plague. Sadly I signed up to this and it’s a complete scam. It took me 2 months of continuous emails but I did eventually get my money back – not from George Brown but from Clickbank. What a nightmare.

    • Yeah, so much for the money back guarantee. I think scammers like George Brown get so rich because they make it so difficult to get a refund. Some people will just give up, and George will hold onto their money.

  4. Sebastien

    Hi Marcus! Cool site you got there …I like reviews on these kind of sites …makes it easier to filter the good from the bad.

  5. Glen

    I am just wondering, with all the scammers sprouting everywhere like mushrooms, are there laws against scammers in the internet? Or is it completely legal to do such stuff?

    • Well, the thing is, it’s not so bad if the person is able to easily get a refund. The problem happens when the company refuses to give them their money.

  6. tinnakon

    If making such amount of money is easy on daily basis I won’t tell anyone about that because I will do it all on my own or with my partner. It is better than getting 47$ from anyone per month. Your review is clear and straight forward. I really don’t want people to believe in any online money making scheme before reading related article.

    • Exactly! If it was really that easy to make such a huge amount of money without much effort, George could just repeat his own method endlessly. The fact that he needs to sell Google Sniper to make money just proves that his own methods don’t work as well as he claims they do.

  7. Hannah

    Hey Marcus.

    I nearly ended up signing up for Google Sniper, then thankfully I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. It was a no brainer – use the money to sign up for WA! I’m so glad I made this decision.

    Google Sniper did sound very tempting. My need for more money was starting to outweigh my sense. I had already been scammed a few times in the past by some of these “make money fast and easy” programs so was starting to get a bit desperate to earn back the money I had lost.

    Thanks for this review! Hopefully you will help many more people to make the right decision and NOT get Google Sniper!


    • Marcus

      The thing is, Hanna, it would be so tempting to conclude from all these scams that the best way to earn a truckload of money online is to scam people. Why not just create a bad quality course like Google Sniper and then con loads of people into buying it? But I am better than that, you are better than that, we’re all better than that.

  8. Brian

    Hi there Marcus,
    I guess the moral of the story is, learn to make a manual that can show you how to make a manual. lol. That’s kind of what this sounds like.
    As the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, there’ll be someone standing there with full pockets, and it won’t be you. 🙂
    Keep up the good work with your site. It looks great and seems to have allot going on here.

  9. G.C.Horton

    You nailed it when you rated Google Sniper as awful. Yep, that sums it up.

    I remember when Google Sniper first came out several years ago. It gamed the search engines. Google and the other search engines closed that loophole pronto.

    Now Google Sniper is just a scam. You can’t game the search engines, you have to give them quality content and that takes time and effort, which means building a real, honest to goodness business.

    Your #1 Recommendation is the only place teaching how to honestly build an online business that I know of.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it’s crazy that Google Sniper is still being sold really, since the main technique he teaches no longers works.

  10. Jeff

    Thanks for sharing this information about Google Sniper. Based on your review it is not something that I’m going to check out because it definitely looks like a scam. I guess some people fall for these tactics – and give their money away to people promising the world with little work involved. I’m glad you pointed out that Google Sniper is a scam so it can be avoided.

  11. Ignorant720

    Hello Marcus,

    I was surprised to read about an online scam with the name “Google” inside…
    But as you told in your review and how I interpret the whole thing: it is definitely a scam.
    And I am glad that you made this review, cause till now I never heard about it actually.
    It is also a very clear review at the end of the review you know a lot about the website which is great!


  12. khan

    Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for providing such a deep insight about Google Sniper. I am very confused about this product because It is strange that most of the people rank this site very low, but this site is being searched heavily on the web.

    I liked your site and checked this often. Keep the good work continue.

    Again thanks.

    • Marcus

      Yes, the reason it is being searched for heavily is that a lot of people are promoting it. Just because a lot of people are promoting it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good product. It just means there’s a lot of hype surrounding it.

  13. Louis

    Marcus, I like your site. It is easy to navigate. I know very little about making money online, however; I found the articles I read to be very interesting and informative. I would visit your site again.

    Your article, ” How to Avoid Scams”, was very informative. When I read the signs of a scam, they do make a lot of sense. However, I can see some people “falling” for a scam out of desperation. Thinking that they found a way to make money.

    I read your article, “How to Build a Website”. I thought it could be written better. It quickly directs the reader towards Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about building a website. I feel you could have described more the process involved in one creating their own site.

  14. rufat

    Good review of another hot product. I tend to think Google Sniper is not a scam. To be honest, the product is very controversial. On the one hand, George’s product contains some good, proven strategies and there are some positive reviews from people who used his product. However, there are many negative reviews and the main reason is because George doesn’t live up to his promises and doesn’t provide any support. That’s why I think his product is by far not the best one on the web and there are much better trainings out there.

