1. Maria

    Hi Marcus,
    It’s a great post and site for reviews, especially SCAM reviews. It’s unbelievable how many scams there are out there and how many people are being scammed because scammers are getting so good in deceiving people. I think it is a wonderful idea to exposed these scammers and the best way to do it is doing what you are doing, having SCAM reviews, so people who read your post and see your site can see lists of SCAMs and hopefully help them avoid scams. Well done! Maria

    • Marcus

      Wow, you certainly used the word scam a lot in that comment, Maria! Anyway, thanks for your comment. It’s much appreciated.

  2. Aiden

    Hey Marcus,

    This cracks me up, a lot of markers either think a lot of people are idiots, or maybe they themselves are idiots?

    I guess people fall for things like “make 1 billion dollars by sitting on your ass all day” but not very often I hope.

    In regards to ads, I hate websites that have ads on every square inch, I exit asap. I like websites to be nice, clean and to the point and not feel as if I’m being trapped into buying something that I wan’t originally there for.

  3. Peter

    Hey Marcus good examples of scams with great images to show exactly what you are talking about. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is…

    I see you recommend Wealthy Affiliate , yet Wealthy Affiliate sounds too good to be true too. But the difference is they don’t claim to make you a heap of money for not much work. In fact the opposite they claim you have to do a heap of work before you will make any money.

    Good overview of how not to get scammed. 😉

    • Marcus

      Yes, the big difference with Wealthy Affiliate is that they actually teach you how to build up a profitable website from scratch, and they admit that it does require work and will take time. They don’t say that all you need to do is click a few buttons and the money will all come flooding in on autopilot, like many of the scams claim. At WA they train you to do things the proper way, not the scammy way.

  4. Charles Reynolds

    I agree there so many online scams out there waiting for the uninformed to fall for their false too good to be true claims.Some people are desperate to find something that will put an end to their financial problems. Little do they know the scammers will say anything to get their dollars.

    Informing the online public of what to be aware of when considering an online business is a step in the right direction.


  5. Joel

    Great site Marcus. It was very easy to navigate around at your site. A very professional looking page. If I was searching for ways to earn money online, your site definitely has the answers to a lot of questions about the making money online niche. You did a great job with your visuals and step by step layout too. Great job. I wish you all the success moving forward.

  6. Neil

    Hi Marcus

    Many times I have run into “too good to be true” online scams before. I find it funny when these programs asking you if you want to make so much money a day, always have to add a few cents at the end to add to the impact and make it seem real, lol.

    Thanks for your examples, and they certainly do make you laugh, because they are all fake promises!

    At least your recommendation is totally LEGIT!


  7. Sarah

    Hi Marcus,

    I love the last one about translation – that really is “too good to be true”. Some of the others are a little bit more subtle but still as bad. Having occassionally tried out some of these opportunities (read, Scams!) in the past and fallen on my face, I have learned the lesson and what you say is very true!

    Thanks for laying it out in such simple terms – will make me think every time I look at opportunities from now on!


  8. Marc M

    I agree if it’s too good to be true its probably not true. It’s common sense but during hard times, the promises of making money without much work become so alluring. Thanks for reminding me to keep my defenses up! There is no such magic software that will do all the work for you – even if there was I prefer to pass it up and get ahead through tried and proven ways!

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