1. Bob Brooks

    Thanks for your review, had not seen this program yet and really like your digging into facts. So glad you found the upsells, so many us fall for that initial payment only to found out all the upsells we need to be really successfull. Your advice on making sure they offer free trial is something I will live by. If it’s great they should be willing to show you.
    Thanks again

  2. Tom

    Thank you for this detailed review of Doorway to Destiny Marcus.

    There are so many programs out there that claim they can make you rich, it is impossible to research them all. That is why I like reviews like this. You have helped me weed out another one.

    Nice work researching this. Like you, I will skip Doorway to Destiny and continue with Wealthy Affiliate. At least there is no doubt that that program works.


  3. A.D.Rice

    The thing with a lot of these courses I found in the past are the lack of after sale support. You are basically left to hold your own hand. You are actually in the business of helping people. I do agree that changing your thought patterns can contribute to operating differently in your daily life but the upsells and price changes are a little worrying and would lead me to wonder how valuable the product actually is. Like I said, the mind is what holds your fear and insecurities and these are major stumbling blocks for a lot of people. It seems the product needs to hold more value though.

  4. Lynne

    Hi Marcus
    You had me really giggling there about not watching the whole video because I won’t get that time back, well said!
    I also believe you can change your life by the way you think, but of course just because you think you can own a castle doesn’t mean you will get it. I don’t like something that I can’t see. Thanks for warning us about this.

  5. vhuynh01

    I have to say this is easy one of the best scam online review that I saw. The structure is very easy to read, the contents are straight to the point, and the video was position in the right place. This show that you know exactly what you are doing and what are you talking about. Keep up the good work and good luck -)

  6. Adam

    Hey, doesn’t any good marketer use upsells & downsells. Even McDonald’s upsells you on a fry and Coke. That’s just business 101.

    If you’re supposedly “teaching” people to make money online, you should at least understand that (take notes even).

    Also, you made several assumptions but never mentioned what’s in the course or the content.

    Aren’t you really leveraging a review to redirect to your own offer… smh.

    The guy seems honest and it would have been nice to know what was in the product.

    He never claimed this course made you money, rich or that you could leave your job. It was just his experience and I respect that.

    Personal Development 101 and nothing iswrong with that.

    • Hi Adam,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I made no claim to have actually bought Doorway to Destiny. I was looking at it from the perspective of someone seeing it for the first time, but with the view to trying to see how likely it is to be a scam based on the common telltale signs.

      You say that I make assumptions, but so did you. You said, “This guy seems honest”. Yet I say that this guy seems like a scammer. Now, if you had actually bought Doorway to Destiny and could prove to me that it is not a scam, then I would update my information based on that. IF you think it looks good, why don’t you buy it and then report back to me? I didn’t buy it because I thought it looked like a scam. If I thought it looked like a scam and still bought it, what kind of an idiot would that make me? I don’t have money to waste!

      You are right, he doesn’t outright claim that the course will make people money, but he IMPLIES it. Isn’t that what “success” means? Especially the kind of success that allows a person to leave their job like he did.

      You seem to have a problem with me jumping on this keyword to rank for it and then redirect people to what I think is a better offer, yet you have no problem with upsells? Seems to me like you’ve got things a bit back-to-front there. The offer I redirect people to once they arrive at my site is an honest one that can actually benefit people and help them build an online business, without the kind of dishonesty of the kind of upsells you get with something like Doorway to Destiny.

      Upsells are very common in the Make Money Online niche, but that doesn’t make them right. If it happened with any other type of product you wouldn’t stand for it. For example, if you were to buy a computer from Amazon that claimed to be the best laptop for gaming, but when you actually paid for it you were suddenly told that you had to buy this other product to actually make it the best gaming laptop, you would feel cheated wouldn’t you? In fact, you would be well within your rights to take some kind of action against them, because the product would not have been as advertised.


      • Adam

        Hey Marcus,

        I hear your point, but again you added proof to what I am saying.