    • Marcus

      Well, a big reason to think it is a scam is because he lies. He says it won’t cost anything to use these methods, but it does. Also, I’m pretty sure that most of the money he makes is not from using his own methods, but from selling Google Sniper. So the way to make as much money as George Brown is not to follow the Google Sniper techniques but to create a product like Google Sniper and sell it using the same deceptive tactics that George does.

  15. Brandon

    I have definitely been in a situation of wondering to myself, “is this a scam”. These techniques would be very helpful with understanding how to tell which ones are legitimate and which ones are not. What you had mentioned about the contradicting selling line to get others to sign up for what you are selling, I have never noticed the truth in what you had said! I believe this would work for selling to some but may not work for the majority of those you are trying to sell to.

  16. Alblue

    Hi Marc, thank you for reviewing the Google Sniper. I don’t like how he shows somewhat unrealistic income just after signing up.

    I have been scammed before and became skeptical since then. I always look for negative reviews first and found your review here. Thank you for reviewing this program. Now I don’t need to waste my time and effort into this fishy program.

    I will check your other article about how to avoid scams too.

  17. Carlton Gonder

    Hi Marcus,
    Thank you for takin the time to inform me that Google Sniper would be a waste of time and money. I agree also that you have to put forth effort to get something in return. Your number one recommendation recommending Wealthy Affiliate is a great way of making money online and meeting a great community of people.
    Yours Truly,

  18. braxa0103@gmail.com

    This was an interesting post.

    Is Google Sniper a scam?

    I think you are right when you gave it a scam rating of 85%.

    Personality I dont think it’s a scam but I do believe that 85% of people who buy into the hype won’t make much money.

    I think that Google Sniper is an ineffective opportunity because it doesn’t give people enough practical, implementable information to act upon that is up-to-date.

    One of the biggest problems with Google Sniper is that it doesn’t seem to keep up to date with the latest developments with SERPS and a lot of people who try to implement the techniques will not get the success that they want.

    I think your post will save people a lot of wasted time and money and you’ve done the community a great service by writing this post, coming from a position of integrity.

    Great stuff.

  19. netp

    Thanks marcus – I have heard of the name google sniper before but I hadn’t looked into it. It’s strange people are still trying to show people how to create this mini niche sites when it’s been shown that google no longer likes these sites. Did the mini ones that you put up rank very well – did you have any success with them at all?…. I wonder how long this scam can stay live once people know it doesn’t work and has multiple bad reviews. :/

  20. JIM

    Gsniper I had never looked into that one did not know that I had not tried them all. Thanks for the heads up. I will avoid that like the plaque.
    I like the factors on genuine and scams. Really does show the good and bad.
    When they ask for pay upfront I sprint instead of walk away.
    As for the shot of his commissions I can get that by doing a search on google for images
    Great Work and Good Luck

  21. Michel

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could just set up a few little sites and forget about them and still earn money.

    That is why there are so many junk sites floating around in cyberspace, just not getting any traffic.

    The only way to build a website is slowly and carefully. You also need to keep adding to it to keep it fresh. Get the training you need for this, but it doesn’t look like it is going to come from Google Sniper.

    • Marcus

      Michel, everything you say is absolutely right and 100% spot on. The reason why so many people fail and making money online is because they think it is going to be really easy. The truth is, it’s not. It takes time and effort, but it is definitely worthwhile. You just have to look at the success that Colton had to see what hard work and consistent effort can do eventually.

  22. Todd

    You know I’ve looked into Google Sniper as well. It does have the typical hype that most scams proclaim of making fast cash easily, etc.

    But more than this, Google Sniper isn’t updated often and the training material still recommends strategies like submitting articles to article directories for back links.

    Kind of outdated. Now Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is updated all the time to benefit their students. Plus you get support every step of the way, and it’s easy to learn.

    Good to read your review, thanks.

    • Marcus

      Yes, it’s dangerous that it recommends outdated techniques. The whole thing of posting to article directories for backlinks is a thing of the past. I remember doing that technique about 7 years ago, but not today.

  23. Andrew

    I think its about time that this product was removed from sale! I tried Google Sniper years ago and to be fair I did make some decent money using the methods that are taught with this training. However, things have changed so much and most of us know that these techniques no longer work. Come on George, come up with something better and take the Google Sniper site offline!

  24. George

    That’s a great review.

    Wow I am surprised Google Sniper is still around. I have always considered it as an over advertised sham and now I know why.

    Thanks for posting this man. It is about to save lots of folks in their endeavour to make some real money online.

    • Marcus

      Thank you, George. Yes, unfortunatel it is still around. It has gone through a couple of new versions since it original ycame out years ago, but it still seems to contain a lot of outdated information.

  25. Owain

    When I saw that sentence that says hurry last few spots remaining then you instantly think hang on is this a scam. The big money making claim is also a big giveaway.

    To me putting in the hard work and effort is the only way to make it online. And to do this you need to do affiliate marketing.

    Thank you for this site to warn people of these scams, and also this post.

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