1. Jimmy

    I love coming to your site to find out about the latest products being released. It’s what I refer to as my repository of no-fluff reviews. I might give this a try, as it’s only $10.

    I won’t be buying any of the upsells, tho.

    Thanks Marcus, keep reviewing the upcoming releases.

  2. Christopher Pendergraft

    Hey Marcus, Christopher Pendergraft, co-creator of INSTA Lead PROFIT Machine. Really appreciate you reviewing the product.

    Just wanted to clarify that you don’t necessarily need a website full of things ready to sell. You can send the leads directly to an affiliate product that you’re promoting (for example, I’ve sent leads directly to a WarriorPlus link and did pretty well). Although, admittedly, it DOES work better if you have a website pre-established funnel. We discuss that in the product.

    However, the $2000 claim is indeed real — I sent the Instagram leads to a particular product on one of my eCommerce sites, hence why Arbitrage Alchemy — which I created and launched with Sam England — is in the funnel. I would’ve sold it all as one package, but I wanted to give customers the choice.

    Thanks again for reviewing!

  3. Matt Lancaster

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