        Real dishonesty is “judging from a far” and trying to leverage a review to get someone to get your product (whether you believe in it or not).

        The fact that you admittedly didn’t buy the product and quote “don’t have the money to waste” is proof enough that you really shouldn’t blindly weigh in on an assumption or opinion.

        This site is supposedly “Make Money with Marcus”, yet if you are opposed to upsells you ars doing a HUGE disservice to anyone fullish enough to follow your advice.

        I am a full time Internet Marketer myself and that is just Marketing 101, so perhaps you should reach out and learn a thing or 2 from the product owner rather than bash him.

        You mention Amazon, who is the king of upsells by the way, with related offers and follow up emails, which again is all good business. You also mentioned buying a computer and Apple’s to Oranges comparison and circular reasoning, because your talking high ticket vs low ticket offers.

        But even buying a computer, they upsell you. They offer you accessories, warranties, etc at cart, which IS an upsell my friend.

        Everything from adding fries to your meal at McDonald’s to candy at the front of the grocery store is an upsell, because it increase your at cart purchase.

        That’s business and EVERY one does it, except “apparently” you.

        Next time just do an honest review of a product, you actually have knowledge on. That’s the review people actually want to read and it is much more ethical than trying to “leverage” a negative (and unfitting) opinion into a sale for you.

        If your not willing to purchase a product, don’t do the review. Every other SUCCESSFUL blogger purchases a product or gets review access before reviewing a product so model success instead of knocking it 🙂

        Again, maybe that guy could have helpt you there too.

        You seem like a nice guy, but you have a lot to learn about business.

        That guy could have been an asset or an affiliate to your own product (and vice versa). Make friends and play nicely in the sand box. Your opinion doesn’t count when it’s based on what you “think” something maybe.

        Makes you look foolish by judging a book by its cover and greedy when putting someone else down when admittedly without even seeing the product.

        If you want to stand out in business and for people to know, like and trust you, do your due diligence and review the product correctly.

        P.S. I unlike you, actually went out and got the course and I personally like it. There are 6 Modules, downloadable written and mp3s as well as videos to watch from the members area. It actually dives into the law of attraction and not just the average spill either. There are even quick start sheets to help get you going and he even shares some personal stories from his life and about his dad dying. Don’t knock people until you know what they are about.

        • Hello again Adam,

          Thank you for another interesting comment.

          Of course, I have a lot to learn. I am learning all the time. We all are. Life is one big lesson and thank you for being an interesting part of mine.

          To be fair, that particular review is not one of my best. It was a new product and I threw it together quite quickly. So in a sense, it is perhaps good that you bring it back to my attention so that I can reassess it. Normally I do a lot more research than I did with this one, as this one was only just released when I looked at it. As I am hogging the top spot in Google, perhaps I owe people a more thorough review. I have made a note to revisit this review at some point soon and look into it more deeply.

          The issue of whether or not people should write about products they have not themselves bought is a hotly debated topic. I think the key thing is whether or not the writer claims to have bought the product when they haven’t. That would be lying. I’ve never claimed to have tried a product that I have not tried. Whenever I have written about a product, I think it’s quite clear what I am doing. I am pooling together information I have found elsewhere and I am looking at it with a critical eye to determine whether I think it is worth buying. It’s just about compiling together information found elsewhere and then using some of your own judgement.

          That’s not really unethical because I haven’t lied or been deceptive. Yes, of course, I have written the article to rank for the keyword, but that’s really a separate issue, and would also be the case even if I had bought the product. Of course, in the future, I may actually start buying products, or asking product owners if I can have review copies. That is a better way to do it actually. You are right about that, definitely.

          But I now understand more why you have leaped so firmly in defense of upsells, and it is because you use upsells yourself. So I obviously touched a nerve there, just as you touched a nerve in me by criticising me writing about a product I have not tried. Isn’t it interesting we both take issue with how the other person does their business? 🙂

          And maybe it’s just human nature to pick holes in other people’s approaches because they are different to ours. That’s what I do. That’s what you did to me. It’s what we all do at some point.

