1. Julius

    Whoah, that looks like a big, fat scam to me as well 😀

    I honestly don’t get why people create these scam “money making” sites. How do the creators make money? Just by luring people in? That’s just not fair.

    Anyway, it’s great that you informed us with things to stay away from, people need to be more aware. Especially these days.

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s the thing, Julius. Even if those earnings shown on the screen are true, they probably come mostly from selling FaceBeast, not by using the methods they teach in FaceBeast. This reminds me of Google Sniper, where George Brown shows evidence of his Clickbank earnings. The problem is, the Clickbank account he was showing us was the one he uses to sell his Google Sniper product. So if we all want to be rich like them, maybe we need to create scam products like this and con people into signing up?

  2. Julius

    That guy who offers to record testimonial videos got me dying LOL! But on the serious note, these scammers are getting out of control. If you open a website and see a video which you can’t control and stop, that’s the first sign of scam. For some reason they all does this. And the first thing that the video shows, is massive earnings or bank accounts. Seriously who in the right mind would par almost $300 for God knows what.

    I love your website. I see that you are really dedicated and passionate about writing. Cheers!

    • Marcus

      Yes, it’s a bit annoying when you arrive on a website and straight away the video plays. It doesn’t give you time to look at anything else. And you are right, with the earnings being shown like that, it is such scammy behavior. It is clear, really, that the person who created that product earns most of their money (if not all of it) from conning gullible people to sign up to this nonsense.

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