1. Emily

    hi Marcus
    I enjoyed your review. I agree with you that this has some elements of a scam. I mean earning half a million dollars by blogging 2 hours a day? I doubt it as otherwise I would be pretty rich! Having a website, a blog, requires lots of time and effort. Sure you can put content once in a blue moon but you will not make money. I spend about 2 hours a day on my website or on activities related to it and I don’t see how someone can make that kind of money

  2. ED

    Hi Markus,
    Your “Blogging with John Chow review” is real thorough with lots of good information about his business. I have to agree he’s most likely a scam. Thanks.

  3. greg

    Thanks for the review. This was a site I was considering, but John Chow seems a bit of a rip off now. I will be checking out your other reviews for sure, Greg

  4. jes

    Excellent and thorough review on blogging with john chow. This really weighted all the things in the program and gave a better alternative. Going to check that one out right now! Thanks a lot for writing this.

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