          Actually, warranties and guarantees are usually a waste of time, I don’t usually bother with them. Being offered fries with your meal is no problem, though because it’s optional. Being offered related products at Amazon is okay because there isn’t the pressure. What I’m talking about with MMO products is when the offer is only made once, you’re told you will never see that offer again, and then the original product turns out to be not worth very much. And yes, that does happen, and the customer can end up paying many times what they originally thought they were going to pay. That does happen, and it’s deceptive. If you think that’s the same as being offered fries with your meal or shown related products on Amazon, and if you think that this is a more ethical marketing tactic than writing an article about a product I have never tried, then I’m afraid you and I are just going to have to agree to disagree on that.
          But what I will consider doing, is the following:

          1) Being a bit more careful with what I write about newly released products, until I have more information.
          2) Revisit this particular review and do more thorough research on it, partly based on what you have said about it.
          3) Look at trying products for myself for future reviews.

          Once again, I would like to thank you for taking the time to post your comments and giving me things to think about.

          All the best,

  7. Adam

    Hey Marcus,

    First, it’s big if you to admit any areas of fault. I always give credit is due.

    The whole upsell doesn’t hit a nerve with me because, if a person/business doesn’t use them, they are really just hurting themselves.

    What was the issue is casting an “opinion” on a product without doing due diligence, because that may affect some ones “business” unrightfully so.

    People see blogs and forums and whether knowingly or not, they take that info on authority.

    It’s one thing not to like a product based on an honest critique and review of the product, an entirely separate issue to take it on speculation.

    I understand where you’re coming from with a lot of MMO products using/abusing scarcity, though we can not automatically group all products into that scenario. I don’t use those tactics and neither did he (his upsells were not that way at all and we’re actually just additional audio and videos without the one time only spin).

    Also, you can’t make blanket statements like, “warranties and guarantees are a waste of time” because that is NOT true.

    You can say they haven’t worked for you or that you haven’t had success with them (in most cases you are doing it wrong if you don’t), but by and large they DO work.

    Look at any top product, any infomercial, any copy writing book, any college or university level marketing program. It’s a PROVEN fact that they do. Any time you can remove risk HELPS make the sale.

    We can talk all day about business, but at the end of the day you will choose to do what you like. I just hope you continue to learn and make better decisions as you expressed you will do and I wish you the best of lucky.

    • Hi Adam,

      Thank you for getting back to me again.

      I think it’s good to debate these things, and this is why I welcome comments that disagree with me. I like to view situations like this as an opportunity to take another look at our views on things. Sometimes we can end up reaffirming our beliefs and staying strong with them, and other times we can end up rethinking things and coming to different conclusions. I think a mixture of both has happened here, from my point of view.

      You are right that we could probably debate this until the end of time, but I think we have both made our points quite clearly. You have made me rethink some things, yet other things I still disagree with you on. There is probably no point me continuing to go over it endlessly.

      Thank you for taking the time to engage with me, and I promise I will give some more thought to the issues raised here, even if I don’t come to the exact same conclusions as you.

      All the best,

    • Okay. Perhaps that was my first mistake, assuming that it was a MMO product when it’s actually something a bit different. Perhaps I need to make that clear in my article. I also probably need to be a bit more careful in future that a product is more in line with the topic of my site.

  8. Ethan

    I have unfortunately come across this program before and the upsells were incredibly confusing. I did like the idea as such but however after all the buy this now at this Price oh but wait get this, I was quickly put off.

    I have looked at your number one recommendation which sounds like a much better deal to me. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Ethan

    I have unfortunately come across this program before and the upsells were incredibly confusing. I did like the idea as such but however after all the buy this now at this Price oh but wait get this, I was quickly put off.

    I have looked at your number one recommendation which sounds like a much better deal to me. Thanks for sharing.


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