1. Hi Marcus. After reading your review on “Get Cash For Surveys,” I think it is obvious that these types of websites are never what they claim. I have been involved with a few survey sites and not a one of them could ever put that kind of money into my PayPal account. They make it sound like it won’t take much of your time and the money will just pour in, but that is not reality. I definitely like your idea of building your own online business and earning money the real way. Great article!

  2. Hi Marcus,
    Good review. A long time ago when I first tried to make money online, I was burned by these same types of empty promise Scams. The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the people/community. No Scammers, just a bunch of people trying to achieve the same thing, an honest extra income. Cheers

  3. Floridalma Jimenez

    Definitely thought that this was a helpful review. I think that you were very thorough with your arguments and you kind of really broke down how to assess if a company is a scam with a percentage rating. Great job, I think that you definitely make sure that every factor is taken into consideration when you are determining a companies authentication. -Floridalma WA

  4. Hannah

    Hey Marcus.

    I’ve tried to earn through doing surveys. The problem I found as that on the rare occasion there was actually a survey to do, I would get a few questions in and get rejected as I “did not qualify” or “meet their criteria”.

    It could be because of my age, but it was usually just after I stated that I was unemployed.

    These surveys are extremely biased and never earned me more than £5 (even that was after hours of sitting there doing mind-numbing surveys for hours and days on end!).

    Thanks for the read.

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s very true, Hahhah. Its possible to spend quite a lot of time just trying to find surveys that you eligible for.

  5. Joanne

    Tried one of these years ago and although it wasn’t fake, I hardly qualified for any of the surveys so my earning potential was next to nothing. Don’t believe all their promises that’s for sure! The only thing worth doing online is building your own solid business that you have total control over!

  6. Lynne

    Hi Marcus, another great review! Thanks for sharing about Get Cash for Surveys. I came across them a while back and it just looked too good to be true. $3000 is a lot of money to be getting from just surveys, and then the fact you have to pay to join? Not likely, I certainly won’t be parting with my money for that.
    What survey companies would you recommend?

  7. Marie

    Hi Marcus thanks for your review I’m glad you followed through to see what the story was because I sometimes see them advertised.

    What is also strange is that most of the online surveys that I’ve seen can be completed for free, companies are just desperate for up to date marketing information, so why would you pay a company like this when there are plenty of (low) paid options out there.

  8. Bryan

    I have not tried to do the surveys thing yet. I can not imagine that they would pay that well. When i was looking into all the surveys were very low pay and you had to meet certain criteria to even get considered for them. Thanks for keeping everyone updated on these scam artists.

    • Marcus

      Well, you haven’t missed much. Best to keep away from the surveys, Bryan. You won’t ean much money, and you will end up with scam phonecalls and emails.

  9. brandon

    Hey Marcus,
    good review. All these survey sites are pretty deceptive. I’ve done research and even experts in the field say you can’t do surveys for a full time living. It’s only great for maybe making money to go the movies. Every legitimate survey site out there (Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, etc…Yes I’ve tried them) don’t pay much at all. You typically do a survey that might pay you 50 cents or a dollar for a half hour of your time. That’s crap for money. It’s great if you enjoy surveys but not to make good money. These survey sites where you have to pay typically just direct you to those free survey sites after you signed up. You’re just paying for free information.

  10. Alblue

    Hi Marcus. Thank you for your review about Get Cash For Surveys. This make me even more doubtful about earning money from online survey.

    Honestly, I’ve neve seen any online survey program that really work and clean of negative review. I’ve tried some of them, and usually I will end up with very few survey to take (with so many little payout and wasting my time).

    I agree with you that we should build our online business, because we hold control to it. I will check your number 1 recommendation. Thanks

  11. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hey Marcus , really can we make $3K per month only by taking surveys?…I would say $3 instead.Are they kidding us?…

    They use quite a lot of images and fake screenshots that do not prove anything at all.This is not how legitimate companies are placed in the market.

    You analysed every aspect of this program with this checklist and therefore you left no doubt of their very low quality.

    Good expose , just by looking at their pictures I would stay away.Honest review as always.

  12. Juan

    $3,000 just from taking surveys online says SCAM to me. BUT, keep in mind that there are millions of people surfing the Internet who are not aware of these crooks.

    We need more individuals like you educating these people and informing them about what is legitimate and what is not. Thank you for your valuable information!

    • Marcus

      Thank you Juan. Yes, hopefully by getting the word out there about these kinds of scams, fewer and fewer people will fall for them.

  13. Neil

    Hey Marcus!

    I have tried online survey sites countless times in the past and have made very little money from giving up my free time to participate. To me, most survey sites come across really scammy because they boast ridiculous claims of success.

    Get Cash For Surveys makes me feel ill just by thinking about the platform and false claims.

    Thanks for sharing your review and insights in to the program. This is a survey website I will NOT be joining!


    • Marcus

      Hi Neil,

      Glad you found the review helpful. Yes, I think that the people who really make a lot of money through survey sites like Get Cash for Surveys are the people who promote them as affiliates.

      All the best,

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