1. Samuel Walter

    Hello Marcus,
    I appreciate your points but I feel it’s also ideal you get more facts from those that have tried the software and got results. This will help disseminate information with proof. Thank you.

    • Hello Samuel,

      I never said it was a review written by someone who had tried it. I did some digging and found out about the upsells. I agree, a review written by someone who has tried it is the best. Unfortunately, I’m not willing to risk my money. Have you tried it?

      All the best,

  2. Martin

    Hello Marcus,
    Excellent review, even though you haven’t tried the program. Nor have I. Normally I follow “TheForexGeek”s reviews (they’re apparently honest and objective), till I noticed that he always has glowing reviews on products from the same sponsor. So I can’t trust him anymore than I would Auto-Millions.
    Thank you for confirming my doubts !

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