1. Mara

    Hi Marcus,
    Even before I started reading, the image would warn me off. I have been stung many a time looking for “my next big break” online, and now I’m so wary of anyone that promises a figure that you can earn over a set time. Even if it might be true, it’s bound to be a best case scenario and not something I could achieve – especially in one weekend! I found this an honest, refreshing review. Just one question relating to the links at the bottom of the page – what do you think is better for making money online – Amazon or Ebay?

    • Marcus

      Hi Mara,

      Oohh, that’s a tricky one. I think both eBay and Amazon can be great for earning an affiliate income. The good thing about Amazon is that the product pages tend to be full of so much information, especially with all the cusomter reviews. eBay is missing the customer reviews. However, with eBay you can sometimes grab a deal that is even cheaper than Amazon.

      All the best,

  2. Sangeeta

    Hi Marcus, thanks for the information provided on Copy paste money making plan widely. The figure they are showing seems to be next to impossible. There is not any shortcut way to earn money fast.
    I am sure this article is going to be helpful for online job searchers and stop them choosing a wrong way of spending their money on scams.

    • Marcus

      Thank you, Sangeeta. As long as I can stop a few people from falling for scams like Copy Paste Income, I’m satisfied.

  3. Roy

    That kind of use of big shouting headlines, and Promises of quick wealth over the weekend only shouts in my ears, stay away. What seems to be too good usually is no good.

    I think you did a good review of this copy paste scam, and thank you for the information. 🙂

    • Marcus

      Yes, that’s the biggest red flag for me, claiming that you can earn so much money just in one weekend. Straight away that then makes me suspicious and then I look to see if there are any other signs that it might be a scam. Thank you for your comment, Roy. Have a great day.

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