1. Emily

    hi Marcus!
    I signed up with Clickbank a while back and never actually used it….Life got in the way….Your review here is very thorough and I really like how you go about doing any reviews you make. The system you have put in place is a good one, a fair one. It seems like they are not advertizing the impossible, which is always a good start. But I doubt that putting in only an hour a day (especially at the beginning) would do it…

  2. jes

    What a great review on clickbank university. My friend suggested this program for me but now I’m much more interested in wealthy affiliate since you stated that it is better. What makes wealthy affiliate so good compared to all of the other ones out there? Thanks a lot for writing this!

    • Wealthy Affiliate has such a wonderful step-by-step training course, and also has a great community of like-minded people all helping each other out. It really doesn’t get any better as far as learning how to make money online.

  3. Claire

    Hi Marcus, I’m glad I found your review. I signed up with CB to promote a couple of their digital products and they sent me a link to their promotional video for the CB Uni.. I don’t even think I watched the whole thing, it started to annoy me – would much prefer if it just got straight to the point. I don’t think it’s a scam, but do wonder if they have a funnel – so even once you’ve paid your $47 p/m, maybe there are more products they try to push on you later down the line?

  4. Dana

    I was thinking about doing Click Bank University. That was until i found myself at Wealthy Affiliates door step! I know Click Bank has opportunity in it but. It doesn’t have the support like Wealthy Affiliate really has! Its no joke you need to be taught how to get running before you can become the teacher! I give you props, This review is very knowledgeable and explains the in and outs very clearly! Very well done!

  5. rick

    I have hard a lot about Clickbank University. thank you for your in depth review. 74% chance of being genuine is not bad but i like to be a little closer to 90% before i join a program.

  6. Glen

    Hi.. Looks like Clickbank University sounds legit, even with loopholes. I am just wondering if it is officially endorsed by Clickbank itself? Or are they independent of Clickbank?

  7. Michelle

    I have heard about Clickbank University, but didn’t really think it was something that would interest me. I am always leery when there is no free trial period that lets me see if I even want to join. $47 a month without getting to test the waters is a red flag to me. I wouldn’t call Clickbank University a scam, but for making money online, I would have to say your number 1 recommended way is by far a better option!

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